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That’s right, it’s more library lore! It’s funny that Reggie and Alex are both characters who were really meant to have their own comics when they were originally created. In a world where it wasn’t just me making everything maybe they would have been spinoff books, but that is not the world we find ourselves in. Most of the little groups have enough story behind them to carry their own stories. I could probably make an entire series out of God Be With Brew if I wanted to. Since my writing obsession often focuses on the granular things of everyday life it’s easy to find things that I want to explore. Even the three shoplifters from early in the comic have enough passive backstory to make an entire story out of. I like having the motivations for every character available in my mind all the time because it makes it easier to move from thing to thing if you already know that stuff.

I find the mechanics of libraries interesting. The mechanics of non public libraries are even more so. There’s aren’t many and the reasons why will become clear enough before long. If I were standing with them Alex would be getting grilled by me relentlessly. Although were I standing with the three of them I would also be trying to figure out how I could have 3 wives… I guess it’s lucky, on some level, that I am not there. More’s the pity for me though.

All that aside, if you’d like to take part in the funding of my works the links are, as always, above the post. This comic was made possible by contributions from readers like you, thank you. XD

Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and pleasant weekend. Let’s meet back here on Monday for more hot library action!


Public works tend to get public dollars. They usually get a cut of taxes. Property, usually, or income if the area has it. Plus the library has its own measures, like fines for late returns. Some libraries also run book sales for the less-read stuff. Makes room and frees up cash to buy new.

One thing most American libraries do is:

they keep records on how often the borrow-able books are taken out.
The rule usually is: if a book is not taken out, for 10 years, then that book is permanently taken out of the library- to be sold off, or for the book to be otherwise disposed of.

So, if you have some favorite books at your library- it is a good idea for you to borrow them every 2-3 years, so those books will stay at your library.

That is your piece of trivia for today. :)

A story about the early, American-government man, Ben Franklin.

A group of people were seeing the launch of new model of a hot air balloon.

A reporter asked Ben Franklin:

“What is the use of THAT invention?”

Ben Franklin replied:

“What is the use of a new-born baby?”

What I mean is:

[running + owning a town library or city library] might not get you- publicity, fame + fortune, but, it could get you other benefits like: a cool place to learn stuff, a relaxing place for your town’s people to visit, + also a fun place for your town to visit.

[If nothing else, my area’s libraries have A LOT of graphic novels that I can read for free.] :D

I didn’t think private libraries existed unless they were funded by an endowment from some rich guy (basically the interest or earnings off a large investment).

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