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It’s just possible that Reggie wanted to be assistant manager.

I did a lot of Patreon sketches this weekend. If you’re still waiting for one I’m on the case.

The other week Lego Dimensions was 75% off om Amazon, so I picked it up. I already had gotten the Ghostbusters and Doctor Who extras on sale, just because I wanted the figures and parts, so I had more than enough to play. I have to say, it’s a fun game. The creators really do their homework. After you complete the Doctor Who level he gains the ability to regenerate into any of his past selves. They all have little clips of audio from the series they say from time to time. You can also go into the Tardis and it changes to match each Doctor. The first two are even in black and white. XD Unfortunately, regenerating over and over often causes the game to crash and you have to unplug the system. In fact the game crashes more than any game I’ve had in ten years. Oh, I also got the Back to The Future ones and Wonder Woman. Anyway, I’ve played as Wonder Woman most of all because she has the best powers for general use. When she flies it plays her old TV theme, which is brilliant.
The Ghostbuster levels are great and the mechanic of dimensional travel has allowed me to prove a theory I’ve had for a long time. Any task is more fun if you have a proton pack available to you. I’ve left a trail of destruction in that game the likes of which is rarely seen via that weapon. Also, the ghost catching mechanic feels right. If they made just a ghostbusters game of lego, with these control and whatnot, I’d have to get it. It’s more fun in many ways than the actual ghostbusters game we got before Harold Ramis died.
The Lego people absolutely nail certain things about the characters they use. The Tardis, for example, flies EXACTLY how it looks on the show, which is poorly. It’s fast as fuck, but goes out of control easily and can’t handle for shit. It looks perfect when it moves though. It’s no wonder the Doctor can’t fly the fucking thing very well though.
Anyway, at some point, when the game is in the bargain bin, if you like any of those 80s movie properties or Doctor Who, it would be worth checking out. The gameplay is essentially identical to any other Lego game, but I enjoyed myself because there were franchises involved I cared about.
I really want to take the portal apart and use it to make a car, or something. Lego never gives you car parts in those colors. They’re stuck on red, yellow, and orange it seems like.
My fear with this game is that the Lego figures for it will keep going up in price and I wont be able to get random ones if I decide I want them later. So far I got everything at 50% off or less, but the portal level is already higher than shelf price online. So it looks like the pricing is a combination of regular toy after market pricing and after market Lego pricing, which is the worst combination I’ve ever seen.
Did you know people actually invest in Lego sets because they increase in value better than gold? That’s a real thing. I heard it on an honest to god financial show. Most sets at least double in price after they are discontinued. Like the rarest ones go way higher. Like the little known ones they did for the Last Airbender. Look them up sometime. It’s crazy.


Honestly, with Reggie wanting to be an Ass. Man., it almost feels like that would need to be a conversation to have with Thomas. Because the way I see it, Thomas would probably see Reggie as someone he likes enough to vouch for the position, but someone he values enough to keep them away from it.
All Reggie sees is the store being like a coal mine – stiff and stifling with little room to breathe. John becoming AM is like heading out to the surface, where the air is fresher, while Reggie remains just another miner. Except he’s not a miner: by Thomas’ own accord, Reggie is the canary, and Thomas is trying to send John to the surface knowing that it’s basically just a Lion’s Den. So that’s what’s interesting to me now – would Reggie rather resign himself to being a canary, knowing that his fate is tethered to the rest of the staff? Or would he rather breech the surface, wanting to spread his wings if even for a moment before the Lions get at him?

I wouldn’t say Reggie “wanted” to be Assistant Manager.

I think it should be put that Reggie thought he *deserved* to be assistant manager. As much as Reggie has been humanized recently he still has his megalomaniacal streak…

I feel like Reggie is about to throw a temper tantrum for some reason.

Seeing as how you have the Ghostbusters set for Lego Dimensions, how’s the voice acting for the characters? Do they just use audio clips from the movie like they did in the trailer for the set or do they use real voice actors?

The ghostbusters are clips, but they don’t use them very much. Egon has one line, for example. Louis is a new actor. He and Melnitz do a little quest talking. She is also a new actress as far as I know. I wish they’d used the voices from the cartoon. I know most of them are still alive.

