999 Open It Already.

It’s kind of weird and simple in some ways, but I loved this joke and couldn’t let it go. Even though it’s just another thing between you and the real advancement of the plot I still felt like it was good. It’s difficult to make the characters act. I can sell a lot of stuff with faces, but something like this is more tricky. It’s as near as a can manage for translating the cartoon in my head into a story on a page.


You delayed in purpose for page 1000 didn’t you? xD

I wonder what you will do for a milestone to the comic. I vote for the cast in roman regalia… hhnnnngg Gladiator Brooks…

Gothic lolita wear ala anime style? Dunno, Brooksie just makes me want to see her in a tiny flowered hat and a bunch of lace. Something about her screams adorable in anything.

Though she could potentially rock steam punk.

That, or a simple white dress
and a straw hat
standing in the middle of sunflower field
durning a warm sunny day
with a slight breeze blowing

sorry what did we talk ’bout?

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