2581 A Word Of Caution.

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Victoria and Reggie are just barely getting to a point where they are starting to maybe see each other more as actual people instead of just concepts they had of each other in their heads. The fact that Reggie hasn’t revealed her secret, or really even held it over her head, combined with hearing a story about him winning/losing at love, humanized her brother to Victoria. Reggie probably isn’t thinking all that deeply, but on some level seeing that his sister has an odd little friend group probably did the same for him somewhat. She’s not just a younger sibling that he might need to protect now.

It took a bit longer to do this page since I had to build the facade of the pizza place. I very rarely do establishing shots, but I decided I wanted one for whatever reason.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to your machinations, while reminding you that you can support my work via the links above. Although I might suggest Subscribestar might be the better choice now, since Patreon seems to be going through some… Issues shall we say. Hopefully they’ll take their head out of their ass before the situation becomes dire. In any case I wish you a pleasant and safe weekend. Let’s meet back here on Monday for more low stakes antics.


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