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It’s entertaining to read some of the longer comments concerning siblings that desire things that aren’t theirs. A nerve has been struck. XD Sometimes those old rivalries never fade or change. As far as me goes, I’m an alright brother to be stuck with. No horde of bastard children, no alcohol or drug use, generally I keeps myself to myself. I mean, one could get stuck with someone worse. Or one could even marry and end up tethered by their spouse to someone worse, just as a completely random suggestion that has nothing to do with anyone I know. At all. The flip side of that is, of course, that you could marry and get an awesome new brother like me.


the orange princess. -drool- the HOT one! seriously you just keep getting better!

(random side note: gaiaonline has a new game where you can name 4 crew members, my #3 is always Carol i wish you could set images for them because i name her after carol in this comic. just thought you’d enjoy knowing. of course… the irony is that she is always the healiest. she must abuse everyone else and get all the food for herself)

haha, during that event I had Brooksie as my first mate, nothing bad EVER happened to her o.o i’m not even kidding. also, hey there JT, been a long time since I last commented, but i’ve still been here lurking around XD

My sister and I are 10 and a half years apart, we were pretty much raised in a only child like setting, god i can remember having 60 bucks for allowance at 8 years old, i brought so much candy :D

also Jess looks a little worried, Ed did say he was a good fighter, are we gonna see some bean bag combos?

Well, sort of. Pay attention to how Ed fights. It’s very telling.

Well, let’s see… He’s dual-wielding, so he prolly has a -2 to his attack roll, but he is also very stable (dwarf) so he gets a +4 on knockback rolls- oh wait, wrong fighting XD.

… orange princess?… Oh, yeah, Daisy! -Thank you Mario, your quest is over! Yep, she’s rather cute.

Also, I really love how Jess & Ed -actually- look like siblings -they have almost the same facial features. Which only weirds me out more since Jess is so sexy -dammit, JT, way to screw with a poor guy’s mind ^___^

Only son here, luckily for the whole Orion Arm I suppose ^___^

Yeah, I agree. Good job on making it obvious that they’re twins and still making them look feminine and masculine respectively.

Also, Daisy is fucking annoying in Mario Kart.

Daisy can be a a little trying.

Early on, before I really had any idea what I was doing, Jess was basically Ed girled up a little. Over time I got better at making her look like a girl, while also looking like she could be closely related to Ed.

Not just better. You got -great- my dear sir. Or perhaps you always were. Well, I really like the way you draw your charas, so what?! ^___^

My sister and I were usually at war over CDs. At first this was because my sister would use me to get more CDs when my mom said she had enough. At that point my sister would take me aside and give me one or two of her selections and send me back to ask if I could have them. Eventually I got fed up with this and started keeping those CDs but I had to make sure I got them right out of the trunk or she’d steal them from me. Although we have since resolved our conflict I still have a hard time sharing with others because of her.

Sibling Rivalries go like this for me.

Me: Oh hey cool. You’re playing Minecraft.
Bro: Fuck off.
ME: What? What’d I do?
Bro: Go away!
Me: Alright jeez, but I didn’t do anything.

And then I can hear him from downstairs calling me a douche.
We’re such a happy family :D

My sister and I get along much better now that we don’t live in the same house. It’s much easier when we only have to directly interact every few weeks or so. We still occasionally fight, but at least we don’t intentionally antagonize each other as often as we did when we were younger.

ohh yeah forgot to comment this a couple days ago. i did the archive bing since i didnt view this amazing comic before. i came into this epicness 2 comic strips ago and while that comic was still up i looked at every comic leading up to it and still had to wait for the next one xD awesome stuff

Ed is seriously built like a tank. He fricken’ dominates the game (by teh way, you just lost it! XD).

I think I speak for everybody here when I say, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

We don’t hate you though. Hate is a strong word. We simply dislike you with the fire of a thousand suns.


I don’t dislike Pathogen with the fire of a hundred suns but I sorta wish I did, just because it sounds so damn cool! ^___^

Phew! Just got finished doing the archive trawl (thanks to finding you via the banner)… Your comic’s brilliant! I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud at *so many* strips before… And there’s a good chunk of “heart” in there, too. You just won yourself a new reader :)

since its already been done i figure ill give u a fveiw of me and my brother arguing
me(playing game he knows nothing about)almost done
him hey go do that
me cant
him YES U CAN!!!
me no
him yes
well u get the idea eventually i get fed up with it and kick him out opf the room and then i win

Hi, I just got done reading the archive. Got here from the advert on Shortpacked. Was intriqued due to a previous discussion on Shortpacked about Beast Wars, then your ad appeared mentioning Beast Wars. Your comic is awesome. Jolene is brilliant in every way except the smoking.
‘Nuff said.

She needed a common flaw I could work with. Hardly anybody likes it. XD Thanks for giving me a try. I appreciate it.

And the few who -do- smoke (like me) love her all the more. Also, her attitude towards it is priceless (CANCER BREAK! CANCER BREAK!) ^____^ Jo is teh awesome.

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