798 Scabbers.

I kinda wanted to do a couple beat panels between 1 and 2, but decided not to.

Last night a lightning strike  happened real close to the house and randomly fried a few things.  I’m not sure if it got the internet port or just the cord for my PC, but I don’t have any way to effectively test it right now.  In any case the wireless card that barely worked with the old router works just fine with the new one, so I had a backup.  It blew two fuses and reset the AC.  I’m not sure how close it has to strike to do that much, but it was close.  Maybe even in the field out front.


I think letting Jo read it is the safe bet here…and yes its a little normal for girls to share their fantasy stuff with each other. Also, that may just be the male imagination, but I refuse to change my views.

O_o and now I wanna see the Nina’s fanfic being MSTed, with Jo, John, Thomas and Carol as the MSTers and Nina as the mad scientist, and Ed as her assistant. This would make for epic reading.

Com eon, Nina, if you didn’t want Brooksie to know about it, you shouldn’t have said it aloud in or near the store.

Oh gawd! I love Jo’s face in the 3rd panel… XD
also, how often does Jo change her eye color, and where can I learn to do that?

P.s. sorry bout the lighting, I was trying to hit a building about a mile south of you, but forgot to calibrate with the storm clouds.. :/

they are contacts :P
Its never really stated in comic what her normal eye color is, but she does wear contacts…either for a practical use, or just to keep people guessing as to her eye color :3

Bad! Bad Kramegame! No lightning! Meteors are much more surgical.

Well when aiming for underground bunkers, it’s easier to just turn the whole thing into a microwave than to try and crack it with a meteor….

Go go ninja jo!

Also, I’ve had lightning strike close enough the concussion knocked me down and put me in shock for a couple hours (no serious wounds, just a twisted ankle (was running) and a bad hair day to end ’em). Just happy you weren’t hurt, and hope for a quick recovery of your normal gear!

is it me or did jo her eyes change color. when she was meeting ed’s sister she had purple eyes

She’s a wizard.

I hope so, since the banner shows her with yellow eyes as well…

colored contacts are more likely, unfortunately, unless she has the fabled mood eyes which change depending on mood or shirt she is wearing. So far purple would be fear, and green… curiosity?

More likely than that, even is that she has Haze eyes. Depending on the lighting conditions as well as what other colors are nearby (mostly what they are wearing, but walking into a place with green walls can make a shade change happen) those with hazel eyes can appear to have blue, green, brown, or golden brown eyes. One of my sisters has eyes like that. Mine are pretty much grey.

I’ve got hazel eyes and the color changes not only with the lighting, but also with the time of day. When I was a little kid they were distinctly brown, but by the time I hit highschool I started noticing that they were changing between greenish, brownish, grey and some colors that don’t see to appear anywhere elese in nature. I’d look at them in the bathroom mirror in the morning and see one color and then look again in the evening in the same mirror with the same lighting (no windown in the bathroom, just the bathroom lights) and see a different one. I’m used to it now, but it was rather weird when I first started noticing it.


Welcome to the Legion of the Magic Smoke; your initiation is the obliteration by lightning of part of your network. I lost my cable modem, router, two switches, a network print server, and the network and USB ports on my brother’s computer a few years back.

You really don’t want to qualify for the Inner Circle; I was washing dishes ten years or so ago watching ball lightning dancing around near the well house in my backyard. All of a sudden, the ball lightning plunged into the ground, and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my keister and my hands were numb. Apparently, the well pump conducted the lightning strike to the plumbing, weakening the current but still leaving enough power to bowl me over.

I understand that one is more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the Lottery; but since I’ve passed the first requirement, I’m buying tickets…


i imagine everyone save the asshole twins will find out about the story eventually, id be curious to hear ed’s reaction

I’m beginning to suspect Brooksie wears contacts to match her earrings.

Will we ever learn of her true eye colour?!

or her eyes could be like mine, my eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing and my current emotional state though it would have to be an extreme case since mine usually just go with all the shades between gray, blue, and green (they were golden once though and a combination of gold and red that looked like flames)

Poor Nina. She blabbed on herself. She had everything set up to pass on the sexy Dumbledore fanfic as an anonymous work that had set her thinking. If the gang didn’t like it, she could have called it someone else’s bent obsession, but left the door open for a sexy reveal later on if it was well received and if she wanted to. ‘Course Between Failures isn’t about happy, well-adjusted people smoothly navigating through life is it? What would be the fun of that?

Sorry to hear some of your stuff got fried. That used to be a monthly occurrence at my parents’ house (we lived at the end of a circuit). It got to the point where if you weren’t on the internet you unplugged the modem. It always seemed to get the modem but it got the computer once. That was a sad, sad day.

Technically speaking, if you’re within the sound of the thunder then it’s possible for a power surge to take out everything in your house. It’s not very LIKELY, but it can happen.

More realistically, if you’re within a half-mile of a strike then there’s a small but real chance that something plugged in at your house will take a surge it can’t handle. Which is why everything in my house has good surge protectors.

But lightning doesn’t follow logical rules. It’s only a (big) spark that’s trying to flow from one source to another, and it does weird things. I’ve actually been in a house that was struck by lightning, and left a six-inch hole in the roof. The only thing that did inside was to blow out the TV. Grandpa went and bought a new one the next day, then we patched the roof. No big deal.

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