799 Equations.

Something bit me on the leg the other day.  I don’t know what it was, but it left a huge mark in the shape of an apostrophe.  It’s finally starting to fade today, but it was itchy and swollen for almost a week with no signs of healing.  The strangest thing about the bite was that if I touched it the itchy feeling would start happening in my belly button too.  Somehow the two places were connected.  I guess a nerve must run along my leg and up to my navel.  It’s the only explanation I can think of.  I guess it could be a spider bite, but they usually get super gross.  at least the ones I’ve had before have been.  This one was just really mega itchy and red.

I haven’t had a new handheld game in a long time.  After Pokemon fever died down, and no one was interested anymore, I slowly drifted away from catching them all.   In fact, I didn’t catch them all.  There are Pokemon that remain uncaught.  I should make an effort to complete the pokedex, but I’m down to the super annoying ones now.

Square finally realized that $32 is a shitty amount to charge for a PSP game and dropped Tactics Ogre to something more reasonable.  Which is cool, and I want it, butit’s not the kind of game I’m really after.  At least I don’t think it is.  I never played the old version, but I suspect the battles are super long.  I’m after something a little less involved.  At least until I’m sick of Dragon Age.  Something I can play on the go between doing things would be ideal.  I haven’t really heard of anything I’m interested in though.  Apart from the new Mario Kart, but that would also require getting a 3DS, and that is just not possible.  At least I can look forward to paying full price for the game in 3 years since Nintendo has such a high opinion of itself.

I have never found a decent website for game news.  All I want is information.  They don’t need to painstakingly animate every blank space on the site.   Web designers who make gaming websites seem to thing that gamers are like hummingbirds with the attention spans of goldfish.  If something isn’t moving EVER SECOND YOU’RE ON THE SITE apparently we’ll lose interest and move along.  I’m sure there must be a percentage of people which that holds true for, but I’d actually like some easy to read text presented in a logical manner that relays to me  information that is pertinent to my interests.

Such a place may exist already for all I know.  Feel free to inform me if this is the case.  Careful with the links though.  If you set your comment up funny the spam blocker will think you’re evil.


I use that logic all the time…in physics class way back when…we proved with every equation we knew that Awesome = Pie = 42…5 pieces of chalk and 4 chalkboards later…the teacher took photos he was so impressed…

Trading is a good way to get that done super fast.
It would be wicked funny if a fake, website was setup with Nina’s stories on it so that ppl could read it IRL.
I don’t like Harry Potter, nor do I like fanfic, but I think it would be funny for the people who do.
And we would also see her internet handle.

Well, what kind of gaming news site are you looking for? I mean, for general western news, your options are IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid, Giant Bomb, Joystiq, and all of them are equal parts garbage in different ways.

For eastern news, you’ve got Siliconera and andriasang, both of which are pretty decent. (But they’re limited to mostly stuff fresh out of Japan.)

For West…I guess try Giant Bomb. I think it’s the least invasive, Jack-Russel Terrier site of the batch. I can’t really say I like any of them, but maybe one of those will suit your tastes.

(Or someone else will come up with a good suggestion that I haven’t seen.)

If at all possible, I check Wikipedia for gaming news. For instance, I had a hell of a time finding a game site that didn’t do the very things you mentioned and also just had a SIMPLE LIST of the games that were shown at E3. I mean, I barely pay attention until after the fact, so I figured there would be a list somewhere…but like you said, the game sites are just so hard to navigate. So, I tried Wikipedia. Typed in “E3 2011” and got a handy list of what was shown with links to each game’s own wiki page for easy information. I do the same for any game for which I have questions. The wiki page usually writes it all down simply and states whatever is known so far without having to jump into a pool of shifting graphics and the five minutes it takes to load them all.

Of course, the drawback is that some lesser known games don’t get a page, so you end up surfing around forever. Most of the time, though, I’ve had success.

You might like the one of the new xbox live games, “Bastion”. It’s a bit of a throwback to the sidescrolling ways of the past but it’s in 3D. The levels are short and you don’t need to comit much time to it to play a level or two, plus it’s absolutely stunning.

You can try EvilAvatar for gaming news. They’re still decent, and fairly old-school on giving information.

I haven’t played much besides Valkryia Chronicles 2 recently, but I had a blast with that one. PSP games, even involved ones like Tactics Ogre, can be dropped with ease thanks to the ability to put the handheld on hold. Just a thought…

i’m actually very fond of the website gamefaqs.com
i don’t know if you want major amounts of info, but just glancing through, it has info for all kinds of games… :)

Nintendo’s earned the right to be full of itself. You’re obviously willing to pay full price for one of their games in three years. It was two years into the Wii’s release before SSBM dropped below $30.

I don’t know any good sites for general news stories for game, I personally follow a few companies at a time and just use their specific sites for news. Nintendo, Atlus, Sega, Capcom, Valve, and EA all have pretty simple sites to navigate that aren’t writhing with movement. So does Square-Enix, though it’s been forever since I regularly gave them a time of day so that may have changed.

If it really existed, I would have liked to read Nina’s story. Nina says that it’s just girly fansturbation (a great term) but that’s the whole point of fan fiction isn’t it? I’m thinking that the meaning isn’t just sexual, but more like indulgence in wish fulfillment for well-liked characters. I’ve read some good fan fiction, but even the good examples I’m thinking of fit the indulgence definition.

YOu whats funny Crave my friend asked me to read her Fanfic she is writting about the HP world when she asked me it made me giggle some

My sister does reflexology, and I can tell you that there’s apparently a nerve in your foot that connects to your hip.

I do love me some Tactical RPGs, and the original Tactics Ogre was granpappy to them all. I’ve had some discussions with my best friend, who has the new one, about how it differs from the old one, which we both played… and the GBA game they made as well. Much of the mechanics were reworked and ultimately it seems much more like Final Fantasy Tactics than the original.

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