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The question is, does she mean her mother has big boobs, or that she’s fat? Oh let’s not be coy. If you’ve been here for over a month you already know it’s both.

Body positivity is one of those things that has too many layers of context. I get praised for having so many curvaceous ladies until some people find out I actually find it attractive. It’s only progressive if you don’t want to also have sex with them, kids. I don’t make the rules, I just live in perpetual fear of being singled out and destroyed because of them.

Sometimes people are like “but being overweight is unhealthy”. And fair enough, but you’d be surprised how little my dick cares about that. Honestly it’s basically a monster that has limited mind control powers specific to me.


Honestly, it doesn’t matter why to me. You have all types from both genders, so that’s cool.

That being said… carol is best girl. Anyone that disagrees is a heretic.

Then color me heretical. It’s a 3 way tie between Alex, Carol and Brooksie. I heart them all and would have such difficulty choosing between them.

I’m a heretic that worships at the alter of Nina, but only because my unreasonable attraction is tall ladies.

But yes, this comic has such a wide breadth of characters with drastically different physical features, I think anyone would be hard pressed to call it non-inclusive.

I stand 6’5. I make no apologies for my immediate preference for tall girls because neither the top of the head nor the underside of the chin are particularly sexy for either gender.

Two friends of mine, both over 6 feet tall, have been together for about two years. The FIRST THING my guy friend said about his new girlfriend was almost as tall as him. Laughed my butt off.

Do not get me wrong, Alex and John have pretty good chemistry and I enjoy it, but to me it doesn’t compare to how her and Reggie get along, I love all the bits with them together and am completely on board that ship.

If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone in liking curvy women.

Curvy is awesome but it’s easy to overdo. When curves turn into rolls, then it can be an issue.Yes, I realize that, geometrically, rolls are cylinders which are basically circles, and therefore curves all over, but still.

If they’re giving you crap for finding larger ladies attractive, point out you still have women of most every other body type included as well. There’s nothing wrong with including women of a style you find personally attractive. If in your case this is larger ladies, then so be it. In fact, I’d say it would just make you a hypocrite if you were to not include them because you like them. Should any other artist disallow body types that are more skimmed over by people without wondering why they’re included? You do you, and keep making your wonderful work. ;-)

Man, if it were a crime to draw the kind of women you find attractive and confess you find those kinds of women sexy, about 50+ webcomics would be completely devoid of readers right now (Grrl Power, Las Lindas, Two Kinds, etc). You are not unique in that matter. LOL

Anyway, I too like ladies with a little curve to them. And a little swerve to them.

“Sometimes people are like ‘but being overweight is unhealthy’. And fair enough, but you’d be surprised how little my dick cares about that. Honestly it’s basically a monster that has limited mind control powers specific to me.”

Pretty much true of every penis, ever.

NGL, it’s pretty true of vaginas too. I mean, I keep telling her that the hot evil ladies are a bad idea, but does she listen? Nooope.

Which, naturally, means that Jessica is the one that gets my motor running. Brooksie and I are down with a little devious nature thrown in. Brooksie is also bae, though.

Also, like, round butts and thick thighs are hot on any gender, so… Yeah, vaginas are pretty bad for the occasional objectification mind control thing too. I think it’s like anything, just a matter of moderation. xD

Eh, the main problem I’ve found is mainly people don’t like being a fetish. If the only thing you got going for you is *generic body trait* in someone’s eyes then that’s where it’s uncomfortable for us fat broads. As a fat LESBIAN broad though I agree on the mysterious allure of a body you can sink into *^_^*

“…you’d be surprised how little my dick cares about that.”

That has to be the quote of the month.

“Honestly it’s basically a monster that has limited mind control powers specific to me.”

And here it is, followed by it’s contender.

Imagine a Cutter. Someone who uses a sharp object to cut open their skin and allow themselves to bleed as a way to deal with the stresses of their life, or maybe just because they enjoy it That’s fairly unhealthy, and over the long term is going to do bad things to a life span, as well as leave lasting marks on the body.
Are Cutting and over-eating both okay? If not, what makes one different? Both bodies, all bodies, are backed but a unique and beautiful soul that’s fully deserving of love and happiness, without regard to what sort of body they inhabit. But can one love the soul and not the body?
I don’t want to exclude anyone’s fetish, that would at best be hypocritical of me. And I am fairly overweight myself, with a beer belly that doesn’t contain beer but still has far more candy then is anywhere near healthy.
I don’t want to start a fight but I sort of do because while some people just knee-jerk post, some sit down and ponder things out and make well reasoned arguments they might not have come up with otherwise.
To clarify, why is killing yourself okay if you use excessive calories to do it? I honestly don’t know and am hoping to find an answer.

“Sometimes people are like ‘but being overweight is unhealthy’.”

Unless you’re morbidly obese, it’s nothing compared to the psychological damage (and the physical damage that directly and indirectly results from it) caused by those people.

Well, being overweight IS unhealthy. Your doctor will tell you all about it.

However that doesn’t mean that being a bit over the median weight (which statistically, includes 50% of people) means you arent attractive. Much of the humour in Dawn French’s Vicar of Dibley character revolves around her attractiveness, and the joke isn’t on her (granted that most of the villagers are pretty bizarre, but David Horton is the Only Sane Man and he is definitely an admirer). Look at Ruth Jones’ portrayal of the younger Hattie Jaques for a masterclass in the genre.

I make no quarrel or negative judgement of big and curvy girls nor anyone attracted to them. Who am I to judge? I myself prefer tall, trim, athletic girls of Nina’s sweet temperment. I’m tall myself and like to look eye-to-eye with my girlfriend. A huge shock of blond hair like Nina’s doesn’t hurt either.

Something to be said for a cute face and a…um…prodigious posterior. If the face is cute enough, a lot of allowances can be made.

” I don’t make the rules, I just live in perpetual fear of being singled out and destroyed because of them. ”

Is a variant of the one I have stickied on the window behind my computer screen amond a flurry of other sticky notes
” I don’t make the rules. I just live in fear of them.(anon)”

and also a few others (with varying numbers of few)

“I am out of my depth like a Pogo Stick in the ocean.(anon)”

“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. (IA)”

“A little trust goes a long way. The less you trust the further you’ll go.” (SMoMEM)

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