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Well, here we are. I don’t feel like updating you on me, so why don’t you update me on you this time? Are those food prices getting to you? The cost of medicine taking a wet bite out of your ass? Have you been gazing longingly at the barrel of your legally owned firearm? Tell daddy how you are. I can’t promise that government agents won’t find out too, but we all have to live with the spectre of the board of shadowy figures hanging over us anyway, right?

Oh, also, if you somehow have extra money to pay me for making this greatest webcomic on the internet. Objectively speaking. With absolutely no room for argument, or criticism. Please use the links above to make it rain on me. I want to sleep on an ice cold bed of pennies.



Well, for me, medicine isn’t taking hardly any of my money; it’s so expensive, I can’t even afford to get it, so I just limp along, experiencing the world in the worst possible way–stone-cold sober. Happy Wednesday!

Lucky me! Insurance helps pay for my opiates! Thus I’m not forced to try to find the fentonyl laced illicit drugs.

Panel 3 makes it look like a female robot, nearly!
As to life, just muddling through, I suppose I must be lucky, as we are never destitute, but then we never seem to win big either!
Keep up the Great Effort Jackie, I love this comic!

Just realized we haven’t seen Wes in a long time… while i think i would have liked the payoff you set up waaaaay back in the beginning with him, i am definitely not complaining to see him quietly disappear from the roster instead!

The Finnish government seemed to have seen the Trump administration and wondered how they could do worse. We currently have the most racist and maliciously capitalist government possibly ever. Sucks..

Adolescent authority will always be seen as pitiful to external parties, regardless of that authority’s result. The United States has fallen hard in terms of its integral standing on the world stage and it’s not looking like it’ll be getting back to respectable levels anytime soon.

My company’s insurance carrier denied payment on a shoulder and neck surgery. they said I didn’t fill out the “accident report” I said my accident was getting old (48, I have TOS) and the hospital had already received pre approval. So it’s not medicine that’s taking a wet bite out of my ass (or shoulder) but insurance carriers.

Is there a scoreboard for existing?

If there were, it would probably be like mostly celebrities until you get down to like the 1,000s range. Then it’s like a million-way tie for 1,015.

As for living, well, my job went from something great that paid decently and gave plenty of free time into a slow death march with enough feature creep to choke any three hogs. But I’m still working, so that’s something to be thankful for!

Kinda depends on what’s being ranked. Quality of existing? Or just recognition of existence? They might rank high on the latter, but a lot of celebrities would rank pretty low on the former. Some of them have some of the most publicly broken lives I’ve ever seen.

I’m currently in college, recently gotten out of the hospital for who knows what- my intestines were just shutting down for some reason ????? I’m mostly caught up on school work, which I would be doing right now except the house I’m living in (I’m very disabled, have I mentioned that? I sometimes get lost in my own home, forgetting entirely where I am and inserting a new reality) needs its foundation fixed, so I can’t really be there right now. The friend I’m with (since I can’t be home) is also constantly having panic attacks, and maybe that’s why we get along so well, so I am being dragged into her shenanigans, which likely means doing things I will strongly dislike but likely be too much of a “nice person” [re: push-over] to actually say anything against.

Food prices are beyond me. The cost of medicines is strangely covered. I don’t know even if I told you who I was the government would know me, luckily, but that’s only because I’ve forgotten what name I legally go by.

I think that about covers it.
Take care!

Ooh, venting time for the peanut gallery, and I’ve got some venting (spoiler alert: thing have ended up okay, but august & most of September blew chunks)

So, in May I set out to change my work hours, since my kids would be in school/daycare & wife started new job that restricted when she could do drop offs & pickups. Work wouldn’t play ball with shortening hours 2 days a week, said I’d have to go part-time proper (so instead of 2 half days a week, just fully take them off). We do the math, it’ll work out, plus more time to take care of household stuff: win win. Date of schedule change comes (July 31, so they had 2 months to prepare) and I throw my back out. Off for a week, then come in on my next scheduled day (Tuesday, since Mondays are one of the 2 they said I had to take off to make things work) and I come in to a “we can’t actually have anyone part time, either back to full time or there’s nowhere for you here” (note: 5+ years at this position, small company). Can’t suddenly walk-back on taking care of family, so I’m gone (with a termination letter dated a week prior, they just didn’t feel like telling me during my week laid out on my back, as I would’ve thought to save the emails detailing the scheduling changes; gone now because no access to company emails)

