1797 Two Things.

Let’s check in on these two sweethearts.

After I got some antihistamines in me I suddenly regained the ability to feel sleepy. I’m only sleeping in 4 hour spurts, but I’m sleeping. So that’s progress. In fact I’m trying to sleep more right now, so I’m going to try more of that. Thanks for putting up with my issues guys. I’ll try to make them less of a problem as best I can. XOXO


I think you have speech bubble trouble in panel 1 and a typo in 2. Nice to check in in these two again though!
Still love the comic, still with the best for you! Thank you for keeping this going for so long.

I hate to point it out but there are two small mistakes on this page. In panel one, I think you connected the text bubbles wrong. In panel two, you missed the m in money. Love your comic by the way and hope this helps!!

You really don’t need much in life. A basic home enough money to take care of yourself food water and love. surround yourself with good people and what you love and you will be happy.

Problems are problems and life is life. Rather have you looking after yourself and if need be vent to us, than worrying about not sharing and venting.

You make sure to look after your own health. If that means taking some time and venting then so be it. I don’t want to speak for others but I’m sure most of them would echo my sentiments.

As someone that has insomnia, I can relate to sleep issues. This isn’t helped by the fact that I managed to get this stupid bug that’s been going around so my body really can’t decide what temperature it wants to be. This is what I dub “The hot-cold chacha” resulting in a very poor night’s sleep.

I agree with you Carnas, take all the time you need to get better jackie, your work is well worth waiting for :) The hot-cold chacha sounds horrible :(

After a careful analysis, the hot-cold chacha IS the worst. The hot-cold mambo, and the hot-cold Samba are nothing in comparison. But of course the ‘Hay’ is the very worst; that is when only one family member is sick, and then passes it on to someone else, IN THE FAMILY, who then passes it on to the next person in the family, so that at any point in time Someone in the house is Always sick with either the cold or the flu. And then the teacher in the family brings home the next bug, and the cycle begins All Over Again!
I hate that.

Echoing everybody else who says your health is paramount. Take care of yourself first.

Seriously, every time I read about all your health issues and you STILL manage to get a comic out three times a week without fail, it makes me shake my head. And yet some comics the author can’t keep to a schedule because they are just lazy and/or undisciplined. You are an inspiration in a ton of ways, man.

Agreeing with everyone saying your health is paramount, this is for Jo:

You need more than just the noodles (and love). Balanced nutrition is essential to health. So to that, I offer my improved, more nutritious ramen noodle recipe. This got me thru college.

Ramen noodle packet, any flavor
Frozen vegetables, your choice.
one egg

Boil the water, quantity per the instructions. Add a handful or so of the vegetables and the flavor packet. When it comes back to boil, add the noodles and cook almost as long as instructed. Just before noodles are done, break the egg into the soup and stir vigorously so the egg cooks in little strands. When egg is completely cooked, it is ready to serve.

There you have it. An inexpensive, easy to prepare, more nutritious version of ramen noodles. Complete protein and all the vegetable healthiness. Still high in sodium (cutting back on the packet flavoring will help) and fat (see noodle package label for all that info).

I think I would starve if eggs weren’t in my life.

Heavy protein, low sugar breakfast helps me keep the ADD workable.
Eggs make that easier.
Gah! Jackie, please just be the same you you always are. Vent if you feel to, art if you like, just be the best you, you can be at any moment, and you will be loved, as we have always loved both your comic, and by extension, the Comic’s god, creator, and Master.
As you hark to the characters speaking to you, and as you speak to us through them, be here in the now, be here with us, and share.
And we will share us (our hearts) with you.
It is totally awesome!

The Awesomeness: You sharing (your) comic with us, and you sharing you with us.
You trust us enough to share it with us, and we tell you how much we care about your characters, … I mean I squee when Jo shows up. Dunno what part of you Jo represents, but OMG! But Jo being Jo, and Thomas being the Truth Speaker for the comic, and Reggie being himself, and Ed being Ed — constantly being reborn, and Mike being the one to drop all the lightness onto the skids. (Not to mention Joy being the one in touch with her hotness — being the raw, hedonistic, earthy, Epicurian philosopher of the bunch.
I dunno, the comic is funny, and really deep, and meta-aware, winking at the fourth wall, without shattering it, …
The Comic taken as a whole is just wonderful, and I get great joy from it.

Antihistamines make me hyperactive, most antidepressants make me borderline suicidal and pot makes me paranoid and ramps up my anxiety levels. I got the short ends of several sticks as far as medical reactions go.

that sounds horrible!, to be unable to get relief because the medicine makes you feel worse :( , i take antidepressants for anxiety and even with those sometimes i have bad moments, i could not imagine having that extra worry of them making things worse..

Give my brooksie a proper diet!

Heh, heh.

There’s a story, that- while the Downton Abbey [TV show] was going on, a fan followed one of the writers into a store. When he turned to ask her what was going on- she said, almost in tears: “PLEASE, let Daisy be happy!”

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