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I offer first time users to my Patreon a quick sketch of basically whatever they like, usually an image of themselves to use on social media or whatever. I’ve done so many I lost count of them ages ago. Every so often some of them fall through the cracks and I go through my email folders to make sure I got them all. At this point I’ve done so many that my brain doesn’t retain any memory of them at all in some cases, so I look through my archive and it’s crazy because I’ll see all these drawings that I have no memory of doing, but I clearly drew them. A lot of the time I do a stack right before bed, or when I have a few moments between doing other things and it’s like my mind just dumps all memory of them after I’m done. For someone who has a pretty exceptional memory it’s unnerving to have big blank spots like this. I’m doing as many as I can right now but I’m wondering if I’ll remember any of it after I’m done. XD


I love Alex’s sense of humour.
And surprise! Reggie *can* be abashed at some of the rubbish that comes out of his mouth, who knew?

It is one thing to be intentionally insulting to someone you dislike, quite another to be accidentally insulting to someone you are quite taken with.

…how does she know this exactly?

Because she’s known her since she was little and knows she jumps on beds if left to her own devices.

Why am I not surprised? To be honest, I thought her heft alone was hell on a bed, let alone Alex’s. I would not want to be their mattresses, but I would love to be their bedspreads. They would be enveloped by me…every square inch of them. Mmhmm!

Dude no you’re getting into the creepy zone here

Like anyone doesn’t go there? Do you really think those thoughts are exclusively mine or are reserved for Crave’s Patreon? Don’t you dare pull the creeper card on me, unless you’re the only guy who hasn’t pleasured himself to this webcomic. The story is nice, but you stay for the babes, not the imagined depth.

Huh. I must be weird, then, since I’m here for the story and have not in fact pleasured myself to the comic. Therefore, I reserve the right to judge you by your own criteria.

You sir, are a creeper. No problem with it, but there you go.

I find this extra funny as I’m currently using a box spring and a mattress on the floor instead of a proper bed because my bed frame collapsed while I was playing fighting games.

Poor boy…he’s gonna have his first snu-snu…and he’ll never be the same again.

But…Reggie’s already had snu-snu…he told the story to the order of the pelt a while back.

I love Reggie’s face. It’s like “I have no idea how I got here, and I’m a little scared, but also want to see where this is going.”

heh, considering the much recently discussed mishaps that Reggie and Maddison have with tools, I think a mattress on the floor is the safest option for everything.

Heh, dunno if Reggie has any idea how the conversation got here, but can tell he’s REALLY not sure what direction is best now.
(To be fair, he’s probably still doing a better job of not mangling it than I would.)

Please pardon the mess, this is a long comment.

Jackie had asked, on twitter, about-
the current matches for 1] Wizard, a magazine about comic books, and 2] Toy Fare, a magazine about toys. (T F was big in the 1990s, I think].
I couldn’t find a USA mag. about comic books, but there might be some UK, c.b. magazines).

For a toy magazine- http://www.toyzine.com offers the mag., Toy Collector Magazine [R].
TCM, + its site, www. toyzine [dot] com,
cover a lot of toys.
Please notice- TCM, + the TZ site, seem to cover: mostly toys from the 1990s + before, and other vintage toys.

For other news about toys- I like to go to these two sites about action figures:

1) the forum(s) aka community page on, http://www.megomuseum [dot] com/

2) and I like the blog page on, www. plaidstallions [dot] com.
plaidstallions is one [Canadian guy’s site?] where he talks about toys + stuff from the 1970s, + some toys from the 1980s.
How did I get an interest in action figures? Well, I used to work at a big, mall-type, toy store, and when you work at toy store, you’ve got to busy you mind with SOMETHING other than retail work. :D

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