Been reading since a little after color started, first time commenting. Love the comic, the art, and the writing. Merry Christmas and I hope you overcome all your health issues. Keep up the great work!

Smooth Thomas, very smooth indeed.

Merry Xmas to Jackie, his family (especially the teen) and all other readers

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate day Jackie, but I do thank you for the comic.
Feel better and Have a Very Merry Christmas.

It’s all good, mate. You didn’t need to do up a comic on Christmas day at all, but you still did, and we respect you for that.

The madness of the season shall be over soon. Take care, Jackie. And a Merry Christmas to you, the Teen and your family :)

Merry Christmas! and thank you so much for your wonderful art! I hope things will be better for you this year coming up.

Merry Christmas, and thanks once again for sharing your great strip. Wishing you comfort and peace, and hugs to the teen. :)

Merry Christmas, Jackie. Don’t worry about the late post, most people post filler on holidays. Way to buck the trend!

First time commenting– eep.
Thank you for this wonderful comic. I mean, today’s page, and the whole thing. You, sir, are responsible, in a way, for getting my partner and I together, because we bonded over your work. You’ve got this! We’re rooting for you.

I’ve been reading this for a few months now, first time commenting. I’m sorry you had such a miserable day. I’ve been reading your commentary, and you’ve been in my prayers for a while now, I just wanted you to know. Thank you for your hard work on this comic. I work retail, and this comic makes me smile. You’re an amazing artist and person, and I just wanted you to know that your fans care about you too. I hope the next year goes much better for you, and I shall keep praying for you, the Teen, and all your family.

Jackie, this is a very late post, but I’m sorry your Christmas was terrible. I totally understand how you feel.

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