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I’m not sure I would’ve gotten this far if this was me finding a hidden room, but this is probably where I’d turn around. Bravery, as I’ve said before, is not my strong suit. Maybe in a quick moment, but if I’m given a chance to think I go away from danger. Humanity needs brave souls, but it also needs people to be alive to repopulate. That’s what I’m here for. If things go south I’ll help get the species back up and running. XD


True, but by the same token some people find their fangs in the presence of company. Personally, if I was with my family, I’d definitely have turned tail long before this. Witch friends, I could go either way.

Holy crap just spent the last couple days catching up through a thousandish comics I had left off from a couple years ago. It is terribly sad that I have caught up to current day. Mostly because reading the blog segments about horrible hospitals from 6 years ago is much easier to compartmentalism. As you catch up with the b story that is Jackie’s life, I am very much looking forward to the happy turn. You sure know how to keep an audience in suspense it seems.

I am glad after coming back after so long there is a way to support you now. I follow 20+ things on patron but yours is the only one I have pulled the trigger because I know every dollar will be used to keep you going. Love your writing and drawing so much. As someone who recently got to experience chronic back pain I understand it alters ones personality for the worse. You were already grumpy when I was reading in high school 12 years ago. Glad you can maintain a semblance of

Oops. Wait. “The ace of spades” is a song by Motorhead, + not Radiohead. My bad.

Yeah, just about blew a gasket.

It would sidetrack the plot but it would be a chuckle if the panel in the background opened into the back of the closet in some poor schmuck’s apartment closet.

Isn’t that the comic “Middle Gound?” The close thing?

Sort of but it looks like that comic has a pocket universe behind the door. My thought was more modest, just peeking out around a closet door to find some old guy eating Cheetos in his underwear. It would be an awfully big setup for a pretty lame gag.

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