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Well, here we are again. Another Monday, and this time we have these two dangerous women recognizing kindred spirits in each other. Carol very rarely gets a chance to just be fun. She’s almost always around people who expect certain behaviors from her, but deep down Carol is an agent of chaos who got trapped in regular life like most people do. The idea that Rulette resonates with her most chaotic qualities amuses me endlessly. Also Carol hasn’t had a lot of time to shine as herself outside of her relationship with Thomas. I’m looking forward to exploring Carol when left to her own devices with characters she doesn’t feel a need to dominate, or mother.

Rulette is just a joy to write and draw every time she wanders onto a page. She’s the intersection of awkward socialization and extreme confidence. I don’t suppose it’s any surprise I’m drawn to people with these odd combinations of debatably negative traits that I tend to frame as positives.

I’ve always made a point to give the cast positive and negative traits so they seem more real. Many of them overlap, resonate, and what have you, with each other. It’s interesting to me how readers react to it all depending on how I frame them. Most people can see the good in Reggie now, and have also seen the bad in Thomas. What makes anyone a protagonist or antagonist is muddy at best. The battle within each person against their own flaws is something that can make us resonate with them. Especially when we see that weakness in ourselves.

People are often at war with their very nature. Contradictory in their essence. Carol, for example, is vain, mean spirited, arrogant, callous, officious, and petty, just to name a few flaws. At the same time she’s caring, loving, introspective, motherly, protective, passionate, optimistic, and confident. Many of those traits are directly opposed to others, and yet that’s a person. A misreable little pile of secrets.

But enough talk.

I don’t need to explain my work to you anyway. If you’re reading this you’re likely well aware of all of these things. You are however, perhaps, a new person who has taken a deeper interest in my work and want to make sure it continues. I would point you to the links above for those sort of options.

Anyway, I hope to see you here on Wednesday for another page and another one sided chat. Until then, blessings be upon you and your house.


Carol’s, um, attributes have added new sound effects.

Given that it looks like a fist and not an open hand, relatively willing to bet that Rulete did not punch Carol in an “attribute”. Now, maybe I am interpreting your comment wrong, could be you meant her attributes as to her general curves. The ‘um’ where you actually typed out the comment as if having the conversation verbally and reaching for a safe descriptor on the other hand, suggests that I read into it fine.

Don’t know if anyone has said this already (while this is one comic where I always read the comments, I probably don’t catch them all) – but Rulette reminds me of Peppermint Patty fro Peanuts, including the feeling that underneath the boisterous surface she is a lot less selfassured and selfconfident than she appears

Think Jackie had her somewhat cover this when Ed came in to set up a pull list and they talked about what happened to her father and the fact that she still runs the store and tries to live in the moment.

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