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There are some parallels between the Lincoln children and the Boothes and some contrasts. It’s interesting to write the differing dynamics while also noting the commonalities. It’s funny to think that Reggie’s dad, while stern, is mostly affable while Edward’s is much more severe. Of course none of you have seen Ed’s dad, I just happen to know because I’m me. Maybe at some point you’ll get to see what I have.

If you’d like to increase the chances of that please support my work via the links above. I think I will lay down for a bit because I wasn’t able to sleep very well today. Until next time farewell wherever you fare.


It’s funny. Despite how obnoxious Jessie is, she and Ed definitely do have a healthier relationship than Reggie and Vicky.

Heh, heh!

No offence to Reggie, but: if you start out a conversation with a message, like, “I thought you NEVER wanted me to be your brother or sibling”, you’re probably going to catch a lot of flak for doing that. :D

I am dumb and needed the names put together to register. Thank you for pointing it out.

No worries.

Please don’t sweat it, “This name is my name”.

This stuff happens.

I learned about The Netherlands, when I was about 6.

It took me until I was about 26 to figure out: that Holland was just a [part] of The Netherlands, + not the whole country of The N..

Picking up info can be tricky for everybody, sometimes.

Again, getting more evidence that Reggie is a damn onion. Good sometimes, bad others, and full of layers. And I like him a little more the deeper we go. I get feeling that the rest of the group may end up going “He’s an asshole, but he’s Our asshole.”

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