I don’t think Tomboy Carol is out of line at all. Frankly, it wouldn’t make much sense any other way.

Yeah, I was also wondering why Rulette found it so surprising

She’s interacted with her twice. Carol forgot her name after being introduced possibly both times. They don’t know each other and are operating on surface level information.

Oh well, that’s the bit that it’s hardest to keep track of – how well the non-store characters know each other (if at all)

Tomboy as a kid, I loved doing all the traditionally masculine stuff like dinosaur toys, fishing, camping etc. I was the first girl grandchild so I think all the women wanted me to be girly af. Gave me Barbies and all this pink stuff – I grew to hate the color pink, as I associate it with all this femininity that I just did not connect with. Feminine was also associated with weakness at the time..I was also fat, and constantly reminded of that (daughters get this more often than sons, imo).

After puberty, I started coming to terms with my femininity. It doesn’t mean I’m weak, either. Pink is one of my favorite colors now, too! And I still love all the dinosaurs and stuff. Young tomboy me had a lot of stuff to work through, haha.

It’s all a spectrum. My daughter loves dresses and pink and fussing over her dolls and cooking imaginary meals that she insists everyone eat, but she also wrestles well enough to occasionally pin her brother who outweighs her by a good 50%, frequently pairs her pink attire with camo patterning, and grubs around in the dirt looking for interesting bugs.

Good for her! I don’t think it’s good to force kids either into or out of “traditional” gender roles. I remember reading once about some parents who were determined not to let their young daughter fall into that. When she wanted a baby doll, they insisted on giving her a toy truck instead. Since kids’ ingenuity knows few bounds, the little girl ended up wrapping the truck up in a blanket and carrying it around like a baby.

I am a 77-year-old man, and am not trans. I have always been male.
I like pink, and occasionally wear pink.
Do have any idea how hard it is to buy ready-made men’s wear in pink?

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