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I’ve gotten into the habbit of keeping track of what sort of spam comments the site gathers up every day.  The sheer volume is staggering, but there are trends to it.  I have to keep an eye on it because the spam catcher is pretty no nonsense and I have to save real comments from time to time.  If I don’t there end’s up being to many spam comments to sift through.   The point being that if you can’t seem to get a comment to show anymore let me know via email so I can fix it in the system again.

Edit:  Had a fine time in Garden.  Got to see my friends and even enjoyed a bonus Brownlee. 


Would you go so far as to say it’s a spam buffet?
(First posts don’t have to be witty, do they?)

J.T. – I haven’t set down any rules apart from ‘don’t be a dick’, so I think you’re good here.

Is that why nobody on this site wanted my ipod? I mean I put it in big flashy writing and everything. Next time I won’t be so generous…

J.T. – Awww man…

god every one has trouble with spam. Since i tend to make up details when i sign up to websites i’ve got some really strange ones. I always like the ones where they need your bank details so they can deposit my winnings

Hee hee hee. ^_^ Buffets. ^^

Don’t post anything about Russians. Or do. Yes. Do tag Russians in your next comic and see what kind of Russian prostitute spam you get. Or, actually, to be more precise, Ukrainian prostitute spam. But they still find you if you mention Russians.

As long as you dont mind the shame, you can also pretend you know the deceased at funerals for extra buffet scarfings

J.T. – Best idea ever.

There’s a WordPress Plug-In called ‘Akismet’. Very useful, gets rid of all the spam and ham. It even has yummy pie charts. Free and easy to install too.

J.T. – I think I already use that… Yeah, I’m pretty sure. It’s not perfect by a long shot.

Yeah crashing funerals trumps crashing weddings easy.
The food is usually better, IMHO.
Ya know REAL food, not the catered shrimp puff dealies ya get at weddings.
Plus everybody’s grieving so they don’t notice the extra guy in the corner that nobody knows.
Just be all like, “You mean Joe never mentioned me?!!”

When I lived in Amsterdam a few decades ago, it was routine for companies to have their bank information printed on their letterhead stationery. So you could send them money. It seems that the usual way to send money there is to tell your bank to send money to their bank. So on the receiving end you never need to worry about the cheque bouncing.

— hendrik

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