1794 Maow.

My cats purring sounded more like hrrrrr to me than Prrrrrr because Claws always started a purr with a big intake of breath. Onomatopoeia is weird because it’s not always words but we sort of agree on some of it. Like animal vocalizations have a primary example for kids, but they usually have a range of them beyond quack and moo. The dogs have a range of barks but none of the sound like the word bark really. Language just can’t always approximate some sounds.

The lighting in the room I’m working in is shit. I was shit years ago when it was my office and it still is. I need to figure out if I can alter it in some way that can make it brighter, because it bothers my eyes. I’m thinking maybe some kind of really strong led style thing because the fluorescent just isn’t cutting it. Generally its not a big deal while I work because I can adjust the screen. When I’m not it’s very hard on my eyes which are already messed up.


shes a contedor to out cute brooksie now… i never would have imagined.

She is a girl, after all. It’s not that surprising to me.

Although it does add another element of humor to Thomas’ endearment “Care Bear.” :P

I like the light from LED bulbs a lot better than the light from CFLs, but I’m not an artist. Be interested to know if that helps you. I think they have LEDs at about any color temperature you need now, but they probably cost more than the generic ones.

Another nice thing about LEDs is that they produce very little heat compared to incandescent or even fluorescent light. I think they’re cheaper to operate too, but I may be wrong about that.


They are way way WAY cheaper to operate BUT they still produce heat. Check out the high power lamps and bulbs and you will see some pretty hefty heat sinks. Mind you this is because all that power, no matter how efficient, is packed in a really tinny space.

I agree whole heatedly and backed up with “science”. CFLs of the cheap variety, which are the vast majority, leak way too much UV light and have noticeable flicker due to cheap power supplies. They also sometimes burst into flame.

I am right now in the process of checking out what is available in the way of LED replacements for domestic use. Bulbs have come down in price so much that I picked up 40W equivalents for 50 cents each at a grocery chain while HomeDespot was selling the same ones for $10.

The commercial tube replacements are amazing powerful and directional but their initial cost of ownership is heart stopping. I know I can get cheaper domestic pop-in replacements for about $20 each – staggeringly expensive compared to 4 footers at a little around $2 each. Mind you if it is a new installation the savings on the cost of a ballast makes it more reasonable. Also the ramping up of hydro rates is making the choice more practical due to huge power savings.

There are flood panels for outdoor and work lighting that are an interior decorators nightmare BUT give good clean white light at a reasonable cost factor if you can find a non-Machiavellian retailer. I put together a Red-Green photo studio setup using end-of-line-overstock-old-model-clearance LED work lights for under $100 net. Caveat is buyer beware because everything is now made in china and some of them are absolute crap and will kill you or at least cause eye strain due to flicker or UV emissions.

This is just me being speculative, but these are something else


You can’t actually look at them because they’re almost terrifyingly bright, but if you look in their direction with your eyes shut, it’s like sunlight in your face.

I would not recommend grow lights only because their spectrum is designed for happy plants, not happy people. Also those particular bulbs are not certified and that companies earlier units had short lifespans due to a really stupid power design that would burn out and possible make the case go “Live”.

As I mentioned earlier, work lights cost the same and give a better spectrum and higher output level – One thing I forgot to mention – to avoid dazzling yourself by accidentally looking into the lamp is to put them behind a diffuser panel – I just put the satin finish sheets in picture frames and mounted the lamps behind them.


That is a 1000 lumen (roughly 100w incandescent) bulb with a wireless dimmer. You can adjust the light to suit your task. If you have multiple bulbs, I think you can get just the wireless dimming bulbs for a bit less w/o the dimmer dingus and it will control multiple bulbs at once (YMMV, I’ve never tried it).

Ikea also has non-dimming bulbs that I have found pretty reliable and comfortable for not a lot of money compared to other sources. They are a bit ouchy on the the initial investment, but will last for a very long time.

For your eyes, just go at blue light protective glasses, i work a lot on screens at my jobs and my eyes go impacted a lot too, so i began using them.
It’s not magic, but does a LOT of good to your vision, and you end up less tired after working all day long.
Don’t go blind, we need you to finish this comic, so this advice is totally interested =)

Everyone is making suggestions already, as a fellow artist I can concur that LEDs tend to give me more brighter and … even? light. Not sure how to articulate what I mean. Florescent bulbs do that flicker thing that triggers my migraines and strains the eye more, even if its not noticeable, but LEDs are more consistent without that headache inducing flicker.
Do you have a lamp on your desk? I’ve also found that if I’m drawing at my desk my tendency to lean down over my paper/tablet/computer screen tends to block out my own light, so having a secondary light source on my desk really helps me.

Krishna Sadasivam over at <a href="http://pcweenies.com/&quot;PC Weenies recently reviewed a LED, dimmable desk lamp that he uses:


Krishna often reviews tech and comic art creation stuff that he uses. He also posts artist how-to’s from time to time. And tips from how he sets up his workspace. You might find these useful, Jackie.

Oh, and yeah, he also does a technology oriented comic that he’s been doing for something like 15 years.

Anyhow, worth checking out.

Something to note, I find some LED bulbs tend to fade a bit over time. I have some florescent fixtures that I replaced those long tubes with LED equivalents, and at first it was like a nuclear bomb was going off in the room. It was a utility room, so it was annoying but acceptable. Over about six months to a year and they’ve faded down to a more reasonable level.

Different languages have different functions for animal speech. There’s actually a fascinating thing about some east-asian languages where animals aren’t heard as “noise”, like they are in the west, but as “speech”. Cicadas are closer to hearing words, and can be deafening (interrupting speech, for example), to them, while in the US and similar it’s closer to, say, construction noises, where you’ll raise your voice but not be interrupted.

Differences not just in language, but in language processing.

I think dogs sound closer to “wan” or “Bark” than “Ghav Ghav”, certainly…

Now that I’m powering through archive, she’s living well these days. She went from living in a car to having her own place, onesie pajamas, and even being able to care for her own cat.

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