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It’s frankly amazing I never got any diseases considering how much human feces I cleaned up in retail. I’ve also known a lot of people who worked food service, but they never really had horror stories. Well, not about poop anyway. A lot of them had problems with drug addicts ODing in the restrooms. I’m not sure what thing I would enjoy less. I never had to deal with an overdose situation. Generally I would tend to think of death as a mercy for someone with that kind of an addiction, but at the same time you never know who might have it in them to turn things around if given help. At this point it’s probably never going to be an issue for me, so I don’t think I’m going to give it much more thought either way.

As always, I encourage you to support my works via the links above. Since I’m about 12 minutes late posting this I’m gonna end it there. Have a good couple of days and I’ll see you Wednesday if god sees fit to give me the time.


Had a co-worker attempt suicide in the back room with a whole bunch of pills once. I found him and got the medics involved so he lived, fortunately. He got fired almost immediately after it was determined he was going to pull through, and honestly I think that was kinda shitty. Yeah, it was nuts that he did that on company property and time, but that really feels like pissing on someone when they’re down…

I have a restaurant shit story! I was working as a busboy at a restaurant while trying to find work in my chosen field, and one day the bartender got my attention, telling me the ladies room needed cleaning. I thought it was weird that they were asking me to clean the ladies room, but whatever. I go in and someone has somehow managed to hit everywhere BUT the bowl. Like, fucking HOW!? I ended up deciding to join the army after that.

Oh yeah I saw that in the shopping centre invalid bathroom. Some one went to the info desk and complained, the company I worked back then had a contract with the chain that security guards assist with cleaning so they dropped that on me. Suffice to say my trust in my fellow humans suffered a bit and through sqid carreer it bottomed out to a point I regard rats in higher standing than I do most humans

I doubt she’ll tell him unless it slips out, but I wonder how Reggie will react to Vicky wanting to pursue John?

Vicky was convinced Reggie’s interest in Alex was real, and by sibling bond, helped. Reggie needs to be convinced that Vickie’s interest in John is real. He will reciprocate.

Besides, doesn’t he owe her one from the Alex help?

This could be another good step for Reggie. Victoria helped him, and he always repays debts. But Reggie knows John, what kind of person he is, and his history with girls. Rising up above his preconceptions could be a major step for him.

For those wondering if retail poop incidents are real: yes. Yes they are. And it isn’t always limited to the restroom.

I’m wondering if this is an American thing or what. I’ve worked retail in Denmark and have never experienced any pooping out of place, nor heard or of any such thing, even though only the very biggest stores in Denmark have customer toilets.

There does seem to be a strange tendency in the American mind to think “This belongs to me so I can destroy it” rather than “This belongs to everyone, so I should protect it” when encountering public utilities and whatnot.

Selfishness can be a negative side effect to freedom.

I have seen and had to have clean up a poop incident. Cause me to leave the place after I’ve been working there for 4 years that they wouldn’t give me a raise afterwards.

Lucky for me, my only poop incident was relatively minor. I was working at a convenience store, when one day a guy comes in and informs me “Someone shit in your urinal.” I went out to check the men’s room and there was indeed a huge turd in the urinal. At least it was intact and not smeared everywhere. I went back inside, charged a pair of rubber gloves to the store, then went back out and tossed the turd in the toilet. My only other majorly nasty experience was the time someone barfed on the toilet in the women’s room. Notice I said “on”, not “in”.

I think if you work at any job long enough you will have a poop equivalent story. In over 40 years I think the least bad was a work-study in the Chemistry Dept. while at university. That only involved tripping over a couple hundred grams of liquid mercury in various containers while doing equipment inventory.

…thankfully, my retail time came with non-public restrooms, therefore my poop stories are largely secondhand.

Except for one, that was actually a gripping story of camaraderie, family trust and true friendship.

My dad and I were out at a Barnes and Noble together at one point, and we decided to hit the restroom before we left. Because Barnes and Noble usually has nice ones. We walk in, and right in the middle of the room are two elderly men, one with his pants around his ankles and the other one fetching paper towels. It was clear that the depantsed gent had suffered some kind of…accident…of a catastrophic nature. The sheer amount of brown staining on and nearby the gent made that much abundantly clear.

Dad and I, by unspoken agreement, turned and left the men’s room.

Special note for retail workers here: consult an attorney.

Poop is a biohazard. You are not trained nor equipped for that shit.

Refuse. If they fire you, sue.

If they fire you, you’re better off finding another line of work than under corrupt management like that. Suing them for unlawful termination and winning to keep your job will only frosten further working relationships between you and them to the point that they will try to sabotage you in any way possible just to get you to quit.

I worked for a theater chain in college. The restrooms was the one thing we were forbidden to clean. Used condoms on a theater seat was okay to clean up but don’t even think about sweeping the bathroom.

I totally spaced it, that- Reggie is being a super bro, + picking up his sister, after she works. That’s totally nice of you, Rej. :)

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