Ja. I never realized before (I thought it was just that he decided to try color) but after reading someones comment, I realized that it was kinda like his sentence “It was like a new world”. The color means he found meaning in his life. ^.^ You are brilliant, Crave. Lotsa <3 and if you ever get a rating system you are getting 600 5 star reviews from me. Oh heck, take another 400.

wow… you are officialy on par with Something Possitive, Least I Could Do, and Girl Genious…. first comic to make it into my tops list in a loooong time.

Can’t really add much to what has already been said in the comments, but I do think that the metaphor of color being added, and this comic in general, are made of far better design and humor than so many webcomics and even printed media which I do enjoy, but don’t really analyze as much as I have this comic. Not exactly Chaucer, Milton, Tolkien, or many others, but it is made of so much win that I’m surprised that I hadn’t been recommended this comic before today. I have been sitting here for a few hours and only gotten up to use the loo, reading it from start to here thus far. I applaud you sir, for the artistic skill, consistency, wit and pure literary talent which you have cultivated to produce such a fine body of work.

Damn. You got me. That’s what I get for being a hopeless romantic. Nicely done. One day I’ll get my color back, too.

you sir have won an Internets for that color shift i demand that this man or woman who ever has created it get awarded one internets no if you can translate this than dos internets for the artist.

I hope people notice this but lol, i like how Carol is speaking to him like a little boy learning a lesson. But yea. This! This little part of this arc right here! Was my favorite part before I dropped offline from this comic. Glad you made more.

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