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Some people have theorized that the reason Nina shows her belly off so much is that she has trouble finding shirts that fit. It’s never been brought up in the story but that’s not the reason. She’s willfully breaking the rules because she likes open clothing AND her tummy is pretty spectacular. She has sense enough to know when not to do this, but it is still a risk which she gets a thrill from. I’ve always thought of it as a holdover from her days as a very vain cheerleader. In spite of how wise she seems sometimes she still has a streak of immaturity. Part of the reason she hasn’t had anyone in so long is that vain refusal to settle for anyone but who she likes best. She still has a tendency to value the superficial in a relationship. Her complex relationship with Thomas probably doesn’t help anything either. There was likely some hesitation to let go of that chance with each other that held them both back at one point or another. Use it or lose it, as they say. Sometimes you need to make a decision before life makes it for you.


You see Carol’s the muscle of the store and their relationship. With her in his back pocket Thomas will be invincible. It’s genius! Evil genius!

Given what I know of Thomas through his actions in the comic thus far, that’s not like him at all.

I know, I’m joking mostly based on his expression in panel two of the previous comic. I know he’s just amused at Carol’s devotion to the game but I chose to interpret it as the satisfied smirk of a man whose master plan was all coming together.

prepare yourself, Edward Lincoln…

He is not prepared. :P

It’s Nina. It is completely impossible to prepare yourself for something like that.

I agree. Consider the “Glomp” at their first meeting…

“Roller coaster”, here we come!

Or how about when Edward asked Nina out for a run…the look she gave him, after the altercation with Dawn Holland, was an absolutely predatory look of smoldering lust!

His body is not ready.

It’s short. If he can’t keep his sister in line, what makes you think he’ll be any different with Nina!?

Seems to me he did just fine keeping his sister in line – remember he won the battle of the gameboy when he locked her out of the apartment in her t-shirt and knickers.
Also – have you seen the size of his hands… ;-)

Edward’s gonna be walking funny….

Walk?? I don’t think that would be possible after she’s finished with him….

It would be so tempting to draw on Carol’s face, if I didn’t know that such an action would get me put in traction as a result.

Not to get to NSFW, but is what she is imagining even physically possible? O.o

Depends on Thomas’s refractory period, I guess, but there’s plenty of activities that couples could do in bed that isn’t, you know, wang-centric. But no matter which activities in particular they hypothetically would have been up to, had they been going at it all night, it really says a lot for their respective stamina if he appears well-rested and she looks half dead.

Either that or Thomas is a vampire/incubus.

We’ve never seen either one brought to that point yet, but it would be interesting to know who has more stamina? The formerly slim tomboy with thunder jugs, or the indifferent, scheming scarecrow of Megatainment?

it’s more than stamina, though…You have to factor in psychological endurance, creativity, sex appeal…

…I mean, when she has him hanging upside down from rope tied to a chandelier in position #17: the spread eagle, getting a ladder and a table high enough to hold condiments is going to factor into the overall experience.


Nothing sexier then a bare belly IMO

If it’s toned like hers, absolutely. However, where I live up in Maine, I see plenty of ugly chubby girls wearing belly shirts as much as I see smoking hot ones. So if I were you, I would rephrase that statement, unless you want Crave to draw Carol or Alex in a belly shirt next.

Each to his own, man.

I’m not saying that chubby girls aren’t cute, or wouldn’t feel good when pressed against you, but I don’t believe that a body with excessive cellulite should be flaunted in public. I don’t flaunt myself because my abdominal region is mildly flabby, and definitely wouldn’t attract women to me.

I’m sensing Nina’s disappointment has less to do with what she imagined Thomas might’ve done to Carol and more with what she imagined he could do to her. Also the sex she needs is inversely proportional to the amount of upper cloth she is wearing. So yes, a very lot.

Shall we call this the proportional law of Nina?

Only if you can put it in a mathematical equation format.

N+c =/> i, N^x =/< 0

N+c 0

N^x = h of N

Where Nina + clothing exceeds the threshold represented by the imaginary number i, Nina to the power of x is equal to or less than 0.

Where Nina + clothing is below the threshold represented by the imaginary number i, Nina to the power of x is larger than 0.

Nina to the power of x equals the horniness of Nina.


Somehow my math turned on italics and did away with part of my formula! Where it says N + c 0 it should be N + c (less than) i, N^x (larger than) 0. Because I am THAT geeky a math girl.

I realize we’re talking about fictional characters here, but equating the amount of clothing on a person to how much laid they need to get is a very dangerous line of thinking…

This only applies ti nina anne grace, no other oerson or object.

Which is, of course why The Proportional Law of Nina requires the constant “Nina” in order to be effective.

See above! It’s a mathematically proven, SCIENTIFIC IMPERATIVE!

Thus, Quod Erat Demonstratum… “Dat @$$!”

