crucified AGAIN?!

There’s definitely a story there…

It’s how his dad ended up firing him from the family business. He screwed up with a nail gun and fired one through the top of his hand and into a wall on a build

I’m leaning toward “both”. Clearly if you’ve been crucified once, you need to also be set on fire the next time to help the lesson sink in.

I’m just curious: for what reason is Vicky paler than her brother?
Is it a skin condition, or something? Hm.

For me, her purple eye shadow, as much as her pale skin, is what makes her come off as goth. Or whatever you want to call it.

Victoria may sound a little mean here, but she’s absolutely right. As much as Reggie has grown, he still has an incredible sense of pride and as the saying goes, “Pride comes before the fall.”

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