637 Helping Hands.

I made a poll on DeviantArt about who people’s favorite character is.  Unsurprisingly the girls won hands down.  Of them Jolene trounced Nina and Carol.  I wonder, however, if that holds true here.  I find that each site has its own flavor of people.  So, who is your favorite character?  In fact, if you feel like explaining what you like about more than one cast member feel free to do so.  I’d like to know if Brooksie will dominate here too.


*ignores age of poll question*

Definitely Nina.
Being 6’3″ myself (and expected to grow) I kinda have a thing for Amazons/Valkyries. I also match up characters in whatever I do…

Ed is my favourite character. If he was real, and living anywhere near me… I’d probably still be too shy to do anything about it, but I’d probably daydream of ripping his clothes opp and do unspeakable things to him… (I fantasize about that now too of course, Ed reeally is lovely…)

Nina. Love the playful, flirty vibe she gives off. Brooksie’s a close second though. She’s just so damn cute.

Hmmm… the girls all make a strong case, what with Jo’s ninja-ry, Carol’s RAWRsnark, and Nina’s… everything. But Thomas is just such a magnificent bastard, and Ed could probably box Thorin and company one after the next and WIN. Mike, John, and Reggie have their virtues too, but can’t quite compete for ‘favorite character.’

*don’t care about age of the poll AND have read the comic to the 09/03/15’s comics :-p*
Brooksie !!!!!
Because of stuffs happening around 1000th comics (don’t want to spoil ^^)

*jumps on the ignorance bandwagon*

This is my first time through the archives, but up to this point I’d have to say Ed. He’s just too much of a badass on so many levels.

Nina. I’m not sure this is an ignorance bandwagon, but I’m on my first read through the strip, so my thoughts have not been sullied by what is to come.

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