1000 Exposure Therapy.

Well, there you go, a thousand pages of the rambling lives of a group of twenty something kids. Still rambling along as though the page number makes no difference at all.

Almost no one who started their comic at the same time as mine, that I knew, still makes theirs, and without that common ground they vanished from my life. We met at a point between failures, and parted ways when it came. Back then everyone made a big deal about 100 pages, now I see that even 1000 is peanuts. Super awesome peanuts in my case.

By happenstance I spent a while yesterday in one of the stores that many of the stories in to comic were inspired by. I talked to one of only 2 people that still worked there when I did, and it seems that things are moving along the same way they always did. Later on one of my best friends joined me in regaling one of the younger employees with many of our tales of retail horror. I actually have a hard time remembering a lot of that stuff now, because I blocked a lot of it out. As much as the comic makes it seem like I have sort of a twisted love affair with retail they were actually some of the worst years of my life. What I remember more easily, and thus mirror in my fiction, are the good people that made my daily life bearable.

The kid working what amounts to my old job told me about how the music department had changed in a world where people download most of their music. It’s not called “music” for a start. Of course, when I left they were playing around with the idea of a “lifestyles” department, but over time the latter became the former. There’s not a lot of music anymore, but what they lack in discs they make up for with knick knacks. Their lower volume buying makes the deals terrible, but I guess you do what you have to do to survive. There’s just something better about holding a thing in your hand before you buy it. Getting a chance to see if it’s in good working order, or what have you. In that way having a higher price is offset.


Well, here we are, 1000 comics. Feels like we got SOME sort of commemoration, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I also wanted to say, and I think I remember you doing this in the past, that it’s a nice touch you bothered to show the blush in the tips of Jo’s ears.

Will Thomas and Carol work out?
Will the tall goth dude make a move?
Will we learn why Thomas thinks Wes is a bad hire?
Will we ever see Jess’s nipples?!
All this and more in the next 1000 comics of….

Actually we already know why Thomas thinks Wes is a bad hire. Go back and look at strips 87-90.

On the other questions, here’s my thoughts…
– It looks to me like Thomas and Carol are already working out. The only question is whether Thomas will figure out what he wants to do with his life and move on from the store.
– The tall goth dude will keep making moves on Carol until Thomas and Carol go public with their relationship.
We will never see Jess’s nipples Crave has long since demonstrated that he intends to keep this strip PG-13. He has passed up many opportunities to cross the line and has consistently chosen not to. It is obviously within his artistic capabilities (consider his picture of Carol with the hot dog) but he has made his choice. Frankly leaving something to the imagination makes it that much more enticing.

On a side boob, er, note – Jess apparently did not learn anything from the events in strip 660 – she still runs around braless.

Congratulations on the first 1000 Crave. Looking forward to the next 1000.

Congrats on reaching 1000 comics! This is seriously one of my favorite comics. You have made me care about your characters.

Congratulations on reaching 1000! :D I am happy and completely impressed that you made it this long and I hope we see many more to come. :)

Congratulations on making 1000 pages! I have enjoyed each and every one immensely.

On the nudity note, while I like to see boobs as much as the next guy, I am glad that there hasn’t (and won’t be) full nudity here. I’ve gotten attached to these characters, and not showing them nude shows a certain respect for them in a way.

Congratulations on 1000 pages.

I love how your comic style is constantly evolving and getting better. Even in the last three pages you can see little improvements develop, like adding the edge of the lenses to Jess’ glasses to make them less visually jarring. Keep up the good work!

At first I was all “Clothes Bukkake!”, then I was all “SIDEBOOB!” but then once I settled down, I was all “Dem Dimples! Aw yeah!”

Just started reading a month ago, and I burned through all 1000. I’m sure it’s been said before, but it feels like a cross between Clerks and Waiting… but in comic form. So pretty much awesome. Hope you do 1001 and so on.

Wow. I read this whole comic in 3 days. I now feel very accomplished.
Also, when are Ed and Nina going to “Get Together”?

That’s just asking for trouble. I mean, taking your shirt off while wearing glasses?

Yeah – Jess’ ability to remove a shirt while keeping her glasses on demonstrates that this is indeed fictional. Whether it be sunglasses, safety glasses, or reading glasses, I can NEVER remove a shirt without taking off the glasses as well.

I take my shirt off while wearing my glasses all the time. You just have to go around the frames with the collar first.

Is this really a thing? Are you guys just fucking with me?

I’m not sure what they’re talking about, I wear glasses all the time and they’re the last thing I take off and the first thing I put on. I have only had my glasses come off with my shirt once or twice. Then again my glasses are sort of molded to my face, it might be different for people who only wear glasses sometimes though.

Way to go – 1000 is a nice milestone in web comics. Yes, there are some comics now with a few thousand but most die an early death. Been reading from about no. 486, so about half way.

Keep going!

wauw i have read 1000 pages in 10 hours on this day (if you tink thats slow i’m a slow reader okaay ^^ ) + i’m a belgian ;)

Congratulations on getting to 1000. I’ve read the whole thing, and it keeps getting better. There have also been a lot of strips I’ve tried for a while, but lost interest in pretty quickly. This webcomic is one of my keepers and recommendations.

Oh, and keeping your glasses on while taking off a shirt? No problem. Even putting it on.

Oh god, they both don’t wear bras… And they’re both really cute girls… About to get naked…

Seriously man, how d you come up with this stuff!? It’s like torture to a virgin’s imagination.

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