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I tend to get the same questions over and over again, but they come in waves. I assume because new people are always rotating in and don’t want to go on a hunt for the answers. Recently I’ve been getting “Who would you cast as voice actors if Between Failures was a cartoon?” again. I’ve asked before, and spoken of it as well, but people seem more apt to respond to journal posts now, so I turn the question to you. Who do you hear as the cast.

I don’t have a full cast of real voices to present you. I’ve always read Thomas in my own voice, naturally, and I don’t have an example handy.

There’s a comedian named Myq Kaplan that would make a good Ed, I think. He even looks like him a little.


Tom – Mark Hamill
Ed – Jeff Benett
Carol – Cree Summers
Nina – Colleen O’Shaughnessey
John – Frank Welker
Brooksie – Tara Strong
Mike – Rob Paulsen
Reggie – Tom Kenny
Wes – Fred Armison
Jessica – Jennifer Hale

And now I’m torn. This Myq would make a good Ed, though I still chose Jeff Benett because I sort of imagine him with a mix of Ace’s(PPG) voice and The Creeper(DCAU).

In fact, most of the actors I chose were because they had a pretty good range, didn’t think of Nolan though, as someone below me pointed out.

How about Hynden Walch for Nina or Jessica and John DiMaggio for John? I would also consider Patton Oswalt for Mike. We also need to find a role for Melissa Fahn in there somewhere as well.

For the record, I love these scenes of Mike and Carol getting along like this, its a kinda fun thing as we see Mike basically being welcomed into the fold.

Now I can’t not imagine Ed’s voice as this Myq Kaplan fellow. With Kaplan as Ed I would probably stick Nolan Noth with Thomas. As with DCHorror, I would put Tara Strong with Brooksie. I could imagine Seth Rogan as Mike, I actually think that his voice could fit Mike well. Unfortunately I’m not very good with actors so I can’t think of anyone for the others at the moment. Maybe I will post another comment if I think of some good ones.


Who am I to argue with the sentiment on Brooksie’s shirt: Hipsters Ruined Irony? What, then, can we say about Faux Hipsters? Why would anyone want to emulate a group anyone worthwhile loathes? Will Wes ever become an accredited Feminine Hygiene Dispenser?

And, what about Naomi?


P.S. Interesting writeup on Hipsters on Wikipedia. They’ve been obnoxious poser wannabees for almost seventy years!

You know, I realize that her load probably weighs more than his due to the fact that she’s…carrying her boobs on that random object as well.

When you’ve got big boobs, you tend to hold everything under them. It’s a matter of balance, holding them close to you instead of further. Also, I’m pretty sure girls with huge knockers tend to fall over more easily lol. And I’m saying this with experience.

Also, I think those are the cash drawers. And yeah, big boobs preclude a lot of otherwise graceful ladies from practicing ballet (or gymnastics). Oh, well, I suppose they are their own reward.

Brooksie = Lucy liu
Carol = that girl that plays Penny in The Big Bang Theory
Manage-dude (Mike?) = seth rogan

I think :)

Tara Strong could be your entire cast.

However, I’m supporting her for Brooksie. And possibly Carol in a Raven-esque voice. Richard Cox for Reggie. Quenton Flynn doing Wes. David Hayter as John and Hynden Walch for Nina.

John DiMaggio for Mike.

Also I think DC has a good list. Either way, look up Tara Strong.

Ya know, I’m still having trouble figuring out what a hipster is. Perhaps it’s because I don’t live in a big city; seems like that’s where the people that are labeled “hipsters” are. I’ve tried to look up descriptions and definitions, but none of them are things that I’ve actually SEEN before. Some of them are even lined up with my own qualities, so it’s confusing. I guess the current picture I have is the black rimed “nerd” glasses, a cigarette, maybe one of those fedora type hats, and ratty skinny-legged jeans. Also a shirt with something snarky, but that’s another part I don’t get: is it uncool to be cynical, now? Seems like that’s what people thrive on. I know I love me some cynicism. However, that seems to be lumped in with the hipster as well.

So, what are these creatures? Why are they hated? Where do they live? Why was the Scott Pilgrim movie considered hipster garbage? Why is this such a huge thing and yet I haven’t experienced a single bit of it beyond people just saying how much they hate something that may or may not exist?

We have the kind of hipsters Carol is describing where I live. I’m not exactly sure what qualifies you to be a hipster but I sure as shit know it doesn’t matter unless you’re in high school. Also I didn’t know Scott Pilgrim was considered by some to be hipster garbage. Seems strange considering it spends most of the movie making fun of those stereo types.

Fair enough. Labels, as you say, are always more important in high school than in the world outside. And I loved the heck outa Scott Pilgrim, but I saw all these reviews complaining about hipsters and whatnot, and thats what led me to looking up just what the heck they are.

I don’t care if it is hipster garbage. I liked Scott Pilgrim a lot. Comic, video game, and movie is my liking hierarchy.

whenever Tom and Ed are talking to each other it reminds me of Dante and Randal from clerks with Tom as Tandal and Ed as Dante

i guess it deppends on whom picks up the cartoon as they all have a stable of voice talent and mostlycomonly they share the voice tallent that why you will here Chris Patton and Vic Mignogna, Steve Blum, Danté Basco, Johnny Yong Bosch to name a few of the male voices while im not as farmilar withthe names of their female voice actors i know their voices

but more imporatntly i was going to ask a quest but have since forgetten it so i’ll ask when i remember it

I really like a lot of people’s suggestion, reading through them. It’s really hard to peg a voice to Tom, and I could see Seth Rogan doing Mike. I made my list on the people I know who consistently do VA work, though, and the way I would cast Mike had a lot to do with him reminding me of Jack Fenton(goofy, but serious when the situation calls for it).

I don’t know enough actors to make an accurate “what if”, but all I know is that if you want it done, and done right, get Peter Jackson on board as director or advisor and you will have the most epic cartoon in the world.

I always thought Thomas would sound like a mature fry(billy west?)

Ed would have a booming man voice

Thats all I can think of.

That’s a crazy weird coincidence. I read the comic yesterday, but only read your post just now. However, I distinctly remember having a dream last night that I was “listening” to your comic, specifically Thomas, and that later I heard someone in a store, or on the street, or out somewhere where I was that sounded exactly like Thomas. Turned out to be you! I have no idea what you look like and can’t really remember what my brain assumed in the dream, but you did admit that you were Thomas’ author/creator when I asked. And for some reason, it made total sense that Thomas and you sounded just alike, even though it was one of those crazy dream things where Thomas wasn’t voice-acted, he just had a voice.

A Faux Hipster is someone who is only dressing and acting a certain way to try and act cool in public, a real Hipster does the same thing but also treats Hipsterdom as Serious Business.

The More You Know…

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