So, no job, easy enough unemployment case (fired because they changed their mind about an agreed upon schedule change, not my fault, right?) and unemployment drags their ass on everything, before finally saying that I’m denied because “I quit because I was dissatisfied with my hours”. Put in the appeal, copied the termination letter & final pay stub (showing the earlier dates & that it wasn’t a quitting) and still waiting on when that hearing will happen (appeal accepted as of September 8th, everyone drags their ass it seems)

Plus side: got a new job on the 18th (hey, 1 month anniversary) which is alright, if a lot more talking on the phone than I’m used to (thought it was a counter position from the posting, it’s a call-center position). Minor down side: been sick the past week, ranging from lost voice (great start to manning the phones, though everyone was very understanding, which was nice) to damn near Covid levels of coughing & congestion (yesterday being the worst: slept 90% of the day easily). Only minor fever now, still coughing some, but sleep is good.

Otherwise, my daughter is enjoying TK (transitional kindergarten, kind of a between preschool & regular kindergarten for the kids with later birthdays) and my son is chaos walking (as any 1 1/2 year old who can walk is). So, job/finance things aside, life is good, just some residual stresses that still need resolving before I can stop being a grudgy grudge holder (seriously, we’re firing you but we’re telling unemployment that you quit, such BS)

This response was so long the system flagged it as spam. Hopefully people haven’t been writing light novels in the comments regularly, because I haven’t been checking…

Heh, I noticed it didn’t go up instantly as they usually do, figured it was something like that.

But yeah, life has been life, some good, some bad, some weird. And still it goes on.

We’re getting ready for a new house and I’m scared to go to the doctor about my plantar fasciitis that’s been flaring up lately. It came out of nowhere, but it’s giving me a limp that’s only making it worse. I just want to work out and catch up on stuff but the pain is so much sometimes. Standing for more than 30min becomes agony. The past few days have been better but not fast enough. I have so much to do. It’s been 2 weeks and I try not to take ibuprofen if I can help it (hard on the liver).

If this is any comfort, a few of my friends went through plantar fasciitis. It’s hell but tends to get better even without treatment within a year or so.

Intermittent plantar fascists sufferer here–pain medications don’t work well for p-f-. Counterintuitively, walking relieves the pain. It takes a few minutes for the tendons to stretch out, but then the pain levels go way down, sometimes for a few hours. I try for a couple of brisk walks a day during flare-ups.
I also keep semi-hard & round dog chew toys, very firm balls, or those hard spikey laundry balls around both at work and by chairs and bed and roll them hard under my arches when I start to feel foot pain, especially at night.
Finally, cork-soled shoes with arch support like Birkenstock (other brands are available, and used ones can be obtained for a reasonable price on eBay) or arch supports help. My doctor recommended Birks sandals, and my p-f- almost has disappeared, except in winter months, when I have to transition to shoes with inserts.
Hope my experience helps!

Medicine costs aren’t getting me, insurance covers it. But did have to call and opt out of a mail order prescription to allow my local pharmacist to fill the order.
And trying to get my allergy meds got me on a controlled substances list and denied sale. I haven’t bought allergy meds in over a month. I think what happened is the cashier rang up my meds twice, canceled the cost of one, but still sent thru a red flag to the registry. Ah well, bottle of crap meds until the wait period is over next month.

