1082 Malfunction.

Kids, there won’t be more story tonight. I have a splitting headache and can’t think to write. I will update it soon though. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to more tonight.

I will run these thoughts I’ve had about Fall of Cybertron though, which I wrote yesterday and the day before.

I completed the story mode for FOC in two days. Three if you count the few hours I spent playing around before I started playing in earnest. I am very thankful that Bobby gave me the game rather than having paid for it because, much like with the first game in the series, I would have felt cheated. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game. In fact, I enjoyed myself more with this iteration, but there’s just not much to it unless you’re the kind of person who really likes to go deep into a shooter.

The fact of the matter is that unless you have a subscription to xbox live a significant portion of the game content is locked away. The multiplayer seems to be about 50% of the game’s content if not more. The saddest part about that is that it would be such an easy fix. All they need are levels that aren’t dependent on specific characters to complete. Just a few stages that allow you to pick from your pool of online avatars. It wouldn’t be difficult. At least as far as I know. What do I really know about game design when you get right down to it?

What I did play was pretty awesome. For the most part the game let me experience it in a way that fit my play style. Very rarely was I forced to use a specific tactic, or weapon, to succeed. What that means is that I basically played the entire game through a sniper’s scope. The graphics are so busy I just can’t parse it all out without a significant level of zoom. There were two that had enough so that I could through just about anything. I only struggled with Megatron’s stages because they are suited to a very aggressive play style, so I spent a lot of time searching for ammo after unloading entire clips into hillsides, statues, my feet… His final level was a real pain, and the only part of the game that slowed me down at all because it’s a survival level in close quarters. I eventually had to resort to being a tank and running laps around the battlefield.

Apart from that the in game text is way too small. I couldn’t read anything. Also the game is not very clear about what it wants you to do in special game scenarios like the final battle, or parts of Grimlock’s missions. All in all though it’s a nice little game with a few serious flaws. From my perspective anyway. That said I count myself lucky for having at least one reader willing to sacrifice $5 of trade in credit so I could play it. XD


But your favourite part was smashing stuff as Grimlock. RIGHT? RIGHT??

Actually I liked Cliffjumper’s mission best. Grimlock’s play mechanics are so atypical it’s like playing a totally different game with him. It’s a good thing he’s practically invincible too because I flailed around like I was having seizures most of the time. XD The executions were the best part with Grimlock because some guy would run up and taunt then it was like BITE! DEAD! >:D

Haha, true. I just have a soft spot for giant rampaging dinosaur robots. Who refer to themselves in third person. And like apple pie. That last one is an assumption.

I really wanted to play as Slug. He was my favorite Dinobot as a kid.

Unfortunately the only way to do that is online multiplayer, and then buying the dinobot pack. Painful. :(

Aw… poor Jo… if that’s the edge of her face against Thomas’s chest, then she has gone so red.

I really want this to go as my brain is toying with it…. I doubt it will, but it’s *really* awesome to see this kind of thing encouraged and not shunned in any universe.

Kudos to you, you’ve made my day.

loving this loving this loving this!

(wonders if we’ll get to see Jo in a red hat, her and Carol done up as female Mario and Luigi)

just kidding, but hope that put a smile on your face, Crave

Jo’s too short for Luigi. It’d have to be Nina with a dye job, or maybe Jess. But Jess doesn’t have that much interaction with the rest of the store.

Breaking her?

. . . Actually, now that I think about it, I should have seen that coming. Shy girl blurts out some information that is rather sensitive, it’s time for a trip to sweater-(or shirt- or jacket-) town.

I immediately had a few thoughts on what Jo reminds me of when I saw this strip.

Jossassin’s Creed.
Josa Farrell
| Tom | MaJo |
| INVS |
| easy to dodge |

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