638 Sexy Back.

I’m not going to pretend that my motive for making Carol the way she is was a totally altruistic desire for a bigger girl to be a romantic lead.  I’m sure some of you could name comic artists that try to pretend that’s why their female leads have massive breasts, or what have you.  I am not that guy.  I love big girls.

Of course I love girls in general.  That’s at least part of why Nina, Carol, and Jo are so different.  I’m a man of many moods.  As much as people give each other crap for having different tastes the fact remains that beauty is subjective.  I hope, if you’re a girl, and you see similarities between yourself and Carol, it gives you hope that you can find someone who loves you the way you are.  Assuming you haven’t already.

If the Internet has taught me anything it’s that there is someone, somewhere, looking for someone exactly like you. (No matter what you look like.)  It cuts every direction for any sex or orientation.   Mike has even gotten fanmail from girls, and guys, who think he’s the cat’s pajamas.

Anyway, I actually drew 638 & 637 as a single page, but realized that if I ran them that way I might not have time to keep my posting schedule intact.  Luckily they were strong enough to be split, plus this little story ends on a Friday now.  On Monday we get a look in on a very different pairing.


Your comment on this is so cute. I like that they’re all different.

Especially Nina. Being a super tall girl who’s supposed to be blonde, I kinda love hearing guys on here be all “NINAAAA.” Totally boosts the self esteem. XD ‘Specially since she’s paired with a short boy.

Also: I agree with Mike’s fanmail. He is totally the cat’s pajamas.

He may also be the bee’s knees. Scientists are looking in to it.

I sir, am a certified Doctor of Science, and I am happy to announce that not only is Mike Hernandez The Cat Pajama’s, but he can also be classified as the Bee’s Knees, and the Cat’s Meow with little difficulty or loss in quality during the translation.

Don’t end it now! It’s just starting to get good! :wishes Carol would turn around and let us see her magnificent bosoms:.

I agree, they are too magnificent to be hidden from the audience! This part of the story should not end until that happens!

penis bot transform! ERECTION BOT AWAY! and so much win on the fan Art thing. Also, crave, you should be selling that kind of stuff in a book, maybe you’d overthrow twilight, and become the next big girl fad :D
(i am male, to anyone that wonders)

Sweet gorilla of Manila!
am i the only one noticing how big her shoulder and back muscles are outlined to be? not surprising considering what they have to counterbalance but still…
Ah, the hyperbolic spiral ear strikes again with it’s hypnotism and making nearby object appear even larger.

… yeah, this is why engineers shouldn’t think before commenting on art… ^_^;;

PS. Love the expressions, Thomas’ is priceless.

What a way to end the week. But to be honest I thought it would end as a cheesecake moment. Yay for being right.

Guessing of the next pairing: Ed and Reggie. ’cause we can never get enough hate out of our lives and you didn’t say what type of pair it was. *laughs manically rushes off to work*

Why is it that men who profess to like big women are NEVER WHERE I LIVE?

I’ve been searching for one for years now, and have gotten nothing except disappointment. I literally have not been on a date in over 10 years! *sighs*

That, Dawnie, is a damn shame. A DAMN shame. I swear to god, I’ve dated NOTHING but women like Carol in my life, and this is because I have taste. I haven’t dated anyone smaller than a 12/14 since high school, and even then, I only did because I lived in a small town with a limited dating pool. Once college hit, and I saw the veritable buffet of shockingly luscious, feminine, Renaissance-painting figures on display, it’s like I was seeing the fairer sex for the first time. In fact, the reason I started reading BF in the first place was because Carol is the spitting image of my wife, red hair, traffic-stopping assets, grabbable hips and all. We do exist, I promise.

Mr. Thomas is dead-on: “There is someone, somewhere, looking for someone exactly like you.”

Dawnie, I married one and she turned out to be verbally abusive. IMHO there are beautiful (and ugly) women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones, and appearance – you can be drop-dead gorgeous and still be an ugly person.

Just sayin’.

I just re-read that. The “you can be drop-dead gorgeous and still be an ugly person” was NOT referring to Dawnie – honest.

In response to Mr. Nick Wright’s assertion: Yes, this is EXACTLY what fanart is for.

See the following: http://www.zachreddy.com/2010/07/16/between-failures-fanart/

And UglyShirts: Amen, brother. My gorgeous, curvy redheaded wife agrees too ;)

Everybody has a hot wife but me. T^T

This has to be the fastest fanart turnaround ever. I’m sure that everyone appreciates your efforts.

