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I assume that women exist who just go for what they want. I’ve never met one, but statistically they must exist. Or maybe I have and I wasn’t what they wanted so I never saw that side of them. regardless, I’m sure someone in the comments will say that’s how their wife was, or some such thing and I’ll have one example to prove that my writing is at least plausible statistically.

Actually I tell a lie, I remember one girl who was hot for a dude I sort of knew and she asked me what his deal was and I told her then I told him she was into him and then they were together for, like 5 years before they nosedived that shit into the ground. So there we go. I remembered an example.

If you want to see more examples of me justifying my work to myself, and possibly others, you can support it via Patreon, or Subscribestar, or whatever. Maybe I’ll start an Onlyfans, or a Ko-fi. Who knows what I’ll do to keep this ship afloat. Dark things probably…


He is going to screw this up, somehow, I’m sure of it.

Well, considering Reggie’s track record with fires, I am assuming his head is about to burst into flames with the state of his ears

I think if Reggie did turn her down it would only be because he doesn’t want to rush into things based on a single extraordinary event. I think she might even respect him more for it, but he’s also shown he’s not exactly the best at resisting an assertive woman if his story about the wedding had anything to show for it. Take his hand, lead him to the center.

It’s happened to me at least once. She was like Alex in more ways than one. It didn’t go as far as it might have since I was in love with someone else, but now 20 years later that relationship is in the process of opening up, so here’s hoping that it happens again.

From what we’ve seen of your life Reggie, I can’t think of a single reason why you should resist.

This happened to me twice, to be honest, so they are out there… Again, I should point out that in neither of those occasions were we entirely sober, so that helps.

Reggie has been a total tool for most of the comic. Until recently. I think his tool behavior is due to 3 things. Entitled upbringing, You can’t get hurt if you don’t get close or open up to others and his mom is a big shot at the company he works for. Alex has opened his eyes in many ways. she has caused him to question pretty much everything he ever thought was true. As to Alex herself 1. she is a total package. 2.Smart 3. centered 4. real and most importantly 5. totally destroys the idea the big girls aren’t sexy. I think any man faced with Alex esp. when she flashes those sky blue eyes at them would be hard pressed to say no. Also no isn’t something I think Alex would take lightly. She see what she wants she goes after it. till she has it. Reggie was pretty much done for before he opened his mouth.

I think it says more that while she is undeniably tall and gorgeous, that Reggie’s attraction to certain blonds in this comic may have been more because he has sincere respect and attraction to her exceptional intelligence.

Honestly even before Alex opened his eyes to things, Reggie revealed alot of himself with the maze story. He adores exceptional people but at the same time has some deep seated self doubts about his ability to live up to them, regardless of how hard he tries, and that results in a measure of bitterness in his regular behavior to be sure.

In my experience women just drop obfuscated hints, and years later before their marriage to someone else comment on me not picking up on said hints. Some directness would be refreshing.

Heh, I’ve been in Reggie’s position too damn many times over the years, including one with competing women. Part of it is that I tend to be rather easy-going, so my decision is whether or not to accept the offer and deliver my best. I’ve refused at times, usually because of chemistry or lack thereof.

So it goes.

In my opinion, even worse are women who play hard to get, saying no while meaning yes, which I hate not only because the dishonesty, but because it makes men disrespect real noes from women.

I just accept it as said, and continue on. It has then sometimes flipped fast…but half the time I’m not feeling it anyway (I’m demisexual; we can get weird.)

Not exactly as pictured, but yeah, happened to me TWICE. First time was my first kiss, first time, and quickly thereafter, first girlfriend. Second time was my second, and current, girlfriend. Unlike reggie, I was very much up for it and offering no resistance, only being a stammering, nervous wreck, though

“I want to have sex with you” “I’m very sexually attracted to you” “Are you just going to stand there, or are we going to f**k?” “Do you have any condoms?” “Take your pants off” “Want to come over and have a threesome with me and my boyfriend?”

All have been said to me. All said by different women. A few of those were said within minutes of my meeting them. That list of quotes is just a sample.

So yes, statistically women who ask for what they want are definitely real.

“I assume that women exist who just go for what they want.”

Let me tell you why I love today’s strip.

Back in 1995, I met a woman while I was hanging out at a friend’s place. For good reasons that I won’t elaborate, I was a bit hesitant to make a move on her. Well, come Christmas, she made a gift for me (she is an excellent cook and made some homemade sweets) and as I was saying thank you, she reached out and grabbed me by the collar and pulled me in for a kiss. That was the start of the relationship.

In 1997, she asked me to marry her . . . about 36 hours before I was going to ask her. I was literally going to pick up the ring that day from the jeweler.

We got married in 1998 and celebrated our 24th anniversary earlier this month.

Men joke about their wife being their boss, but truly, my wife is the leader in this relationship. She is confident, smart, capable, not afraid of work . . . and I couldn’t be happier.

