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First of all, thanks for the various shampoo tips and tricks. Since a few people were curious I guess I’d better explain my scalp situation. It’s totally normal. No conditions or whatever. I only have problems if I put something on my hair that doesn’t agree with it. Otherwise it’s perfectly fine. I can’t use conditioner, and I don’t need to anyway. In its natural state my hair is oily. Like, bag of chips on a napkin oily. As long as I have something that cleans the oil properly I’m fine. The problem is that perfumes and whatnot make my skin break out in various ways. Basically, as long as the shampoo is mostly citrus I’m fine. Some people suggest washing with lemon juice, but it doesn’t keep very well and it isn’t cost effective. I don’t know why but the brands I find that work the best seem to have about a 3 year lifespan. I don’t know why exactly. I used to use something called Citre Shine (apparently a defunct brand) then I moved to Pantene Deep Cleanse (or something like that.) They have a version of the stuff still, but for some reason they put mint oil in it now, which totally defeats the purpose of the dep cleaning. I want the oil out, I don’t want to trade the type of oil I create naturally with one that smells like toothpaste… The Teen bought some random stuff that wash berry flavored that worked okay, but when we went back to the place she got it they had no idea what we were talking about.
I looked up my favorite kind of shampoo online (before I posted about it actually) and the only place that had any wanted $8 a bottle. Which is what happened last time they quit making it. I’d sooner learn to make shampoo my damn self. The company website makes no mention of the type I like. I don’t know if it changes based on stock or what, but it’s not listed there. Citre Shine has no amazon listing for the actual stuff I used, but other types of the same brand are $30 and up per bottle, so I assume the company is gone and we’ve moved into the dickish gouging part of its lifespan. Anyway, the search continues. Right now I’m making due with the mint stuff. It doesn’t keep my hair clean as long as the non mint kind, but it doesn’t make my head break out, so that’s about as good as I can hope for.

On a related note, the Teen doesn’t understand why I hate the smell of perfume. It comes up while we look for presents for girl family members. I don’t hate all perfumes exactly, but I don’t like things that smell unnatural. There’s a hierarchy of smells I can tolerate. On the bad end you have gross random perfumes and musks, on the good end you have flowers and the best possible choice, which is fruit. I don’t like all flower smells, but fruit is almost always good. Even fruit I don’t like to eat, like lemons, trumps most flower smells. Best case scenario- apples. We have some apple hand soap and I invent situations to use it on top of the normal ones.
The Teen used to shower herself in smells. She’s cut back a bit so she doesn’t smell like a hooker’s purse all the time now. I suspect part of the reason is me comparing her scent to a hooker’s purse… If so, mission fucking accomplished. There are still moments where she latches on to me and her arms smell of god only knows what. One Direction’s smug sense of self satisfaction perhaps? She’s probably told me what she likes, but I refuse to learn information about that sort of thing.
As far as “man perfume” goes I can tolerate Old Spice. Everything else is just a hairy version of the same gross crap they make for women as far as I can tell. Old Spice gets a pass because it doesn’t assault you with its grandpa smell. It lets you know it’s there, but doesn’t ask for special treatment. Like a gentleman. That said, I don’t like it on myself. I pretty much stick to aloe and hand sanitizer. The burning lets you know it’s working.

Teen Corner

sup interweb peeps? its been a long sucky weekend. I still feel like crap but its getting a little better. tomorrow is my Christmas concert which I am not looking forward to. my brother is supposed to come and will make fun of me most likely because I am a choir nerd. since I’m sick my singing will be pretty terrible but oh well. this is going to be a busy week I have all kinds of finals to do and what not. on the bright side I get my class ring on Tuesday and this is the last week of school then Christmas break yesssssss!!!!! I can not wait to sleep in, see my family, open presents and everything else. Christmas is so close I can almost taste the candy and pie and everything else delicious! my weekend was pretty un eventful I helped my sister do her Christmas shopping and that’s about it. I finished my art final which is drawings of Jackie’s comic by the teen and if you wanna see how horrible it is Jackie will be posting pictures on his twitter so keep a look out I’d love feed back from everyone! I didn’t do the coloring exact to his because I wanted to put a little twist on the characters so yeah hope you all like it. now its time for me to go watch the fault in our stars, drink hot chocolate and try to sleep. wish me luck with finals and the choir concert!!! goodnight all and to all a goodnight!