As the curvy redheaded wife, I may have to disagree with the “gorgeous” or “hot” part. I believe in full disclosure and as much as I love him, he is a bit biased.

If you’re going to have bias one could do worse than thinking your wife is a beauty. X]

True, and I must say how happy I am that there is a REAL representation of what a bigger girl looks like, with like hips and thighs and such.Though I am not sure if I am proud or disturbed to admit that the fan art was partially based on me. It is nigh on impossible to find a webcomic , let alone one that is artistically sound, as well as having awesome writing, where the main character is a true curvy gal. Jeph Jaques does have one character who is fairly well done but, Carol is becoming my hero ( I worked at Borders for 3 years in the Sci/Fi Section, and yes I am a geek).

yes, but is there such a thing as TOO big?

I can’t believe Brooksie beat the snot out of everyone else on your poll on DA!


Jo is a fan powerhouse. Makes me glad I changed her from her original personality.

Your poll does discount certain people, namely those like me. While I love Jolene’s personality, and I couldn’t imagine her looking any different than she does, I also love big, but healthy, girls like Carol. There is a major difference between fat and big. So honestly if it wasn’t that Jolene reminds me so much of a friend of mine I would have definitely gone with Carol. If you did a poll where each person chose their favorite three characters, with #1 being worth 3 points, #2 being worth 2, and #3 being worth 1, it could have completely different results.

? Mr. Wohlenhaus, Jack…. May I call you Jack 8D?
I shall anyways. ^^ I love your portrayal of women, and romance.
I myself am big :P and I found a wonderful man, <3 and both I and my better half both love your comic, in fact we both feel similar to the characters Thomas, and Carol, we find ourselves calling each other "Thomas" or "carol" when the moment presents itself that we act the same..

I started reading this several months back, way before I met my boyfriend, I got hope from watching Thomas and Carol getting along and together.

When I met Rocky, I was so dumbfounded that out of the blue someone came waltzing up to me calling me beautiful, I am very happy.
I probably would have shot him down had I not read your comic?

Thank you for being so talented?
— LilithSnow

I’m not sure how i should react to some of those question marks…

J.T. is what my family calls me, by the way, and my first name is Jackie. If you don’t want to use the initials then Jackie is the way to go.

I’m glad I helped you improve your life in some small way. For my part I thank you for giving my work a chance. May your happiness with your lover know no end. :)

Two days ago, I followed a link to this particular part of the webcomic. And there is no better way to draw this new fan in than to display a half naked, gorgeous, beautiful, red-haired, curvy woman. So I started reading back a few pages until I got to the end of this story arc, and I was convinced that I had to read this comic in its entirety.

It took me a whole weekend, and I’ve not gotten much else done, but I am stoked that I did. This is truly one of the best webcomics I have ever read. The female charaters naturally all look attractive, yes even Brooksie, and all the characters are well drawn. Furthermore they all have believable and well-made personalities that draws you in with one of the best stories I’ve read. It has to be when you can spend about 600 comics just going through 2 days and not one of those comics feels like filler.

So I tip my hat to you and must say Well done, sir. Well done indeed.

Oh, and lest I forget, when I was reading backwards through this arc, I got the impression that Carol wanted to go to dinner outside being topless. That seemed a little weird but exciting, but of course I didn’t know Carol’s personality at the time.

Now, having read through the entire comic, and some of your comments, I realize that I never noticed the bandages the few times it has been drawn. My eyes have been drawn to other…attributes of the comic. And I never until now noticed the bandages in Thomas’ hand, only the shirt. Thought that was kinda funny. XD

Gotta love, and appreciate the ear shading. As a man who only blushes in his ears, it’s a big thing a lot of people ignore.

Wow… you plucked something from my brain. I’ve been making the comment, more or less, that the internet shows us that there is someone looking for someone like you for some time now. The way I put it is “Everyone is somebody’s fetish”.

No point in my saying anything I’ve already said before… at earlier points.

Curvy women prettier, skinny women more practical, etc.

Facial features are more of an issue. A woman getting all self-conscious because she is “fat” (i.e. not really) but ignoring that her face is just plain ugly just comes across as tragicomic.
BUT still, not a huge issue.

Voice though. The audio level is serious business.
Accent. Tonality. Pitch. Vocal mannerisms.
Anything is forgivable for someone with a favoured voice… and vice versa. A Norwegian man is a better option to me than a Texan woman, and I don’t particularly swing that way.

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