I took my legally owned and LTC Glock 17 out to the range and put 150 rounds of 128 grain FMJ downrange! Most fun you can have with your clothes on! :)

Seems I’m nearly alone in doing quite well – even if it’s on a somewhat sad background. Food prices are not that bad here in Denmark, my health is fairly good for my age (and anyway Denmark has a functioning public health system), and an inheritance has made it possible for me to retire five years ahead of time, and even to raise my living standard a bit (though from a rather low level). The sadness lie in the fact that you don’t inherit without someone dieing and I would certainly rather have kept the aunt from whom I’ve now inherited (she died at 74 which by the standards of my family was way too early)

Unfortunately, my life’s not going too well for myself. Back in May, I got laid off from my previous job of 10 years. I just kind of fell into my first job, so this is my first time properly doing a job search, and given how I’m very much not a social person, combined with a bad market for software engineers right now, I’ve only made progress with a few companies since, and ultimately rejected for even those. I’m fortunate enough to have had a reasonable severance pay and plenty of savings to dip into, but the more I spend and the longer I take to find a new job, the less I’ll have for the future… I could go on and on about more details, annoyances, regrets, and even silver linings, but I don’t want to spend hours typing this.

One thing you should try is apply for a few jobs you don’t really want, but would take if they were offered. Then you go into the interviews with the attitude of “you’d be lucky to get me to do this shit”, negotiate hard for for the top end of the pay range and have the confidence that you really don’t care if they hire you or not.
Amazing how often employers will hire people with this attitude, they mistake confidence for competence. And if not, hey, at least free interview practice.

1) Yeah, it’s a pain every time I see food prices go up, I don’t even know how they rationalize it, it’s not like making it any better and I’m already buying the cheap shite

2) my med costs aren’t too bad actually. 366$ for one month’s worth. it’d be nicer if it was lower, but they let me work an employment so I can afford them. Also I imagine that they’re better priced here than they would be on your side of the border

3) no legally owned firearm here. and good thing too because before I got the anti-depressants there would be more than gazing happening with that

4) I’m not comfortable calling you daddy
don’t take it personally, I don’t even call my own dad that. pretty sure only a domineering woman with a strap on could bet that name directed at them

Food prices? Food is in short supply in most of the world. Because of wars disabling supply chains and climate-related disasters destroying agriculture elsewhere. We used to have easy access to world-wide markets to compensate somewhat for local crop failures, but not so much now.

My dog died recently. Thats how I am. Torn up. I had to get their ashes today. I’m totally alone in the world now, with no friends in the city I live, I don’t enjoy the job I do and I somewhat don’t even like myself. I’m really a mess lol. I try to reach for small moments of joy. While life is suffering often for me and I think its unfair that suffering outweighs the joy, the moments you do get joy feel amazing. I guess that’s the big thing I’m living for, the next moment I can give happiness to others or be happy myself.

1) Food prices are bad but… it sucks. That being said I have no-one to really buy food for so I guess I am OK with money.

2) Meds are a bit cheap considering, but they are lifesaving and without them I would die.

3) I don’t own a firearm anymore. I sold it to my dad. I take anti-depressents and I don’t want to make a bad decision

4) Not into the daddy thing.

5) As far as patron goes I was donating but it keeps on tipping off the fraud alerts because patron is in Ireland. I had to call the bank every month and be on the phone for 30 minutes with visa. To add to this frustration: I got a fraud thing where someone tried to pay a archery club in Australia with my information (I live in the states), had to get a new card. The new card wouldn’t even let me buy MTG cards online and I just don’t have the fight in me right now to wait on the line with Visa and my bank explaining that I want to buy magic the gathering cards.

Anyways enough with my gripes. Have a wonderful day.

My dog died a couple weeks ago too. I have to fight the urge to go and stare at her grave every day still. If I talk about her more than a second or two I start crying even if I think I’m fine. We still have two dogs, but I still miss Dorothy.

I don’t really have to worry about food. Even if I did I’m a long way from starving.

If you use Subscribestar instead of Patreon that may solve the issues. I post the same things there, so you won’t be missing out. As far as I’ve seen they just process payments and don’t screw around trying to do random things.

I hope things get better for you.