Neil’s the not so golden snitch then?

I think he would be the platinum dickbag.

I wanna punch that guy.

I wanna punch anyone who say “muggle” in a normal context.

What normal context? It’s a conversation with a group of people with a specialized interest. It’s usage. I tend to hear it most often among geocachers, actually, and less commonly among fandom, at least ones closer to my own age. We usually use ‘mundane’ in the same way.

or “Norms” aka normals as in average Joe sixpack.
[ I never realized that such people actually existed, and in such numbers, until I was at an American Football game – yikes ]
In one of my circles, we consider ourselves outliers compared to the mathematical norm.

The misplaced comma hurts my eyes! Also, field is spelled wrong. Thats enough of my pedantry.

“Feild” day, huh? Kekek.

On-topic, truly there is never a more classic, but still really funny phrase as “can’t have nice things.” It truly is a masterpiece of writing.

Re: shampoo, it got me curious so I did a little digging. While I know you have no ‘conditions’ such as dandruff, some of the dandruff shampoos on the market are geared towards oily scalps, so you might try one of those. The one which came up as recommended the most in my admittedly brief searching is Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze. It claims it ‘contains infused citrus essences’ and when I checked the ingredient list, is does list lemon extract as an ingredient. About 7 bucks a bottle for a bit more than 23 ounces – a lot better than many of the other choices, which run more than a buck per ounce, anyway.

I feel like these new characters are parallel versions of the main cast. Neil is definitely the Reggie, Bridgette might be the Nina, and Madison is the Brooksie. I’m now curious to see what the other new characters will be like and if they’ll be parallels as well.

I also can’t stand perfumy smells. Axe and Tag are the worst but any lady scent that smashes you over the hear with itself sucks as well. I hate walking around in public and walking through a cloud of someone’s chosen musk.

I hate the names on most deodorants. Shampoos are fine, for the most part. Citrus smells like fruit. Flower smells like some variety of plant. Even Ocean breeze smells vaguely of salt and fish-water (not a big fan of oceans…) Get to the deodorant section, especially the Men’s and you have such winners as ‘Cool wave’. That supposed o smell like some guy casually raising one hand at you, but he’s too cool to left past the elbow? Or Fresh. What the hell does a fresh smell like? Fresh bacon? Fresh breeze? Cheap pick-up line? Worse, apparently Axe body sprays are considered deodorants by most places now. Is Kilo supposed to smell like a drug deal gone bad? Okay, it does, but only because I have yet to meet a drug dealer who didn’t insist on dousing himself in the stuff. Often ‘ironically’. The worst is a scent called ‘Sport’. … … … I wear deodorant so I don’t smell like sport. I haven’t had the guts to try it yet, but I can only assume someone decided to bottle a locker room funk (in this case I’m pretty sure it’s a type of fungus and not music with a certain style of bass line), carbonate it, put a spray nozzle on, and call it deodorant. Probably the same people who decided to start making colognes with celebrity and sport star sweat as part of the ingredient. I only assume they thought it couldn’t be any worse than ambergris, which is basically foul smelling whale hork.(Check futurama, the Roseanne encyclopedia entry sums it up nicely)

At least women’s deodorant makes sense. Honeysuckle doesn’t smell like honeysuckle, bu it is sort of flowery. Rose… I guess smells like rose. One variety insists it is moonlit rose, but I was unaware lighting affected odor and don’t personally care to spend money on a rose to check.

I want something new in fragrances, more man oriented. Something like: “Cheap bordello,” or 40 weight oil. Or an honest scent, like, ‘we ground our tires against asphalt for an hour, and we’re pretty sure this is how NASCAR is supposed to smell, trust us, she’ll be impressed after you explain it to her.’ Admittedly, that assumes she sticks around long enough to hear the explanation. But for me it couldn’t be any worse than the pre-shower scent of ‘slightly sour, marinated in a layer of no fewer than three hot sauces and a piece of mint gum to inadequately hide the scent of cheap bourbon and shaving cream’ smell I seem to manage to produce on my own. And the amazing part is that I don’t even chew gum.

I have the same problem with Gatorade flavors. What the hell does Glacier Freeze taste like? Or a Riptide Rush?

Fragrances are easy. You can smell them before you buy them. But Gatorade? You gotta commit to whatever the hell a Cascade Crash is.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is the same group of people who decided to label boy band as a genre instead of as a band format involving no musicians and a plethora of mediocre singers that somehow manage to sparkle or shimmer slightly while being hit with stage spotlights.

