She called him “dear” in the previous strip, which could be an indication of A Thing.

Oh, I’m thinking she has her wallet out and is ready to invest herself in this “just a thing.” And Reggie might have past history with someone. Is there a little “I know you really well, don’t I?” In that interchange??

Reggie had better figure out some status before his dad meets Alex.

And Carol is enjoying this not way too much, but, I think, the appropriate amount.

There’s an early, and very intriguing, stage in a relationship when you don’t know yet whether there’s a relationship. But you might be wondering.

That’s what’s being presented in today’s episode.

I, a reader, don’t know whether there is one either.

Yep. Reggie probably hasn’t been noticing much, for a while, because- it looks like, for the past 20 minutes, he’s been doing all of his thinking with the [lower] hemisphere of his body! :)

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