Why would Carol choose to call her dad “daddy” in this context?

It also nicely illustrates the differences in paternal closeness across the three women, from an abstract presence to a warm relationship.

Friend, this is the second time you read something nasty into something that everyone else finds innocuous. Please, for the sake of your brain, take some time off the hub.

What an idiotic comment. And I didn’t read anything nasty into it. Have you met adults who call their dad “daddy” or their mum “mummy”? I have, and they are almost universally infantile screw-ups and air-heads, forever tied to their parents apron strings. Which is not fitting with the rest of Carol’s character.

As for the relationship between the siblings, there are a great many people elsewhere then the threads under the comics who describe it as weird and uncomfortable to read. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your bubble represents the world.

With her sisters being named Robin and Dusty, I’m guessing her dad is Doug Graves.


I walked right into that one. :)

I’ve probably said so before, but- my favorite name, or a real funeral home, is:
The Trench and Rising [tm] funeral home.

They were a business, [in New Jersey?], a few years ago. Maybe they’re still there.

It’s Jason.

I’m 32 and still refer to my dad as Daddy when I’m feeling particularly grateful or in need of support… I don’t think I am infantile or an air-head, it’s just what I called my dad growing up; he was my stay-at-home parent and we had quite a close relationship.
I’m sorry you have such a cynical view of a simple term of endearment.

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