Went to pay a small rent charge to my apt building landlord on their site, owns several large complexes in the area, charge was under 50 bucks. $1 went to Singapore on behalf of Google? I started getting fraud alerts, 53 minutes later when the call with the card company is over, I have a dead card, and a new one on the way. I let the LL know, but it’s not my regular person, she’s on vacation.
So now I’m a little paranoid about paying on their site again, I have a complex complex complex, but I usually write a check anyway.

In my area’s, current economy:

The “cheapest of the cheap-cost”…fast food places, like: Burger King, Mcdonald’s, + Dairy Queen, have risen their prices so much, that it isn’t fun to go to them anymore.

(“risen their prices”. Geezum. It sounds like I’m writing sherlock holmes books.) :P

Sometime, the economy will get better, but- going to Burger King, + getting: 6 small burgers + two medium sodas, for flipping $16.50…that price just takes away a small joy that I used to have.
Maybe I’d pay $5-7 for a fast food meal, but $8…for just one…is just way too much.

To me: simple joys are are an important thing, for people to have.

*poses like Mark, from Battle of The Planets, + then sniffles*

Cheap, Double Whoppers…come back to meee! :D

I buy bread, sliced cheese (real cheese), and sliced ham and make sandwiches. Also buy frozen chopped spinach and meatballs and add them to ramen (the Korean stuff that has real flavour). And I snack on fruit (like four or five grapes at random times during the day.)

It’s kinda bad when you price crackers, and they’re over $2, and you think,” Oh, how much are the cheap ones?” and then you realize- those WERE the cheap ones. I go around the periphery of the store and check all the clearance (past its sale by date) stuff. If not for that, we might starve.

Weened myself off the prescription stuff back to excedrin, but recently befriended a couple gamers that don’t have that option, one starved himself enough to finally get several back surgeries, and the other is a young mom that uses a cane when she can walk sort of well. Both nice and supportive, and lots of mutual in-game gifting, help, and just hanging out and chatting.
I’m always trying to be aware of unhealthy parasocial relationships, but we all encourage each other to have healthy downtime, and log off if we need to nap, or do something healthier than earning loot or xp.
I am also in 2 great guilds/clans (didn’t start my own this time around, playing less seriously now than 10 years ago), with female leaders I really care about, but one of them expects to be sad and has a clique issue, and the other expects to be happy and is glad anyone participates, and so I moved most of my characters to the healthier option.
Good prompt. Thanks. I curate a little mostly NSFW list of webcomics that I’m very slowly trying to update, and the Ongoing ones are the first page, with this in the SFW section.

Here in The Netherlands (Holland to some) there has been (for at least the last 30 years or so) a creeping but steady decline towards almost American-style capitalism, effecting many aspects of everyday life (and often not in a good way). Not quite the shit show as in the US (no offense!), but certainly getting there. Of course “only” about 1 million people (in almost 18 million total) here living in poverty is still a far cry from the situations in many countries around the world, and most (if not all) other types of systems (than capitalism) don’t have a great track record (to say the least) either. …But when there are children going hungry in a country where there is só much wealth and resources, you can safely say things aren’t what they could (and shóuld) be I think.

My Dad likes eating chocolates from different parts of the world.

He thinks that Dutch chocolate is the best.

And here I was thinking we where more famous for our tulips, wooden shoes and liquorice candy. …It’s more the Belgians (and Swiss) who are famous for their chocolate I thought. That being said; obvious your dad just has great taste!

Cool. Thanks for complimenting my Dad! :)
I think he’s had Belgian chocolates + Swiss chocolates, but- I think he prefers the Dutch chocolates to those.

He says something like: to him, Dutch chocolates have the best taste, + they have a smoother feel, when compared to other chocolates. :D

I’m the able-support for my disabled wife and adult son. I love them both, but some days it gets hard to put one foot in front of the other.

Just trying to beat down some pretty steep credit card bills I had to use to fix vehicles and take care of some house stuff.. Had to take a second job, and I hope I don’t have to push that out to full time. It’s been a challenging couple years.

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