Reggie holds the high moral ground?


He’s always been guided by his morals, in fact of the whole crew he is easily the most straight laced. He is essentially a good person with a crap bedside manner

As Soreeah mentioned. Thomas has made note of it before that Reggie has a high sense of moral integrity. (IE: Stealing is beneath him) and also we’ve seen Reggie talking to Wesley that his opinion on romance is just as moral seeing how much distaste he has for those who use sex as a means of “conquest”. In fact I’m amazed that this little argument hasn’t come to a head before now. John seems to be the type of person Reggie would hate most when it comes to situations like that.

Cool your jets man.

Let him speak!

I think it’s safe to say Reggie’s right. Jo actually tried to stop John from using Alex before, because she didn’t think it was right, and Reggie and Jo, while opposites, do sometimes think along the same tracks. John has not been fair to Alex, to be honest.

While John might have endeavored to mislead her, I don’t think Alex was ever mislead. If anything, John’s feelings changed somewhat, and he very well may have shortchanged himself by his actions.

Let’s also not forget John was against misleading Alex, at least at first. Though she had doubts later, it was Jo who wanted to leverage Alex’s attraction to John. Everything after Jo got to use the computer was actually fairly innocent.

Oh, well now. So he’s not just being a dick here. He actually has a proper grievance.

That does change things.

Reggie. You’re right, but, to what end? You’re burning a bridge with a superior at work and … for no benefit to anyone that I can see. If you were trying to get her an apology for John’s jerkitude, I could understand.

Are you just trying to set a “don’t dare talk to me about non work topics” boundary? There are ways to set that boundary which are less socially expensive…

I do like Reggie. I’m sorry that this behavior is probably gonna bite him in the ass. Being right, when you’re at a social power disadvantage, just isn’t enough.

I’m in the same position as Reggie, when it comes to being on the lowest rung and butting heads. There are times when my skin deep sense of tolerance doesn’t suffice, and I can only be brutally honest with people at work, just like I would outside of work. I frankly don’t give a god fucking damn if my two bit employment position in Hell gets jeopardized. If something aggravates me and I tell someone like it is, or if I get borderline angry and express it on one of my higher ranking staff, nothing will sway me from it.

As for the Alex issue, John was only associating with her for Brooksie. Hell, if it wasn’t for Brooksie, they never would’ve met in the first place. However, this isn’t to say that Alex’s naughty gestures toward John were laudable or forgiven. You didn’t think I forgot about all the “you’re so stupid, thank God your hot” vibes she was pulsating?

> I’m in the same position as Reggie, when it comes to being on the lowest rung and butting heads.

I hope that this doesn’t bite you in the ass either.

> You didn’t think I forgot about all the “you’re so stupid, thank God your hot” vibes she was pulsating?

To be perfectly frank, I didn’t think in the slightest about what you knew or didn’t know, because I have never met you.

The problem with Reggie moral high ground just comes off a excuse to attack people base on their flaws. Alex was interested in John, and it seem is hoping to win John by doing favors for him, she could say no if she wanted to. Reggie would have better chance to talk to Alex than bad mouth his assistant manager during working hours.

I have to agree with Reggie, here. Kepler can be a bit of a putz sometimes, and he’s tried to put the moves on every woman we’ve seen him with, starting with Jess. The only one who seems immune — or beneath John’s radar — is Brooksie.

I have to disagree with you a little here after all was it not Brooksie who and i quote called jess out on being a female version of John. not more than 8 pages ago
and yes while John tends to be a womanizer, does Jess not tend to be a everyoneanizer, So if your giving John Flack here you should also be giving Jess flack, After all Whats good for the goose is good for the gandur

i think Reggie should watch what he say and particularly how he says it to his boss while at work. you are trying to reel up your boss who is twice your size dude not a smart move. (i smell your order for a knuckle sandwich is almost ready)

thing is, if he DID throw a punch at Reggie that would be instantaneous loss of job. Not only that but Reggie is the type to press assault charges

