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I didn’t really intend for the cast to all have such complex relationships with their parents, but I guess it just happened as a natural outcome from aping reality. Out of the entire cast Carol probably has the most ideal relationship with her parents. There’s also a lot of dead dads per capita. Parents are dropping like it’s a Disney production up in this… I didn’t really think about it much until this page. Reggie has already had an entire arc just about his relationship with his dad, wherein that dad is clearly having regrets about his relationship with his dad. A lot of people had things to say about that, so I guess that’s just part of being human.

Anyway, if you’d like to support my ongoing tales of various states of dadness you can do so with the links above. I will meet you back here on Wednesday and we’ll see what kind of dad talk we can get up to.


I really like this scene.

Carol’s attitude is like: “Uh, WAIT! Guys, I’m not bragging!”,

And Patty + Alex are like: “No, really, we understand! Everything is OK.” :D

I actually fully empathize with both Reggie and his father. I like to think I have a good relationship with my father, but someone who knows both of us once told me that just as I fret and worry that I am a disappoint to him, my father worries that he hasn’t taught me enough. Your comment of aping life is right on the money. It only looks complicated when you try to look at everything at once. Your characters connect with us because we’ve all known people like them in real life. It’s hard to do right, and as far as I am concerned you’ve done as well as a single person can.

I understand, really. My dad is probably my best friend. I constantly feel like I’m a disappointment to him. He’s old now, has copd, his health goes up and down. We really don’t know how much longer he’s gonna be with us.

The Tom Bombadil reference. I see it.

Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, bright blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow.

My theory, which is different than the usual dozen I read, is that he is Iru’s desire to experience the music he himself is singing, made manifest; so he is the music and the singer at the same time, like as if to place an echo of himself in the audience at a concert at which he is singing. The omniscient version may not even know, as he blends with the music of Arda. Also why he may be literally as old as creation.
He’s unaffected by the Ring because he’s basically Neo, and Music is the Matrix code. And he set himself up with the best experience, nice place, nice home, great main squeeze.

Leaves his fortune to the library, puts his family as stewards, so they make bank without having to pay the taxes.

Honestly, if you take offense at someone being appreciative of still having their father, you have the problem. Not them.

OK, now I kinda want to see Thomas and Carol meeting each other’s families. Maybe as part of a housewarming when they move in together?

Speaking Personally, I’m currently dealing with a dad who has always has always had Narcissitic Personality Disorder but had such an ingrained routine that his dementia has only become apparently after a 2 month hospital stay so we’ve jumped from him being mostly functional to a deviant monster that no longer has the guile to be manipulative he just straight out demands attention and defaults to a 2 year when he can’t get it.

To date his dementia has revealed that he cheated on my mother multiple times, once at least while she was dying of cancer but apologised on her death bed…so that’s ok then.

I’m ashamed to say that neither I nor my brother have ever been close to him and even more ashamed that I’m now actively waiting for him pass into the arms of his eternal reward, I’m sure it will be a warm welcome.

It’s an odd feeling on occasion without the old man, but it’s been what, 7 years now? 2016? It comes up in my head on occasion but I also feel like he’d… be weird about who I am now. It is what it is. I’m mostly over it.

On the “This Post Will Confuse People”-part of this site, Pat Drewery [sp?] made a joke about- “three buxom beauties in a library”.

In France, that’s called, “a BOOB-lio-teque”.

(Hee, hee, hee!) :D

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