231 Lost In Translation.

Aaaaaand we’re back to Ed & Jolene. 

This page always reminds me of my friend Jason.  He doesn’t speak Japanese but, back when anime was still a novelty, he could recite Project A-Ko from having watched it so often.  He might still be able to.  It’s not a skill that there’s a lot of call for. 


Sharpness is a state of mind.

[Nah, I couldn’t manage the Mandarin. I find it easier to remember Cantonese though.]

i doubt i’m the first person to bring this up, but whats up with her shirt? shes got athena, the greek goddess of wisdom and war on it.
i can see the “wisdom” part in her movie knowledge obviously, but war? she’s ninja but .. hmn.. i want to see where this is going now.

I just had a random design in my art folder so I used it. It doesn’t mean anything, but everyone thinks it does because people are like that.

You use a certain amount of symbolism, so people expect EVERYTHING to be a symbol. Tolkien has a similar problem, a lot of symbolism but many things were speculated as symbols for something that just horrified him. (He came out and said that near his death)

So too did Hitchcock.

License Plate on a car- Obvious Satanism (reality, it was his license plate)

Two random pieces of wood falling and crossing- Obvious Anti Christian sentiment (reality, it was just two pieces of wood falling on each other)

Subtitled is in Mandarin. Or Cantonese. Whatever it was originally, but with text words over the picture.

Dubbed would be in English (or whatever other non-original language). Or Cantonese if originally mandarin, or vice-versa.

Yes but clearly what she means is should she recite the subtitles, or mimic the Mandarin.

I find myself wondering whether you only brought it up at all because during the first quote-test, I’d suggested Chinese films.
Martial Arts films form over half my film collection. Most of them in Cantonese, naturally. A few in Mandarin. A few again in Thai, Korean or Japanese.

The part that always made me chuckle was all the actors in the film are from Cantonese speaking areas. Apparently, their accents in Mandarin were so bad as to be nearly unintelligible at parts.

Athena wasn’t so much a goddess of war as she was of defense. Think: she’s well-known for her shield Aegis. She was the counterpart to Mars.

She was also the goddess of what is often called ‘crafts’, but is better called ‘technology’.

Thank you Enoch Root!

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