*Covers eyes* I hate kissing scenes.

Some day you may not mind them so much…

A princess bride quote?
Morgenstern rocks! +50 Points!

I’m hoping you realise that Morgenstern doesn’t exist…

The points don’t exist either, though.

WHAT? You meam they can’t be redeemed for cookies, bacon, cake, brownies, or pie? I’ve been lied to!

To be fair, this is a pretty epic one…

Which is why the next page (as memory serves) has such an inordinate level of commentary.

Alright… I have been reading this all night despite having to get up for work anticipating this moment… Either she does kiss him and this becomes my favorite comic of all time trumping even my favorite manga, or this pulls yet another ‘close call’ moment and disappoints me like the rest… Clicking Next…

Having a great time reading so far; it reminds me of all my years in retail so far, even if I don’t relate to one character over any other. :P Helps that I’m 26 and just going back to school now, I suppose.

Going to guess “Cue person catching them kissing” as I hit next. :D

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