You know after being a dick so many years I’m all about Reggie finally turning it around and accidentally befriending all of his coworker.

Alex’s little smirk in frame 3 is GOLD.

In the third frame it is Carol. I know the short redheads look similar but you can tell them apart. Carol is the one with ears. :p Personally really hope Carol manages to blackmail Reggie into being more relaxed at work. Maybe I am seeing false similarities but for me it really made a difference looking over my work before handing it in. And so far Reggie messed up mostly by rushing things in my opinion.

It also doesn’t help that while some of us can tell the very subtle difference in the shades of orange in their hair, they both have very blue eyes.

Fun fact, since the color orange was named after the fruit back in the 1540s, the orange-ness we normally associate with most well-known redheads like Rupert Grint, Prince Harry, Ron Howard, Ann Margaret, and others had been around far longer, with a belief based on hair analysis that people like Pharaoh Ramesses II (c. 1303 BC to 1213 BC) was a redhead.

Carol having found true love just wants Reggie to be happy, too. Reggie doesn’t know how to process people being happy for his happiness. Being a dick to other people only works if people believe it. Reggie can’t hide behind his dickness any more.

Carol almost needs a cat face in panel 3. I also noticed the missing “I” in the last panel, but I mentally attribute this to not enough blood to his brain.

So many things:

-“Grouse” is just such a word that Alex would use.
-Alex’s up-clipped bang facing away from the camera in panel two, like she’s already putting herself back to “standard”.
-Reggie calling Carol “Graves”; I don’t know that we’ve seen him address her by any name before.
-And Carol’s near-cat smile as others have squeed over.

One Piece lore videos might be more satisfying if One Piece ever actually STOPPED.

I was playing “Yakuza: Like a Dragon” recently and the main character, Ichiban, talks about how he remembered this manga he was reading before he went to jail for 20 years. Then when he got out, he went to look it up, figuring it had probably finished. Well, it turns out it was still going on, but the artist took a big hiatus, so it hadn’t gone very far at all.

That’s One Piece in a nutshell, as far as I’m concerned. I wish it would just finally stop so I could watch it and actually FINISH it.

Would you believe that the Creator believed it would only last for five years. He actually already knows how it’s going to end.

“What am I going to have to do to avoid having this conversation with you?”

Answer: Stop being a prideful arrogant @$$ with a superiority complex to everyone around you.

I’m reminded of an passage I once read, talking about an older sister who has caught her brother in the act of kissing a girl.

I’m loving the general character development here.

Also as someone who loves One Piece, I feel you there. You gotta wonder how Oda keeps it all straight, beyond a library of notebooks and at least one person hired to remember stuff for him.

Other comics, they leave VERY little to the imagination (some pretty much nothing). But at that point, what can they do to get a reaction anymore? Here, we got to see one of Alex’s eyes, and its something to remark on. Not complaining. Keep it up, Jackie. We’ll keep coming back.

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