I can’t believe no comments on this page. This is one of my all time favorites. Both in terms of this comic (my favorite page), and in general terms (one of my favorite comics) ^.^ <3 and support!

Impressive, most impressive. Now life has color again. Man, I thought, you were good, my mistake, you are a genius. Hats off to you, sincerely.

kinda like if kissing each other gave them new purpose … no, wait, sorry, I’ve been reading too many manga comics lately, it’s just that they finally went color.

I dont’ know if you foresaw adding color at this point when you created this or if it’s something that came to mind as you went through this…but judging by the character development and the fact that the whole comic thus far has taken place through just one day, I’m chalking this up to a stroke of genius. This is by far one of the most insightful comics out there, albeit with a seemingly amateurish shell…not unlike a certain Thomas Blackwell.

What’s really great is how he was just explaining how when “author girl” left his world had gone gray. WEll, no longer! ^.^

That was one of my favorite comic moments, I’m sincerely impressed by the development and can’t wait to get all caught up with this comic.

I have to say, planned or not, this has incredible impact. One panel, and wham, everything is different. Just like when it happens in real life. Unbelievable, man. I know I’m a year late, but I just found this comic today.

All for boob-crush.The genius and skill of said person behind comic is well established,no necessity to go over it again.But,still,kudos.

*claps* bravo. I didn’t expect to see such symbolism comeing from a web comic but I am now MAIMED by the “WRONG” stick. very nice my friend very nice.

You know, going through the first strips I thought the story wasn´t much, the art was inconsistent at times, not really that good, verage webcomic….- but with this I think it turned up great! Thanks for sharing this story, hope you keep improving your art and hope we can see your name on the printed comics world. Congratulations, you have a really good story, keep up the good work.

(Not part of anon, just a regular anonymous)

I just found this comic today, but I wanted to stop and say that this is one of the most insightful comics I’ve seen, and this scene captures exactly why.

Well done. I’m already hooked.

I started to read this comic 2 days ago.
Finally a comic that’s not about drinking like a horse, everyone f*cking with everyone, hangovers, and other moraly ill things.
I like the storyline so far and I like the style you draw the characters.
I’m not the type, who leaves a comment, but I had to ask.
So, I noticed that everyone has their ears drawn their own way. I guess that’s part of your style, but have you ever tried to draw them (pardon for the word) properly?
Looking at this picture I find that Carol’s ears is the only thing that breaks the beauty of this picture.
No offense really, just curious.

Just loving it!
Loving it all. The black and white, the color, the story, the characters.
You got me hooked good.
On a side note let me say, you can count me in your ever-growing you-gotta-love-the-big-girls-tribe.

Welcome to the tribe. Please allow me to present you with your very own silly hat.

I found you about 2 weeks ago. I gotta say I feel exactly like that^ guy. Your character development is absolutely outstanding. I feel like they could be real people that I know, and I can’t say that about anything else. I absolutely love your work.

I don’t really have anything new to say. Everything I felt when I came to this point in the comic, has been said already.

I read a few of the latest comics before reading from the beginning, so I knew there would be colour. I figured it was just a matter of you improving your artistic skills and therefore applying colour after a certain amount of time, when you had gotten better and felt like challenging yourself. But the last few panels before this one slowly made me realize what was about to happen.

Whether this has been planned all or along, or was just a great idea that popped into your head somewhere along the story arc, doesn’t matter. Like others have said, using colour from this point in the story is a stroke of genius and makes perfect sense. I have never before read a webcomic where an artistic change has been so significant to the story or comic itself. But here it had to be done.

I bow down to you in respect, Jackie. I bow down to you.

OK let me gush like everybody else. This comic has made me late for work twice.

In a row.

Before I even ran into this one.

The switch from black and white to color with that kiss was at once simple and breathtaking. Bravo.

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