998 Mostly.

To prepare for the eventual arrival of Skylanders Giants I made an effort to complete both previous games 100%. The 360 version is impossible to complete because I don’t know anyone else who plays it, so I can’t get the achivements, but everything else is done. On the 3Ds that left some 20 or so challenges to complete before facing the… face who is your primary antagonist. My time is limited enough at the moment that it actually took me several days. It was one or two quests a day, with one taking several tries before locating the final cupcake. You’d think a fatty would be able to sniff cupcakes right out, but I don’t know what to tell you. In any case I eventually got it done and also completed the final level. Every skylander made it to level 10, although not all of them got their console upgrades because there is a disparity between exp and money collection. It’s actually very easy to level, but coin you have to grind for, and there’s a ton of these fucking things that I like to play at varying levels. At some point I’ll finish them all off. Hopefully Giants will have better ways to get coin than its predecessor.

I’ve only completed 5 of the 20 bonus levels on Mutant Mudds so far. Partly because of time and Skylanders and partly because they are quite difficult. A combination of skill, practice, patience, and memorization is required to get the job done, and I have those in varying degrees. The long and short of it is that I have died a lot of times in less places. I’m sure I failed at least 50 times on the last level I completed. So 15 to go! I’ll let you do the math on that. I’m doing them in reverse order, so, in theory, it will get easier and easier as I go. That logic may not be true in this case because I did complete the first level first and it took me as many tries as the last one…

Both of the recent pokemon games are waiting for me to return to them. I’m a couple of badges in to Black 2 and playing the Hideki quest in Conquest again because it started over after I played it once for some reason. I’m not sure what I did wrong, of if I did anything wrong. Maybe that’s just how it works. In any case it’s not super hard yet, but still takes a lot of time. In regular pokemon I have enough traded monsters to just have a team and go to the end with them. I just havent committed to them yet. Plus there’s the grinding. I researched Action Replay codes for the old ones I have, but none of them work. I don’t have time to repair Action Replay’s perpetual fuck ups. That’s sort of why I quit messing with them in the first place. They do a half assed job and then fart off to whatever else it is they do with their time. Like designing media players NOBODY FUCKING NEEDS.

All this game talk is really missleading. Because the bulk of my free time is actually taken up with drawing, but 8 hours of fiddling with a page doesn’t translate into very compelling reading. Not that my video game exploits do either, but they are easier to remember. Some of these last few pages have been remarkably time consuming for no obvious reason. I just keep getting stuck on things. It’s weird. Anyway, as long as you enjoy them I guess it hardly matters.


AAAAANNND That’s the last of the archive. Three weeks, that’s all it took, and I’m proud to say that your comic is fantastic.

So when are Ed and Nina going to become a couple? It’s obvious that they like each other and wouldn’t be bad for the story. (It is just a tip)

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