So Jackie, the answer to your question is “yes, they do exist.”

In panel one, that taut section of bra strap hovering above the surface really sells it perfectly for me. That is a bra that is doing its job, and in my life at least, it’s a visual cue that its burdens will soon be released.

My wife and I met online, and had our first IRL “date” after several months of near-constant online contact.

A previous girlfriend (in fact, my first) had been so bad in bed that I had come to believe there was something medically wrong with me. That belief had severely clouded my self-image, and had prevented any intimacy with the next two girlfriends.

My wife (who was normally very shy) resoundingly destroyed that misconception on our first in-person date. She told me that the minute she learned of my fears, she was determined to smash them. We’ve been married 17 years so far.

I’ll just say that Spousal Ms ValdVin asked me to dance first.

I really enjoy Alex’s sui generis nature. This one’s already on my grav board.

In my experience there are some but not many. Men are willing to take alot more risks than women. Most have to feel comfortable with a guy before they make a move or have such a strong attraction that they forget themselves and just go for it.

I’ve had it all three ways, but most of the time… yeah. you can tell they want to go for it but you can literately see themselves talk themselves out of it or their friends will do it for them. And if you are lucky to get a date then they will cause drama to test you on the first couple of dates.

It usually takes a combination of confidence, success and physical presence make the difference. Throw in some competition from other women and it turns things up a bit.

I remember one time I was at a bar and I was talking to a girl who I’ve tried before to go out with me without much luck. The chemistry was there but she kept turning me down so I decided to talk to another girl. You could feel the death stare from half way across the room… lol

As I got older I realized that as the song goes “some guys have all the luck”. Personally my thought is as screwy as things are these days just focus on being the best version of yourself and focus on those relationships that help improve your life.

Were it that women did not just grab what they want I would have never been in a relationship let alone several and a few marriages one resulting in children. Had it been up to me I would not have experienced my first kiss yet. I am nearly 70.

Well, quite a few peeps saying they met their wives/girlfriends/exes this way, so I’ll chip in by saying that I am one of those women. And, in my experiences also dating women, lots of them are willing to say exactly what they want. They just maybe don’t say it in the way men generally do. Less blunt.

We’re often taught that if we’re too “aggressive” it’ll turn men off. And, especially in a scenario like this with Alex, you get told a lot, sometimes by the man in question, that if you are expressing sexual desire for them blatantly, that you’ll come across as slutty. I have heard guys talk about how it turned them off when a woman came on strongly like this because it meant she had done it before. Those guys are, in my opinion, idiots, but the point stands that if you’re told you’ll be seen as a slut and be undesirable if you’re upfront like this, it might scare you away from saying things directly.

Really depends on what exactly is said, and the context. Most men don’t want one night stands or flings, not yet, so if a woman seems like that’s all she’s seeking, it will turn men off. But yes, some men are very traditional and want “ladies”. Same is true in reverse; many women DON’T ever take initiative because they insist that’s the man’s job, and any man who won’t is therefore not good enough.

My personal view is that most folks either try to put “men” and “women” into single boxes, OR they just go “Everyone is different, there are no rules, trends, averages, whatsoever!” which is sort of nihilistic, like relationships are just something you stumble into and then stumble through and there’s nothing you can do to make it better. I think people need to get a better idea of who they are and what KIND of person they are compatible with, and then that will tell them whether it’s better to pursue or be pursued. I dunno, I could be off.

Note, I did say we were “often” taught these things and I was speaking to my personal experience hearing guys talk about experiences with women. Nothing is universal, I’m an example of that myself. While I was taught all the usual social niceties, I was never taught to back down or shut up when people confront me, as a lot of girls in my redneck neck of the woods were.

Of course, the result is that the women in my family are known to be “abrasive” and “domineering”. That’s the exchange you make, really. I don’t much care about being ladylike, therefore I have been called a slut by numerous people. Despite the fact that I have never slept with anyone casually. But, honestly, I’d rather those people think I was a domineering slut than think of me as submissive or timid. So I made that choice in how I would be judged.

So, I wouldn’t say it’s so much that people WANT to put themselves or others in boxes, but if you know you’re gonna be put in a box, it’s nice to at least get to choose which box you wanna be placed in and act accordingly.

I can see that if the guy is not really attracted to the woman. It can be off putting, kinda like being hit on by your mother… Honestly though it’s nice sometimes for a woman to take charge of the situation. There is less ambiguity that way. Given current politics it’s helpful too, I’ve actually turned down the idea of trying to date some women simply because I didn’t know how she felt and didn’t want to deal with the headache if she wanted to start making accusations.

