1795 Scooby Boobie Doo!

I tried to find a reference image for Carol but the problem is that there are way too many selfies with no way to reduce the number of hits. After I got done I asked as friend to try and replicate the ose and she showed me how it was off. I may update the page to reflect what I learned. I may do a special patreon version oif it looks like anyone wants it.


The only comment I’m cupable of right now seems a bit too crude …

OK, did you say cup-able on purpose?

You’ve got a good friend there, Jackie.
“Hey, can you send me a picture of you in a sexy pose showing off your boobs? I… uh… need it for my art. Yeah.”

“I may do a special patreon version if it looks like anyone wants it.” Yea, that is a silly statement. Is there any doubt that EVERYONE will want it.

One has to wonder what lines did Hugh Hefner use….. Lol

And Thomas is without question a lucky guy… Me thinks he has a bone for those puppies.

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