1081 Academically.

I have some things to say about Fall Of Cybertron, but I got caught up talking to someone on Tumblr, so I’ll save them for later. In the meantime here’s more story.

“So, you’re what, a grave robber? A theif?” Julius winced a little at her candor. “How do you describe your talents to a client?”

“Rogue is the diplomatic term.” His fingers fidgeted with themselves as he spoke. “But both of those things… And more… And worse… Have been accurate… To varying degrees and at various times. But I assure you, in spite of the negative connotations associated with my abilities, I am very trustworthy. At the best of times I’m more like a locksmith. I open things for the right reasons.”

“A common thief would hardly use connotations in a sentence, I expect.” She grinned.

“Quite…” He replied. “I’m a fair hand in a fight too. Though I prefer to avoid those sorts of entanglements.”

By way of proof he drew an arm across himself and drew a weapon. Niona had never seen its like. It wasn’t exactly a sword, but it was longer than a dagger. The closest thing she could classify it as would have to be a machete, but it was modified, if that was indeed what it started as. She held a hand out and Julius relinquished his strange armament.

There was little elegance to it, but she had to admit it suited its master. Most of the blade was meant for hacking and was clearly balanced for that task, and precisely so, but the end of the blade was angled to the spine to a fine point. With enough force he could probably penetrate armor with it. Possibly far enough to give an aggressor pause. For some reason she got the impression he had fashioned the odd thing himself. Perhaps an interest in weapon crafting was how he guessed her lineage so quickly.

“Did you make this?” She hazarded.

“A long time ago.” He said. “Unfortunately I’ve gotten used to them. Don’t know what I’d do if I lost one. Probably couldn’t make another one after all this time.”

She handed handed back his dagger, for lack of a better word and cast an eye towards his bow.

“I take it you didn’t make that.” She said nodding at it.

“No, no, that would be a feat well beyond me.” He replied, handing it to her. “I found this on a job and was given it after.” She raised an eyebrow. “I swear to it” He said, raising a hand.

“This was a princely gift…” She mused, turning it over in her hands. “Older than my armor… Enchanted too I shouldn’t wonder.”

“Draw it as if to aim.” He instructed. Niona complied and was noticeably startled by the telescopic effect.

“How fantastic!” She smiled. “How did you ever convince the owner to part with it?”

“He was a fool.” Scowled Julius. “Only wanted gold. No idea of the value of such a thing. I expect he thought he was cheating me.”

“Serves him right then.” She laughed, returning the bow. “You could buy a plantation for the price of that.”

“No.” He smiled. “This is a once in a lifetime get. I’m actually surprised you could identify it.”

“Such are the incredible powers of the loremistresse!” She laughed, raising her arms above her head.

“Well, you’ve certainly proven your story.” He laughed.

“And you.” She replied.

They returned to their seats and silenced filled the space between them for a moment. After considering the sky for a few seconds Niona spoke again.

“What shall we do till the others show up?” She asked. Julius thought it over.

“There’s a dryad at the edge of the valley that seemed lonely.” he replied. “We could go ask it questions about the area if it speaks English, or you know whatever their language is called.”

“Oh neat!” She exclaimed, and in moments he found himself struggling up the slope again after her, regretting having said anything.


Aaaaaand my list of Stuff changes.
Carol +50 Sexy!
Brooksie +25 Sexy, +100 Adorable!
DANGER: Brooksie Adorable level reaching critical mass!

Let’s be honest: It’s only a matter of time before this comic transitions into an online animated series. We are just seeing the beginning steps.

Oh I hope not, not because it wouldn’t be awesome, I just don’t think crave could keep doing regular updates at that point(no offense, Crave)

The only way this would ever become an animated series is if someone else was doing it because I hate doing real animation. These gifs are on thing, but animation is, like, your whole life and the comic is already that for me.

Now if it ever got popular enough I’d sure do a kickstarter and produce an animated special though. By paying other people to make that shit for me. XD

Pity, because you are certainly gaining skills with the animations you are doing. This one is so perfectly Brooksie. Your coloring of her spreading blush is great. I think Brooksie is, so far, my favorite character.

My boyfriend unfortunately prefers red heads…seems like most guys prefer blondes or redheads…what’s a poor little brunette to do(since apparently dye jobs irritate men too)?

It’s way better to be the way you are. For most people preference isn’t the final say with love.

I mean, I am attracted to red hair, but I also think Tina Fey is so hot I can hardly stand it. I also like plump girls, but every girl I’ve dated has been rail thin. So it’s kind of a crap shoot, I guess.

The thing about hair dye and stuff is it feels like a scam when you find out. No one wants to be conned.

I was just being a little dramatic, lol. It is pretty commonly believed that guys consistently like blondes and redheads better. My guy has known me for years and is pretty damn attached, so it’s not like I’m really worried.

If hair dye is a scam though, what about push up bras or shapewear?

Same thing. The bras seem a little more cruel to me though.

