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Either the card reader on my surface is failing or my SD card is. I thought it was a glitch, but I had to quickly back up the files just in case, which pushed back the schedule a bit. If the SD card slot is actually damaged in some way I’ll have to have the surface serviced, because I really can’t function without that slot being readily available. If it’s just the card that’s not much of an issue. I just need a new one to make sure my data stays safe while I work.

Anyway, since I’m late I’ll leave it at that. Please support my work via the links above if it means anything to you at all, and keep yourself safe until next time we meet.

Also, here is a video of my comic being read aloud by a vtuber who calls himself That One Comic Guy. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1913684129
I feel like that can’t be the right name, but I guess I don’t know if he’s ever said the right name of his persona. Anyway, it’s interesting having the comic read to me. Maybe you will also enjoy it.


As a former (of late) DM and rules lawyer, the rule of law was meant to keep players in line. They were made to adhere to the letter of the rules at all times, and not only when it suited me. Rulette sounds as though she changed the rules on a whim. That’s like making gravity optional. Speaking of optional, it’s “benefited” for American English and “benefitted” for British English. As a rule. Never “benifitted.”

I seem to remember that in one of the very first versions of the D&D rules — way before AD&D — it explictly stated that all the rules were suggestions and that DM’s should instead do whatever their creations needed.

It is also important to note that the very same rule, now known as rule zero, is to “Have Fun”. The statement given is part of a much larger paragraph explaining it – something commonly omitted during its discussion. The Rules are allowed to be bent and ignored (or applied) to improve the situation and allow players to enjoy themselves. A lot of times, we hear about players abusing the rules to ‘stick it to the GM’, and the dialogue of learning that the “GM needs fun too” needs to be said.

But this is the other side of that coin: A player grew more and more frustrated that entire reasons to build a character one way would be quickly handwaved for the sake of GM whim. Perhaps even spiteful, given the line of “and that wasn’t my typical playstyle” – benefits of the doubt aside, everyone sometimes gets that power trip, and Rulette probably has improved over the years.

Regardless, while TTRPGs are just make-believe improv stories with gambling mechanics, the players have the burden of “following the rules”, so GMs in general are tasked with keeping things stable. Doubling down on this, “rules are suggestions” is the opposite direction Rulette is working with here. It’s possible that “Because it’s not in the player section, players cannot perform a trip action, but the GM section has it for monsters, so they can trip you all day long” type level of pedantics here, though we’ll probably not need to know the real deal; the implications of their falling out is enough to know that at least one side, if not both, failed to communicate in their younger years a means to compromise each other’s styles. It happens to the best of us.

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