743 Puppy.

I guess today is as good as any to calculate the Japan donation thingy. I averaged just over $7 this week, so I’m gonna round up to $8 and multiply it by 7. Which is $56 unless my multiplication is wrong. I better check. Yes. I am correct. Not that much in the scheme of things, but a very significant amount relative to me. I’m not sure if I’m going to donate it to the Red Cross now because I’ve seen so much about mismanagement of funds. Actual verifiable reports and not just hearsay. Someone is going to get this money though, and they will be someone who will actually use it to help who I want.

I’ve had several people ask for me to donate art to auctions, but I feel like no one would want anything I made. Plus there’s the time issue to consider. I think just giving what I can is the best way to go. The thing to remember about donations is that in aggregate is where the power is. One dollar donations from a million people is a million dollars, you know? If you ever have some cause you want to help, but feel like you can’t give enough for it to be significant you should remember that. Doing what you can is always better than doing nothing at all.


….I have to say it.


/waits for a gun shot.

fucking eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i just wanna snuggle brooksie <3

So what I want to know, is Brooksie still wearing pants?

Yes, but if she stays within 10 feet of Jess for over an hour she will be compelled to remove them. You see Jess exerts a field of will that induces a desire in people to remove their pants. It’s born out of her own desire to live in a pants optional world. A person’s resistance to the field varies depending on a variety of factors.

Nawh and Brooksie… And epic at Jess in the film, after Brooksie’s vision of the other girls… Heheh… Awwwwwwh yeeeeeeah

Has that line about the size of the dog really never been in a movie?
Otherwise Brooksie should totally have known it.

Not as far as I know, and I’ve certainly seen a lot of movies. I think it’s would be more accurate to say she could have known it, yet clearly didn’t.

I figure it this way — The American Red Cross doesn’t need to give their CEO another huge bonus and redecorate their offices again, like they did after 9-11. (The New York Times didn’t need to demand millions of dollars to pimp up their building either, but they did it anyway. And they hire lying reporters, too.)

But I agree with 100% percent of what you said in today’s soapbox, and you know what? I’m going to match your $56. Also, I will be using PayPal, because (according to NPR, anyway) the charity you choose will get more of the donation than if you use a credit card.

That said, KYOOT OVERLOAD!!! Day-um, man, you dream up the dreamiest women. Brooksie is a factory-approved replacement for a woman I worked Security with at a nuke plant in the 1980s. Come to think of it, we used her surname with a diminutive -ie, too. I won’t write her name here (last I talked to her a year ago, she was also a big-time webcomic geek, and B.F. would probably appeal to her) but if you’re out there BCP., Perfesser Bear says, ‘howdy’!

The first beanbag chairs came out of an Italian design firm in the early ’60s. An old girlfriend had one in the ’70s (come to think of it, I believe my sister did, too) and oddly enough, Jess reminds me a little of her, although that girl was a blonde. Anyway, enough blather for today. Keep doin’ it.


I’m still not sure where this money is going to go, but at least I have some suggestions now. It’s great that you’re matching my donation. I was hoping someone would.

There are several girls around here that roughly approximate Jolene’s look. Since I don’t know them I can only assume that’s the only similarity they share, based on how they carry themselves.

Brooksie isn’t a puppy she stood up to the jack ass reggie and is making a kick ass movie she more like a beta dog not quite at the top but damn well close

also everyone wants in on brooksie’s movie wait………….. everyone? that includes me:D!

Gonna say here that I coulda sworn that quote is in some movie that I would’ve assumed Brooksie watched, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me… either I’m tired, or I read so hard that Mark Twain books became movies in my subconscious… which is entirely possible. I “see” things I read, like a lot of people do.

Ugh… sleep is needed.

I’ve never heard it in a movie, but I’ve seen fewer films than her. I would suggest that since most of what she’s seen comes from a retail store that her selection is limited by what the company thinks will sell. She’s also abnormally at ease around Jess, so in some way she’s reacting as if Jess is just Girl Ed and therefore has already gotten past the nervousness of a first encounter.

You know I just realised. There really is nothing to Brooksie. She’s not just small she’s scrawny.

That’s what comes of dressing in layers. Don’t let that fool you though. She could still hold her won in a scrap. She’s slight, but wiry…

Long time watcher, first time writer, blah blah blah…

The way Brooksie looks today reminds me of the art shift Jeph Jacues made in Questionable Content (One of the later ones, mind, as you’re more talented then he was when he first started); definitely the best I’ve seen this character look. Other little things like the hairstyle’s, the angles, the little lines under the lip that lend more definition to the face….it’s the little touches that shows attention to detail and an individual style. Excellent comic.

Thanks. I’m pretty inconsistent with the look of things, and I have a really good day from time to time, but mostly I’ve stopped fighting my natural tendencies and embraced the fact that I draw cute better than anything else. I think things will look better overall going forward.

I know it’s originally a Mark Twain quote, and I’d be surprised if it was never a line in at least one movie.

I’ve never heard the line in a movie, but it may be in one. I’ve only ever heard my father say it… All the time… For years and years…

In fact, many of the witticisms in the comic are just me regurgitating my father’s wisdom. X3

Hey long time reader… I love the comic, don’t get me wrong, but you pretty much lost me there with the dialogue in the last panel. Actually, the whole comic. If someone has a nice camera that is complex enough to require reading the instructions (cameras like that cost upwards of $500), then the owner would not lend said camera to someone who doesn’t know how to use it. Also, no one involved in making a movie like that would ask if someone was making an “independent film.” A film requires a film camera; Brooksie definitely does not know how to use a 16mm film camera, or even a super-8. It’s hard and expensive (like, $75 per minute expensive). No, what Brooksie is making is a video, shot on digital video. I minored in film in college, so these terms are important to me… Not trying to hate, but just giving some constructive criticism. Love the comic, the dialogue especially, except for this comic. Ta ta for now.

That is a ridiculous argument. You are failing to take into account several factors. Firstly, the camera may be complex to Jess, but not to anyone else. She is advising Jo from her perspective. Secondly, Jess clearly doesn’t value property very much. As evidenced by her attitude concerning Ed’s stuff. She is used to being given things, therefore she doesn’t value them as much as if she worked for them.

The thing about “independent film” is just you being a snob. If you’re going to ask someone about any project you want to be a part of you don’t start by devaluing the work in question. You frame it in a positive light so you can get in. Also, LOTR, for example, was filmed digitally, but people still call it a film. I ink the comic digitally, but it’s not really ink. This is the same sort of argument people use to devalue my comic because I don’t draw on actual paper. Like it’s not as real because it doesn’t exist of slices of dead tree.

I appreciate your feedback none the less, even if I disagree with it in the strongest possible terms.

That saying is actually from Hustle & Flow. I don’t know if it was somewhere else first but it was at least used there. How did Brooksie miss it.

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