Once again, very well done! Things could fade back to gray again, but the color will now always be available. Nicely symbolic and a fine transition to whatever happens next. Plus romantic as hell.

Alright it’s official, a webcomic has now trumped all other comics/manga I have read to become my favorite and I do so believe it’s going to stay there for a very long time if this epic storyline keeps up.

And I must comment after hearing a quote on this which now makes me believe you are a true artistic genius.


After the Ex left, his life became gray, and colorless like the comic has been drawn this entire time. The moment she kisses him, life/color returns to his world. Honest to god, my favorite comic. It’s realistic, well drawn, and you love/hate something about every single character.

My good man… ‘professionals’ need to take some tips from you.

I am so glad that I found your comics just a few short days ago. Absolutely brilliant storytelling through and through. Well done good sir,

I thought the black and white was just the same as almost every other webcomic… not bothering to go the whole hog until it takes off, and then possibly going back to do a new job on the illustration when your style has matured. But there’s no need for that as your style is matured already, and I can see this was planned for the beginning. That’s really hit me – a great storytelling technique I didn’t see coming. Thank you :)

Just have to pause during my re-read of this chapter and say once again how effective the transition from black and white to color was. You used it to tell a story, and I never get tired of this page.

Hello, (QC convert over here)
Because of work and school, it took a little while to catch up to the most recent comic. (yes, I’m hooked.) But through the whole series so far, this transition to color really stuck with me. I thought it was tactful, beautiful, full of symbolism, and just plain good. So, I figured because it stuck with me so much, I wouldn’t ignore it and I’d let you know. Wonderful.
– Em :)

Started reading this week and, as much as I don’t get several pop culture references, the story and personalities of the characters had me up the last nights until very late.

this very scene is the best so far.

Rereading the comic since I stopped reading a while ago for some reason, and, like everyone else, I must say that this page was just genius. It is also gorgeous. Great job!

Running my third read through. Love this part. After following several webcomics (QC and DOA being some of the larger names) I have to say that Between Failures has easily been my favorite for a long time. Love the work.

It’s great.

I just somehow found this comics, and I need to say, it’s one of best i read, and I’m not sure why. If somone would say that i will read something like this, I wouldn’t believe. I mean, come on, comics with main theme relationships in a store with main character deep wounded by his lover? How could it be less trivial, like the bold and the beautiful.

But i would be wrong. It’s magnificent.

OK, maybe a little feedback.
A few things i like:
– Every character is interesting… and hmmm, I don’t have world in English for this, deep? Not from real world, at least you will not find so many weridos in one place, but in the same time, they are SO REAL! They are exxagerated (is this right word?) but in right way! In true way. There is deep truth in those lies. Every panel show how much fiction it is, but in the same time, this fiction is most realistic i saw for long, through this fiction I see true world more accurate. I’m not sure anyone will understand what I am trying to say… Usually you can read about other world and it pretend to be like our. But here, you read about OUR world, when it pretend to be other because of all this sort of black and white characters (like extra sarcastic guy or super quote from any film girl, again I’m not sure if black and white is right world, but its about superpowers, if they are good at something, they are extremly good, shy – extra shy, smart – extra smart, confident – extra confident).
– Sarkasm, irony and fights in dialogs. I love those things, and they are making it perfectly. My favorite TV series is House. And I think you could write scripts for it.
– Humor it this comic is also really nice. Pounts in this comic are right where they should be and how they should look like.
– I get what i want. I want the blond beauty to find out about main character relationship – and she do. In a way i want. And it was done many times.
– Many things, i can’t think about now, or just don’t know like i said at the beggining.

And of course there are things i don’t like:
– Lesbian/bi motive. I’m sort of sick of it. Nowdays everybody want have gays/lesbians motive in comics/film/story/book. Come on, it’s everywhere, and somehow in real world i don’t see that much of lesbians/gays. And usually it’s really bad motive, it’s because author wanted it to be there, not because it should be there. But, hmmm, your version is good one. Probably, if I woudn’t have enough i would like it here. Your is… natural. Fits the story perfectly. It should be there. I just have enough of things, where it shouldn’t be there. Where author, you know… Sort of >>”I want more explosions in my film!” “OK, every shot from pistol will make a small atomic bomb explosion, explosions are great, explosions will make people like our film, everybody like explosions!” And than explosions from pistols in ever single film in cinema.<< But you did it right. You actually used the bomb for explosion in film. This bomb is part of the story, not just because you want explosions. It fits here. BUT, i've got enough of those. To many fake ones, now i feel sorta bad with explosion, but NOT so bad with yours.
– I have feeling, everybody will end good. It's sorta ok but… I mean. I liked the way i DIDN'T like this bastard, I can't remeber names. But last few pages show us history of good one guy. I love good hollywood or disnay endings… but somehow I'm dissapointed. Happy, but dissapointed.

And i LOVE THIS PAGE. No, not page, it's nice, but the way you used color. It's so obvius, yet you suprised me. It's simple as hell, but I didn't saw something like this yet. I was sure you will just start adding color somwhere, not that you have purpose in it. And somehow… I think i understand it. Maybe it refer to my life, this grey life and color. Yeah, maybe.
But this was a reason i posted it here, on page where noone will read it, because it was the thing wich suprised me most and move my heart like no other scene in this, and not much more in any comics. Not kiss, but color.

Went back to find clues as to who reggie’s mystery girl is but ended up rediscovering one of the most brilliant use of art change to affect a comic. I remember reading this for the first time and being blown away by it, keep up the good work.

as a single dude of 22… I’m jelly of this moment for our dude.

and the flash into color just makes this moment mean so much more, not simply for reality, not simply for the comic, but symbolically.

when she left him… his world went gray. with this kiss… color blooms into his world once more. and that, in and of itself, makes this moment that much more touching to the true romantics of this world such as I. don’t just let him be carol, take your man, let him know he has someone special in his life. T-T a little teary eyed right now. pardon me I need to go take care of my um… allergies. runny nose, so much pollen. you know how it is.

Virtually every webcomic on the planet starts out monochrome, then as the artist hits their stride and can produce a good page more time-efficiently, adds colour and/or other art upgrades to be more competitive with (or just to meet the same standards as) other webcomics.

I can’t recall any that chose the timing this well though. It’s like Dorothy stepping into Oz.

I realize you were likely limited by either space and/or work time limitations (given how much of a PitA you’ve mentioned making the book was…

But in my opinion, the first volume of the Between Failures book should have ended on this page.

And this moment was where I became a constant reader when I first read this webcomic. I may not remember finer details here and there, but this moment has and will stick with me when I think of this comic.

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