2111 Have gun, won’t bring it.

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My old bed fucked my back up SO bad a couple nights ago that I have been in excruciating pain for about 4 days now. I’ve worked through insane headaches, the flu, all kinds of issues, but this back pain nearly stopped me. The fucked up thing was that I was awake and ready to do stuff, but when I tried to do it the pain just sucked my energy away. It was taking all my willpower just to lay on the floor and breathe. Obviously I managed to get the page done, but I was so far behind schedule I almost tweeted that it was going to be late. Luckily I’ve cleaned up enough of my living space to lay down on the floor in my bedroom. It’s not good sleep, far from it in fact, but it allowed my back to heal up enough for me to work in little spurts. I’ve probably got enough room made to go ahead and throw out my old bed. I need to put the stuff I used to brace myself somewhere else, but that’s about it. Once I get a new matress, or just have the space to lay out a softer blanket on the floor, I should be able to sleep and let my back heal up properly. Hopefully that will solve a lot of my problems. I was having a really good run of sleep and getting stuff done for a while until the box springs gave out to the point that I couldn’t rig something anymore. Unfortuntely this bed is so heavy I can’t move most of it without help. Unless I maybe cut it apart somehow, but that would be very messy and I don’t have the tools for it. Otherwise I’d just do it myself. So I’m gonna have to wait till someone’s schedule opens up wo can help me move this stuff to the dump. In any case it’s progress.


You certainly have *my* sympathies.

Aside from my many health problems, About five years ago I slipped on my Parent’s wheelchair ramp and messed myself up pretty well.

Before my transplant, tho, it rarely bothered me except in bad weather. Now, though, When I get up in the morning I spend several hours trying to get the kinks loosened out.
And if I turn wrong in the night, I’m ruined for the next day.

But she did bring the bat. Waaaay back when she first showed up this night, thinking people were trespassing, she was holding her bat. Did I forget something, like her returning to put it away, or that event being a different night?

In 2051 she says she’d better go put the bat back in her store, and that’s the last time we see it. (Also, have they really been here for 60 pages already? That’s 20 weeks in our time.)

actually, I’m sure that bringing either would result in somebody getting stupidly injured by the end of this lol

All of this just makes me wanna nope nope nope out of there…

Sorry about your back, back pain is evil, and as you say sucks all your energy away.

@archangel Movies are not a good place to learn about ballistics. Concrete often isn’t hard enough for ricochets to be a concern, and careful shooting mitigates most of that risk anyway. The bigger concern is firing in an underground concrete box with no hearing protection. That’ll hurt for a bit.

If it isn’t hard enough for ricochets, there’s likely to be concrete chips and debris flying almost as dangerously-especially in tight confines.

Don’t take any large wagers on that subject…
A young woman died in a range some years ago after a bullet ricocheted off a *ceiling tile* in an adjacent range.

The legal action by the family and the local jurisdiction ended up closing it if I recall. (The berms in the outdoor range were too low, so a round went over the berm and into an indoor range.)

But, yes…Big BOOM in enclosed space can hurt.

They are just as well off without either weapon. In my previous life I had to regularly deal both directly and indirectly with violently assaultive people.Robert Heinlein voiced a great truth when he said that people don’t rise to the occasion,they default to their level of training. Any weapon requires training and practice to maintain any level of proficiency. At best they would manage not to hurt anybody in their own party. At worst the weapon gets taken away and used against them. As noted above, movies seldom provide a realistic representation of combat, in particular using guns in small spaces. In my youth I foolishly fired off a rifle inside of an abandoned farmhouse while not wearing my hearing protection. The effect was like a solid punch to the head.

Was working in a parts shed with two friends — poured concrete thing with a tin roof, thought it’d be funny if I set off a firecracker. Haha haha— ears are still ringing – will be ringing til the day I die. There’s no fix for stupid.

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