Did Carol cut her hair recently, or is it just how she’s sitting? Idk seems shorter

Also Reggie has steadily become my favorite character. Love him

Aaaand sent that in prematurely, and can’t seem to find a delete or edit.
That “him” was meant to be “his”, and I intended to say I love his dynamic with Rulette and Alex. I think it might be my favorite so far, which I didn’t expect

Ah spring when the green things get all overexcited and doing the nasty.
Add a dollop of amorous nocturnal creatures and one irritable skunk.

This time of year and ragweed (aug-Sept++ (–>Oct)) I only live by double antihistamines, Visine Allergy (or offbrand equivalent) and Flonaze. If that stuff didnt exist neither would I.

Why does my body feel the need for my nose to defend me from plant pollen? I’m an animal (mammal). I’m not interested in plants “that way”. Fish Milt doesn’t bother me when I’m in the ocean! What is it about male plants, that them trying to have intimate relations with my nose makes everything so upset? That’s not how reproduction works!
Plants are what dinner eats, I mights surmise that this means that plant pollen should smell good to me, but no, … it’s a histamine storm, and my sinuses have [St]filled up [/st] over filled. “I’ve had alls I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”

I would like to think it’s that plant pollen very vaguely resembles stuff that also wants to have relations with your nose that your nose doesn’t really want to have relations with.

That having been said, my allergist tells me that it has much more to do with what you’ve been exposed to while you were severely stressed out / traumatized. I don’t really know what that means regarding your past and I’d like to keep it that way. Pollen isn’t the stuff I react to like that, and I do know what stressors I had going on regarding the stuff that does and unfortunately that checks out. This can be filed under I don’t know what my parents thought they were trying to accomplish but they certainly managed to accomplish several things.

Don’t forget all the temperature changes. We just came off like three days of eighties and humid before going down into the mid-sixties for most of the weekend. The weather’s gone insane, too.

Hey I had snow just a few weeks ago just before the winter tires were scheduled to come off and now it’s the low 30s with a Humidex to 40ish

So high 80s with a Humidex into the 100s in your crazy American Fred units. =P

Thunderstorms just whipped through so temperature has dropped by a third

You just described the Limestone City. 15 days of spring (time between last snow and heat warnings)… So, so gross.

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