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If this text is here when the comic goes live then I am still out driving with the teen, possibly teaching her.

The kid needs to learn to drive. She needs to learn so much now that the idea of learning to drive my truck doesn’t cause screams of frustration anymore. That said, I still can’t tolerate heat for long periods of time, so it has to be done as temperature permits. She was too sleepy to try anything tonight, and we had other goals that superseded driving lessons. I wanted to have the page up just in case. usually IO write the post just before it goes live, but couldn’t tonight.

I have talked to so may women about bras in the last two weeks I’m finally sick of it. Today with the teen and her opinions about what bras should be used for finally tipped me over the edge. She wants cleavage enhancing bras for all occasions basically and anything that doesn’t do that is for old people. I tried to make a reasoned argument for everyday bras, but finally decided I was out of my depth and gave up. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with them. Just dealing with them in and advisory position is exhausting.


not a monster riiiiight keep telling yourself that Reggie, your pretty Shallow and Callous at times buddy boy.

True, but he IS telling the truth about his motivations for asking her out. He did it because he genuinely liked her.
Now he’s doing what he THINKS is defending her, along with taking the opportunity to rub it in John’s face that he probably missed his shot with this girl he just realized was kinda awesome because he couldn’t see past her size.
Now, is it the classiest move? Fuck now. Will she appreciate it? Probably not. But is it monstrous? No, just a little dickish and smarmy.

When people do stuff like this, it’s usually about them. John’s really attractive. I would be willing to bet that Reggie wishes he had John’s power to attract women.

And then came Alex. Alex always had a crush on John, which he steadfastly ignored till Brooksie found the tombstones. As the story progressed, John found himself a little interested despite himself, but Reggie won the girl. He won. Playing against John. On John’s home turf: women.

Everyone seems to have forgotten something. John INITIATED this conversation. Even though Reggie is being a jerk he’s also 100% right. John came over to talk about Alex *precisely* because he “lost” to Reggie. It’s totally a matter of wounded pride. I feel Reggie has full rights to kick John’s ego in the balls because it’s EXACTLY what he deserves.

Also Reggie is right when he says he’s not a monster. He *doesn’t* do shady actions. If he doesn’t like you he TELLS YOU he doesn’t like you. He also doesn’t let that get in the way of the job either. He may try to get someone fired because he doesn’t like them but he won’t plot to get them fired because he doesn’t like them. Scheming and Deception is not something he’ll do. In a sense it’s refreshing because with Reggie you always know where you stand.

so Reggie is actively trying to create competition for himself? or…what is his gameplay here? insult his assistant manager, be smug and a dick and then do it out of some weird loyalty to Alex maybe? I can sort of see the perspective he’s trying to present but he’s going about it all wrong. instead of going the “attack John self-righteously” way he could’ve just talked to John about how cool Alex is (very very cool!). like John wasn’t interested in Alex but that’s not a bad thing? some people just…aren’t…interested…in other people. and John obviously still respects Alex as a friend. so Reggie speaking this way just seems silly to me like just be satisfied that you get to go on a date with Alex and she wants to go on a date with you don’t make it all about John instead.
maybe he’s not meant to be interpreted as this smug but it’s just that evil smirk thing he has going on that makes what he’s saying seem like he’s saying it with a nasty tone instead of like a sort of defensive tone

Reggie has not mastered the fine art of dealing with other humans and his own emotions.

When does anyone ever truly master their emotions? Everyone is but a mere provocation away from being the alleged adult to a blubbering and/or rampaging child. If this isn’t true, then they’re as indifferent and callous as I am most of the time.

I know the last part isn’t healthy, but it’s the only way I can deal with a chaotic world. Without it, I would be punching, screaming, insulting, masturbating, and crying during my waking hours. That is if I don’t contemplate murdering some bastards first.

I feel like, with Reggie’s touching story and him wanting to date someone other than Nina, many people have forgotten, he’s still a huge dick. We’ve seen he has depth, but we should remember things like him immediately holding his own sister’s secret over her head. It strikes me this is a case of Reggie viewing his own morals as superior to John’s (despite the fact that nothing has actually indicated they’d have a conflict there) and an attempt to manipulate John into doing something stupid and potentially firable, like he did when he first met Ed.

Well we all do that to some extent. I know that when I tell a lie there is a damn good reason but when others lie it means they are dishonest.

*sigh* Damnit Reggie, there’s no good in making a solid point only to immediately undercut it by basically admitting you’re guilty of the same thing (i.e., using her, in this case to fuck with John apparently) :P

But he’s not. He asked her out because he LIKED her. He wasn’t feigning potential interest in a girl who had a crush on him because she had something he wanted, like John was. He’s still being a GIANT asshat about it, but telling John to suck it is more of a side benefit to a date with her.

This whole management this is gonna make this pretty awkward and John may turn into the kind of person he hates if he lets his emotions take over here.

This is why Reggie is my favorite character. Sharp wit and while a jerk, a honest jerk. Maybe too honest.

See, this is why pride is a “deadly” sin. John is all too aware of his shortcomings, and not exactly proud of them. While his back story made clear he’s not a cartoon villian, he IS a sum asshole…and he thinks that perfectly fine. “I’m smarter and more moral than all of these fools, why shouldn’t I point it out?” seems to be the thinking. Which, debatable, and even if true, is just a thing. It doesn’t make a person entitled to anything, especially treating people like a chess set.

Ugh, the “his backstory” part refers to Reggie, and I meant “smug,” not “sum.” I no Internet gewd.

Honestly though, that’s a legitimate concern on the part of John, considering how Reggie is acting right now. And I’m of the camp that John does legitimately consider Alex an awesome friend at this point and would be pissed if Reggie was leading her on for stupid reasons. Sort of counter to Reggie’s point earlier, John does manage healthy female friendships though, like he gets along well with Jo in a friendly platonic way. He does have a sort of superficial approach to women though.

Who doesn’t approach women with some degree of superficial intent? I can’t be around women without mentally undressing and going to town with them, unless they’re extremely old, fat, related, and/or ugly. Not to mention all the bikini clad babes I stare at whenever I’m at a beach, compliments of anonymity-promoting sunglasses. Their heaving breasts trying to break free from those scanty bonds…paradise.

I agree with the superficial intent aspect, but believe it or not, it’s not all about sex for some people. Common interests, intellect, etc can be more of a reason for some. So…yeah, still superficial, just a different kind.

Yes, Reggie, yes you are a monster. Embrace it, because you’ll never escape it.“If this text is here when the comic goes live then I am still out driving with the teen, possibly searching for a place to hide the body teaching her.”I’m glad I didn’t have to teach my sister to drive; by the time she could have gotten behind the wheel, I was already working Second Shift full time, and my ’71 Saab had a stick shift — on the column.

Reggie is officially Best Guy, I’m in love.

Also, you should tell the teenager that while cleavage enhancing bras will do exactly as she hopes an dreams, they will hurt her in the long run. Hurt her to the point where she’ll resent them, because your boobs will feel smothered and your back will hurt. Tell her everyday bras are the way to go, and that her boobs and back will thank her in the long run.

Is it just me or does Reggie look really evil in that last frame? I mean sure, he’s always been a dick, but lately he seemed like he was getting better. Nope, he’s still a self-absorbed twat.

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