Luckily, I don’t have to use either of those, lol.

I have a penchant for dying my hair, though. Pink streaks with my regular brunette was one fun experiment, and I’m actually a dye blonde currently(switching back to brunette soon though).

Unnatural colors aren’t a big deal because only a total idiot would be tricked by those.

My blonde started out remotely natural, but over the past year progressed to so platinum it’s almost white…so yeah….

On the one hand, it’s flattering that guys like a natural girl. On the other hand, some less evolved males (and females) have fallen for media hype and think a normal chick is ugly. Que sera, sera, I suppose. If all the world had the same opinion, who would be the target of flame wars?

My wife is a natural redhead, but the hair dye she uses, which is supposed to be a dramatic deep auburn turns her hair purple. She LOVES purple so keeps it that way. I have naturally extremely dark brown hair, and features that make me look fiercer than I am (especially when I am concentrating, I keep being asked what I am angry about when I am just thinking hard) I use a bright auburn to deep red (almost fire colored) dye because it makes it easier to NOT scare people away. Yes, a 40 something straight guy admitting he dyes his hair, and not just to cover the spreading “silver”.

You, my friend, are brave and I salute you! Your wife must use the same hair dye as my mom, her hair is often purple rather than red as well.

My husband dyes his hair for the opposite reason! He has brown hair that he dyes black because it makes him look more like a Klingon! He likes scaring people, though!

I think brunettes age great. The darker the better, all the way to black. I’m married to a blonde. Other aspects are more important, such as high intelligence and honesty.

Both my wives have been redheads, but neither of them were naturally so. Good thing I don’t have any problem with dyed hair. 8-)

Despite that, I don’t really think of myself as having a type. I’ve been attracted to women of pretty much every hair color there is. But since the two women I’ve married are also the only two women I ever dated, I can’t exactly prove that by pointing to my dating history…

I do think Jo, Carol, Nina, and Jess are ALL pretty darned hot. Were I young and single again (and living in a cartoon universe), I would be thrilled to catch the eye of any of them.

Damn it. You’re making it impossible for me to not ship Jo and Jess.

I’m Shipping Brooksie and everybody. Except for Reggie and Wes. Especially Wes. Screw that guy!

Reggie and Wes. um.. did you really have to say it THAT way? (giggles as your brain bursts apart)

Personally,i think it looks like Reggie has been becoming more likeable, and more…human.

To be perfectly honest, I think the .gifs are getting a little bit overused. I know Homestuck is an inspiration but it has its own unique style and for the most part it can’t represent anything in multiple panels (due to how its laid out).

Every now and then, a .gif here or there can represent a visual gag (like the eyes or the red background pulsing in prior comics), but they should only be used when it’s necessary for a good visual gag. In cases like this, however, Jolene’s dialogue in the last panel could just as well be represented in a single, non-animated panel using the imagery from the second frame only (just tack on the dialogue in the first frame). The animation behind the panel is superfluous… and using animated .gifs where they are not needed looks tacky.

I love the comic, but hey, something’s gotta be said.

When I got to that it was already at the seconed part of the animation. Didn’t even know it was a gif until the image changed to the first part.

When I looked at that panel about a week ago I saw only the second one. I read this comic through comic rocket on android, so I was planning to send a bug report against its internal browser. But yesterday the panel change suddenly showed up, so I don’t have to.

I’ve never dated a redhead, but have always wanted to. It’s sort of ironic for me, being of Irish bloodline and never dated a redhead. Then again, I’ve never dated a woman with blue hair, but if she was like Brooksie, I would for sure.

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I RAN OUT OF PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY, OH GOD WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blame it on reading too many of Willis’ comic, but the answer is obvious: THREESOMES!

Threesomes are so vanilla. Stable Polyamorous Pentads are where it’s at now.

Its not the colour of their hair that does it for me, its freckles. I just dig girls with freckles. The same girls also tend to be paler so the freckles are more obvious. Ample, um, “assets” are also a thing I like on my women but I’ll take freckles over huge tracts of land any day.

Needless to say, my wife is a curvy pale girl with freckles.

I’ve been looked at by woman the way Carol is looking in panel one. I survived, but was forever changed. :)

I am so loving your story! It’s fun and curious and captivating all at once with just enough of a hint at intrigue that you just know it’s not going to be boring. I find myself envisioning it as a movie played out by Joe and the rest of the crew. The visions in my head are great!

My two damn kryptonites of hair color on one page. Damn you, man, damn you.

I have dated many a redhead in my life, and not a single one of them has been anything less than a handful… or mad as a hatter.

“Where the rest of the species is descended from monkeys, redheads are descended from cats.” -Mark Twain. Truer words have never been spoken.


The animation scared me.
No problems, though. I like it. :D
I feel dizzy.
…That’s what I get- for getting carpenters to work in my house for 2 weeks, for which I had to set my sleep-schedule to a “5 hours-earlier, wake up time”.

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