(Why oh why did Crave change that Nina pic in the sidebar…) :`(

While some people treat complete or partial nudity as an honest form of expression, most of them do it to advertise for mates (not males, mind you, but mates).

Here’s how I think:

If I was a little more toned in the torso (mainly the abdominal region), and I went somewhere topless so ladies would see me, they would look at me longer than a glance. In their minds, my sinewy core would say: “This is power. You want to have this power, work for it. If you want to feel this power, come closer!”

The ladies would want to engage in small talk, shortly after wanting to feel me, then ultimately wanting me to give them a ride they won’t forget!

I kinda just meant it as maybe the reason she’s so erotically inclined in her imagination and likes to flaunt her middle regions is because she’s so backed up as she hadn’t had any in a looking time.

Also as a math joke that someone ran with. I don’t take the amount of clothing someone wears as an indication of lust. I live in a place where a lot of dudes like to go topless and only wear shorts, so that’s a prett gross sentiment.

I kind of imagine Nina-sex being something like a hurricane. A sexy, sexy hurricane.

*Insert Scorpions lyrics here*

I imagine it being something like a HALO jump: long, exhilarating, mildly hazardous to life and limb.

I find the concept of Nina Sex to be very distracting… What were we talking about? Oh, yeah, Nina Sex. It’s very… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Oh sorry, I’m too busy thinking about Nina Sex right now. Could you guys come back tomorrow?

Hnnng… you gotta stop blindsiding me with Nina. My brain loses all coherence for at least a minute when that smooth belly shows up.

Yeah, I’ve heard that comment. “Man, YOU GUYS LOOK TIRED HINT HINT” and we’re all like “YEAH…new Tales game came out. Halfway through it alrea…already…ZZZZ”

Today actually I went to the comic shop and got a “damn dude you liike tired. The hell happened” my answer “deeeestiiiiny beeeeeetaaaaaaa….zzzz”

That was my boyfriend and his buddy this weekend. Game looks gorgeous and fun. The disconnecting every 8 minutes or so wasn’t so amusing, but, you know, beta servers and a large number trying to play meant it was expected.

I only dc’d once, but it’s like halo and borderlands had a baby, and deadspace came along and got the baby pregnant with megaman. …. or something. That is a compliment by the way.

Oh. My. God. I think I fell in love with Nina in the first panel. And the second. And the third.
Why do you have to draw her so beautiful? ;u;

I’m still holding out for Thomas and Nina.. not a big fan of Carol.

If it’s because she’s chunky or a tyrannical, terrorizing bitch, then we’d be on the same boat. If it’s because she has huge breasts…we might have a problem.

I prefer Nina’s character and her chemistry with Thomas aha, Carol/Thomas just seems based on his fetish for redheads and utterly physical.

She does have a nerdy side which would help her to keep on the same page as Thomas, unlike Carol’s lack of understanding for certain things. Given she has experience with Transformers, it doesn’t compensate for being ignorant of the nerdy stuff with substance (like horror movies).

This has never been brought up in the comic, but the comment made me think about it. Thomas would likely describe horror movies, at best as intellectual garbage capable of inspiring catharsis in the lowest common denominator. Firstly because he doesn’t like them and secondly because he can never remember the exact definition of catharsis.

That smells like the stench of your beloved bullshit artist, and I’m quite happy that I inspired you to think of a character’s persona.

The Nina/Thomas chemistry has always struck me as – “could have been something at the outset, but has long since developed into a close friendship that romance/sex would ruin”

The danger with that being once you let someone in by accepting nothing will ever happen you only increase the closeness that throws natural chemistry into stark relief.

Because fat girls shouldn’t have significant others? That’s how I just read that comment..I hope I’m incorrect. And I say this as a skinny girl. I accept her personality could be problematic for some, but her size shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t find overweight women attractive, that’s your call and okay, but saying no one should be attracted to them is quite another.

I think the fact that she’s a bit over-the-top is what turns many people off. I could have someone like her in my social circle, but not as a romantic partner. It would be like riding a giant firecracker. Fun, fast, and have an amazing, explosive finish which could be seen and heard for miles around. And would also concern firefighters in dry seasons.

I feel that.

My best friend told me almost the exact same statement last week. I actually laughed out loud. Fantastic.

This page went exactly the way I was thinking it would when i read the first panel.

To all you commenters. Don’t stop posting such hilariousness (as if I could stop you). As for Thomas having better stamina than Carol; that may probably be the case. In my previous relationship, I couldn’t get enough of my girlfriend. She was the one who had to rest after the fact and was sore the next day while I could run a marathon. It was pretty intriguing really.

I’m sure that, despite her soreness, your former girlfriend was extremely happy on the following day.

So…where did her belly button go in the last frame?

It’s just below the bottom border of the frame – Nina is tall and that’s a VERY high belly shirt – practically a bra with sleeves…

Just noticed browsing through the archives. The number for this comic is wrong, you transposed the 5 and 6. Is that fixable?

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