I basically disagree with most of the other people re: John? Like yeah, he “struts around like he’s God gift to women” but he doesn’t take advantage of women. Alex wasn’t taken advantage of by John. She’s way too smart from that and even if she wasn’t actually dating him she was getting from the relationship what she wanted. John may be a flirt but he doesn’t actively hurt girls. He’s a good guy. I’ve known tons of dudes who hit on all the women and even when, yeah, sure, it’s a little skeevy they’re all still good guy who just happen to be very flirtatious. And you can tell by the way that John hits on women that he’s (as Brooksie said before) just a female version of Jess. And since, unlike Jess (though Brooksie has no problem with her), he is unattached it’s even more okay for him to be doing it.
And if this is Reggie trying to get some sort of apology for Alex it is so not his place. They haven’t even dated yet and Alex seems like the type of girl who’d be more offended that he’s speaking for her. If she felt slighted she’d stand up for herself.
Actually Reggie just comes across as a dick here, imho. He has some good moments but he’s picking a fight with John for no reason. Maybe jealousy, knowing John was Alex’s first pick? But John isn’t trying to compete with Reggie he was probably just trying to say “just wanted to let you know we’re cool” or “Alex is cool so treat her right”.
He’s talking about Alex like a possession instead of a human being with autonomy to make her own decisions. I bet if she heard shit like “taking her away” she’d slap Reggie.
//sorry long comment but just have a lot of feelings about this right now

mainly it’s that Reggie’s whole point of view right now is unnecessarily nasty and also talking about Alex in a way that is implying she can’t handle herself. like Jasmine says in the Disney movie Aladdin “I am no prize to be won” and Reggie should stop talking about Alex like a trophy and more like a cool girl that he gets to go out on a date with.

i completely agree with all your points, right now Reggie is just being Vindictive for reasons unknown to us has of yet. However in this situtation its completely uncalled for, dollars to doughnuts John was trying to befreind Reggie, after the whole debacale at the furry meeting with female Reggie, idk why but it seems to me that instead of actively oh i dunno say make some friends he’s pushing everyone away, dat boy is some screwy let me tell you.

I think he’s being vindictive because he has the opportunity to be vindictive… that’s Reggie’s thing, his default interaction setting. And he doesn’t even seem to realize how far he takes it, half the time.

I can sort of see this where he doesn’t realize how far he’s taking it but at the same time this situation seems to be a “why did you even start let alone take it this far” to me. And yeah, like you said his default is vindictive and maybe he’s so used to being that way he doesn’t consider other ways to start but like… at the same time, John is now his boss. Also we saw Reggie not being a dick at the furry thing so him going to back to that here kind of makes the difference super apparent

Exactly! like I don’t know why everybody seems to agree with Reggie and his tone/statement because being a flirt doesn’t make John a bad person. and like you said after the whole Furry thing John probably just wanted to befriend Reggie because that was an out-of-work interaction where he was not an asshole. Until Reggie decided to make his next interaction…with his now boss…a super dick-ish one.

Sad to say, Reggie has a HUGE freaking point. That’s what this guy does, all the damn time just flirts around and uses those who can’t help him :/

Again if your gonna give john grief you should give Jess Grief, she is a female version of him has Brooksie so pointed out to Jess’s face. after all gender equality and all that.

Reggie trying to get some time off without pay methinks. My boss would send me home that instant and tell me not to bother coming in the rest of the week for that kind of attitude. Reggie can be so obnoxious.

Have you tried BrickLink?

You can find full sets (open and unopened) for sale at less gougey prices. If you what parts are in the set, you can also cobble it together thanks to various vendors.
I know there’s a few sites that detail parts lists for sets but i can’t think of any of them off hand. I’m fairly certain one of them is even an officials lego site.

Yeah, I’m gonna disagree with Reggie. I mean, the absolute worst we’ve seen John do was talk to Alex when he knew she might hope he was attracted to her (after Jo had to convince him to do it) and then actually show genuine interest in her after he talked to her more. He may be a flirt (a male Jess, as Jo would put it), but Reggie just has a stick up his ass because now he likes Alex and because now John is assistant manager. But it’s John, so I’m sure he’ll still embarrass himself or come out one the losing side of this.

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