This is feeling dangerously close to “stealing the boots off a dead guy” territory…

Not really. Considering the alternative is “being misappropriated by people who did nothing” I’m not sure about anyone else but, if I died with a hoard of loot I’d want the treasure to go to the people who EARNED it by finding my dead ass instead of the person who would be “entitled” to it by merit of them “owning” said property. Goes double if said person is a cheapskate jackass. My dying act would be an awesome AD&D adventure.. talk about going out in style.

I can see that.
I’d hate to have my worldly goods be found by a guy who’s just going to sell them for a fast profit.
I’d rather a group, or person, find my stuff,…a group that will kind of cherish the stuff a little, and have fun with it.

This is the same reason people give to the cops when they get caught with photo albums instead of booze/tech/cash.

Reggie does have a poignant argument. I love how disappointed his sister looks though, she’s got that whole ‘It’s so pathetic you need this for your self esteem’ look going on.

Or is she thinking about that low point of his that he shared with us back at the “library”? Sorry, I am absolute garbage at archive diving.

That’s a thought!

I don’t know if she said anything about Reggie telling his story, but I imagine she didn’t WANT to hear about Reggie’s sex escapade, since most people would say:

“I don’t wanna hear about his sex history, because, EWWWWWW! HE’S my BROTHER!”


“Ring Cycle”? Does that mean Reggie’s personal story line is going to evolve into a Wagnerian epic?

I just don’t feel that Reggie is on the level of Sigmund, Boddacea, Siegfried, Joan of Arc, Egil, Beowulf, Amelia Earhart, Odysseus, Jason,… or even Phinneus Fogg. I did like that he noticed that is was narrow – thus a ring for a woman’s hand. That was well shown.

In terms of Reggie’s personal journey this is probably a peak adventure, at least to date. The ring itself is likely not the most valuable item in the box but it would be the most distinctively associated with the event.

Maybe Reggie will want that ring to do a proposal himself?

Materialistic girls won’t go for a ring that was for another woman – yeah there are quite a few like that sadly since they are brought up that way. Insecure selfish and manipulative. eech. And guys, you can be just as bad.

There are a lot of materialistic women who would still go for a family ring, but this isn’t that. That said, those women would probably not be interested in someone who came from a family who didn’t live someplace that looked like his family’s residence. Oh wait.

Reggie, don’t take trophies from dead people. You’re starting down a dark path.

…All of a sudden, a ghostly voice in the dark, says…”Where’s my GOLDEN ARM?, Where’s my GOLDEN ARM?”


Reminds me of a John Mulaney skit involving a bunch of drunk high schoolers having a party at the house of a teacher’s kid (they all didn’t like the teacher very much). Something about one of the kids stealing old family photos. When asked why, he said something to the extent of “because it’s the one thing you can’t replace”.

I know I’ve butchered the joke itself, but the context feels very similar to this.

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