1796 Wordsmith.

I had a really bad reaction to some medicine and had to go to the doctors over it. They gave me some kind of mega Benadryl or something to counteract it and now I’m sleepy as fuck. I still managed to get the comic finished though. It was close, and I didn’t do as good a job as I wanted, but it’s better than nothing, arguably. Anyway, I’m giving in to the drugs now and sleeping. Hopefully I’ll wake up not feeling like I’m going crazy. Fingers crossed.


Could…you get away with a full body nude. ..?

Pretty sure that’s for Patrons only, mate.

If only Jackie set things up so that the Patron-exclusive stuff was Patron-timed-exclusive. Assuming Patreon even allows that. Or Jackie had the resources (most importantly time) to set up a bot to repost it to an external site at a later time.
(Also, of course, assuming Jackie wants freeloaders like me to get to see it.)

Technically I can do whatever I want, but I choose to keep the site to a certain level.

That’s why god created imaginations…. lol yeah kinda hard to read the comic at work if he did…

Hope you feel better. I have a feeling there are a few happy men (and some women) that appreciate the effort.

For the record, some of us read webcomics first thing in the morning at work. Having the NSFW stuff clearly labeled and not popping up without warning is greatly appreciated. ^_^

Yes, same here. I try to wait a couple of weeks between readings, though. That way I have a few strips available for my fix

I’m not begging Jackie to provide us with such, but-
the author always has the option of showing his characters in bikinis, or in other small outfits.
[Granted- some of the men in the comic, probably don’t want to be seen in bikinis]. ;D

why do i get the creeping sensation that the cat isnt going to like Thomas and that’s going to be a problem. everything is too happy and perfect. when things are happy and perfect, it means really bad stuff is about to happen.

Yep, that’s the set-up. Of course, Jackie doesn’t necessarily play the tropes, which is a very good thing indeed.

Benadryl is a surprisingly powerful drug. I was given an injection of it on two separate occasions. The first time I saw the walls melting, the second time I was slumped over in a wheelchair resembling something of an old promo image for Silent Hill 3!

I hope that you’re feeling better, Jackie. :)

Just in my experience: feeling in bad health, or feeling slightly worried about bad health, are just stinky things all around. *Sending good wishes your way*

The bear jokes are probably over, but I think that Thomas should call his removing carol from her bear costume, as: The bare-la-bear! :)

Mary had a little lamb
She also had a bear
I’ve often seen her little lamb
But I’ve never seen …. the other creature….

Mary had a little lamb
She also had a duck
She put them on the windowsill
To see if they would fu-fu-fu-fall off! ;D

Mary had a little car
She liked it very well!
She drove it up a telephone poll,
And now it looks LIKE…Oh…it ain’t gonna rain no more, no more!
It ain’t gonna rain no more…

These two (Carol and ‘Jay’, not the cat) have got to be my favorite development so far in this coming, I’m so glad I ran across this and it’s not just a bunch of smut

I hope you feel better soon! :)

I’ve praised your depiction of different female body types before and have to give you major props for knowing (and illustrating) that large breasts look different when the owner of said breasts is not wearing a bra. Because gravity Is A Thing. It gets really annoying to see images of women with large breasts whose breasts constantly defy gravity, or to be told that women whose breasts sag a bit without a bra aren’t sexy. So once again, kudos for all the body-positive content.

(Cute cats are always appreciated as well.) :P

Thomas loves deeply her yes, of this I have no doubt. BUT, Carol is assuming that Thomas is ready and willing to take what will be for him like walking on the moon was in 69′. HUGE STEP. He was devastated by his last real romance. It has literally taken him years to get to this point. IF she pushes him past his comfort zone. before he feels he’s ready. He will make stupid decisions. mostly out of panic mode. all they have and are building will implode and come crashing down in a mess that will splatter on everyone around them. Also this is an in store romance the opposite of love after the hurt is hate. carol herself has said never get on her wrong side. This could really clusterfuck everyone. I understand she is only thinking w/ her heart right now. But hearts where never given grey cells. They are not designed to THINK. In my own life every time I have thought w/ my heart and not included my brain, I wound up pretty much getting shot in the ass. it never ended well. I have learned that when my heart wants to think I need to say ” shut up, sit down the brain is driving. We will go over to where you want to go and see if it is what you think it is. IF not I am slapping this thing into warp drive and getting the hell out of there. ” I am happier for it. Carol is a leader. Thomas is a leader (in spite of himself) here Carol needs to let Thomas lead. she won’t but she needs to.

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