I also freely admit to a slightly more than healthy level of paranoia.

They took the announcement that he had come to observe them in their natural state without any particular interest in joining or having any affinity with furriness rather well. I guess they are highly resilient vs. creepers

When I saw the title I thought The Teen’s story was going to be in the blog somewhere. I got all excited and stuff. But someone who shares my hatred of fake smells and strong smells is nice too.

In The Teen’s drawing style I like Ed the most. Also I learned from her work that I share a birth year with the comic’s creator though I was several months closer to being a bicentennial then he (just 8 days off!).

I used to have such nice things.. Lol
I can get the fun-killing thing.. Tis a tough life killing jokes. Still working on it.

Best of luck to the teen! Hope you feel better too
I just finished up my last final. Fuckbuckets to risk management and Insurance planning lol

Keep the comics coming Jackie! They’re killer
Oh and I read your “Fiction” in one sitting. It’s really good. Character development was fun, and I couldn’t help relating the regular characters from the comic to the story. Because of my random editing OCD, I was sitting there higher than a chipmunk’s nuts taking notes on the spelling and grammar errors. I may send em along one day! All the best

So… what is a muggle exactly? I have furry friends and never heard of such a phrase.

Muggle was a term from the Harry Potter series, used by magic users to refer to people who were non-magic folk. Neil here seems to be using it colloquially since John is a non-furry.

Funny thing about the shampoo is that hellogiggles just had a thing ally why shampoo stops working after a while and basically because it changes your hair’s chemistry. But aside from that you may want to use baking soda and later Apple vinegar as a shampoo combo. Cheap, hypo allergenic, does the same shit. I do that when I detox my hair every few months depending on what color my hair is at the time. Right now it’s hot pink so my shampoo is blousy by lush which is 25 dollars a bottle. Being a woman and confirming to certain gendered expectations is hard on the wallet….

Btw there is a cologne called Pi and another called Darwin both smell great.

Also so excited about teen comic!

Ah, so we are receiving the supreme grand jerkass of the furry club, aren’t we? I guess it can’t all be good impressions and nice people for John. Every club and group and team has to have their Reggie and Wes…. I guess for balance or something…

Dear Teen,

I looked at your drawings that Jackie posted. As I read your assignment you were to do something in the style of another artist – and you chose your cousin. Looking at the drawings…
Assignment accomplished.
I think the one I liked most was the one with 5 characters. You got Nina particularly well. Your one of Brooksie was also cute.

I think it’s hysterical that Neil was so defensive a few episodes back (“I’m not ugly inside, I’m just opinionated”) and in today’s episode, he’s demonstrating exactly the sort of dick move that makes him so ugly. On the inside.

Oh, and re: shampoo. I know you’ve got a gazillion recommendations, but here’s my $0.02 worth: I’ve used one variation or another of Suave 2-in-1 Classic Clean for over twenty years. It’s st00p!d cheap at Mal*Wart and while it’s frequently renamed and repackaged, I check the descriptions and spin the top off of possible candidates and do the visual and olfactory checks. Since you don’t use conditioner (I use their Pert 2-in-1 clone) check out their Daily Clean line. They at least used to have an unscented variety, and the Ocean Charge isn’t too offensive.

On the subject of shampoo have you tried Tresemmé’s deep clense shampoo? I use it and it goes a long way. Walmart carries it.

It is what I have used for years. It cuts the oil and grease like nothing else I have ever used. My hair gets greasy fairly fast. I have never noticed a fragrance to it but there might be a very mild one.

A $3.50 bottle lasts me about 4-6 months or so. figure 4-5 showers a week plus whatever my roommate uses. it goes a long way

Perfume smell unnatural?
What could be unnatural smelling about puked-up squid tentacles, or swine urine?
Your body’s natural biome affects how different scents smell,
The same scent on You would smell differently on even a sibling.

Lemon tea, or warmed lemon juice, seasoned with honey will loosen the vocal cords right up…
Traditionally, professional classically trained singers add a touch of some alcohol to help soften the chords further (and helps with nerves and stage fright);
BUT…You can’t show up for a youth choir with rum, or whiskey, on Your breath.

And before anyone comments:
I do NOT advocate underage drinking.
Liquor just has it’s uses, is all.

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