Why does reggie want a wedding ring? Seems kind of random. I picture him knowing what things are worth.so this seems out of place unless he has ulterior motives.

Looks like a gold ring with a diamond. Even if the diamond isn’t real, the ring could still be worth like a hundred bucks just for the gold. So I imagine Reggie wants it precisely because he knows what it’s worth.

Maybe he wants to propose to a girl some day? And an engagement ring he discovered on a bona-fide adventure seems more significant than one purchased at Robins Brothers?

Especially if he goes for one of the girls that were there at the time. Since he does seem to have some relationship, or at least the start of one, with them.

I think there might be some regret about his cousin in there as well as a motivator, “if I pursued her seriously, would things go differently” kinda thing.

depending on exactly *what* silver coins, papers, photos, baseball cards, and cracker jack toys are in there and what condition they are in, those could be the most valuable things in that box.

This sounds exactly like the kinds of things that probably should have been buried with the man himself. One can only hope most of it is somehow returned to him or a relative maybe. Seems like he lost his wife and son which led to this whole situation. The gold is just value, but the photos, toys, ring: these all weren’t locked up for value, they’re sentimental. I don’t know if I could ever take something like that. I wonder if Alex will speak up about this. Her, Thomas, and likely Jo are the more empathetic people here.

That said, history with Reggies family in the unmarked graves could mean something too, as a counterpoint to what reggie is doing here, maybe his sister could say something about it (or Alex or jo).

All just speculation naturally. I don’t exactly relish going through other people’s valuables really. Its painful knowing how they must have felt.

I refuse to speculate about this in the comments, but that was a thought that maybe, perhaps, could-might-maybe have passed by my brain: Booth stuff.

Please allow me to write a totally random comment-
Hi, Geneseepaws!

Some days ago, you wrote your own lyrics to a Monty Python song.
These lyrics:

I carry a sword,
I wear an eye patch, suspenders and a belt,
I vacation down on Majorca, but sometimes up on Sylt.

I sail a pirate ship and I’m okay,
I drink rum all night and I sleep all day.”

That’s very good! And very, very funny. :D
(For some reason, I was an airhead, + I missed those lyrics, days ago. Oh well). :D

Actually, a gold band with a diamond looks more like an engagement ring. Wedding rings from that era tend to be a plain gold or white-gold band.

Depending on condition, age and player the baseball cards might be worth more than the gold and the ring combined.

Solid silver coins weren’t standard in the ’70’s, & I’m fairly certain that they were being phased-out in the ’60’s — replaced by “Clad Coinage”, which is the current trend of making a “sandwich” out of 3 layers of metal. The center-layer is a cheaper metal, because silver (even copper) is more expensive than the coin’s face-value. It’s less-obvious with pennies, but check-out the edge of most dimes-&-quarters & you’ll note a markedly non-silver color of central layer. The odds are, these coins are likely to be at-least 60+ years old, & worth far, far more than just their metal-content to a serious, professional numismatist.

As a follow-up, I found a link:

Depending on what exactly those marbles are, and their condition, the gang could be very surprised by what they’re worth to a collector.

I hope they have someone appraise the coins, baseball cards and coins, marbles too I suppose. At the age they are, they could be quite valuable.

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