Oh, I think it’s more than nice; it’s awesome. Just so long as it’s not creepy, in the exact same way most women don’t want to be creeped on. It’s sort of that bouncing between extremes thing people do; like, if a woman doesn’t want to be all “innocent” and “demure” because, well, that’s not her, I get it, but that doesn’t mean the only other option is to start climbing on guys and trying to suck their tonsils out without so much as a “How do you do?”

Based on the plethora of comments in this “forward women” regard all I can say in my experience, if they exist, the only one I’ve been in a relationship with was petty. The only other “girlfriend” I’ve had was coy.

First potential girlfriend never really said anything about it to me. I didn’t even really think we were dating, just “friends with benefits,” as it were.
Second “girlfriend” (technically first official one) felt less like a proper relationship and more like a tutorial level for relationships. All she really cared about was what I had in my bank account and when that dried up, she left me for another meek nerd that did have something in there.

I’m not as upset with the latter because I could see the writing on the wall and was intending to cut it off for myself, she just beat me to the punch. I couldn’t bring myself to end it sooner because it was genuinely nice being someone who was “in a relationship” at the time.
The former was the one that sorta destroyed me. It was basically a friends with benefits situation, sure, but I’d known her growing up, she was a part of our friend group for ages, and when we were in this situation for a couple years and I was starting to realize this could be something more and wanted to ask her how to improve, she cut it off. And to this day I have no idea why. Maybe she was interested in my friend (who she began bonking a few years later). Maybe she thought I just wasn’t emotionally mature enough (which… fair, I was like 17 and had no real direction in life). Or maybe I just wasn’t a good partner (which… also fair? I honestly don’t know. Haven’t had the chance nor the privacy [see: tutorial level] to ever find out).
Knowing my luck, I’m unknowingly like two ticks away from becoming an incel or something, because I haven’t been with anyone since, and I’m pretty sure that’s how it is going to stay.

Well, impossible to know, but don’t feel too bad about it. The problem with the “incel” thing is that, by one measure, like 1/3rd of men 35 and under is an incel at any given time now. And I’m not arrogant enough to think I have all the answers, but I DO think the “friends with benefits” situations, and the casual sex and the flings and whatever, is part of the problem, because your friend was either too immature for a real relationship herself OR she wasn’t, but she just didn’t see a reason to invest. Why bother? Just find another guy. Especially with online dating. It’s one thing to not want to “fix” a broken person, but alot of folks basically just keep test driving partners, expecting to find someone who is basically perfect for them and requires no work and it’s all fun and games. You can’t educate iron ore into gold, but certainly we all have capacity for growth and change and adaption, and people need to look for someone who has the right fundamentals who is willing to put in the effort to make a relationship happen, not expect to find mister or missus perfect on Tinder. But anyway, don’t worry about the “incel” thing; between the number of incels and the number of people who get sex but it’s just meaningless or it’s a roller coaster of failed, nasty relationships, few people are really happy in dating. The last thing to do is dwell on it; try to take care of yourself, keep toxic people away, and you’ll catch your break someday.

The main difference between an incel and someone who is just experiencing a dry spell is entitlement. As long as you never feel like someone owes you sex (unless it’s like… a literally paid transaction with a sex worker I suppose), you’re fine.

Everyone experiences dry spells, and a lot of us feel like we don’t know what we’re doing in relationships. As a bi woman, I gave up on dating men in my area because they either only wanted something casual or they wanted way more than I had on offer (ie marriage and kids). And, because I grew up in a redneck small town, I don’t know how to flirt with women or date them. I’m awkward as all get out and flounder. It ain’t pretty.

But at this point I’ve found that there’s nothing wrong with being single. I’m happy enough alone and if someone did happen to come along then they would be a nice bonus to my life rather than being a necessity.

If I had not gone for what I wanted my husband would most likely still be stumbling over his words when ever I wore a low cut shirt around him. I had been flirting with him for months and he still was not getting it. I finally had to walk over grab his hand and put it on my chest and tell him I wanted him to stay the night to get him to clue in I was interested. He is adorably clueless.

Ha! To be fair, some men DO notice it but go “Wait, is she coming on to me? Awesome! But, what if she’s not? Oh man, I don’t want to be some creep who starts grabbing at women just because they show some cleavage! I’ll just…I’ll just wait and see what she does.”

LOL He literally blinked and said.”Oh…OH! So…you are umm interested in me?” He kind of squeaked the last word. He has now had 14 years to get used to my hints now lol.

While I can vouch for women going for what they want, as I am apparently a slow partner, I mainly wanted to thank you for your comments about justifying your work to yourself. I’m co-authoring a book with a female protagonist and there are so many parts where I have to be like, “Is this really something that would happen, or just some male fantasy/misunderstanding?” It’s nice see others feeling the same way.

Women like this, who are sexually aggressive and go after what they want, definitely exist. I’ve been with a couple of them and they are hot as fuck. I will also say that you’ve struck the nail directly on the head as far as the characterization goes — the way Alex behaves, the things she says, are pretty much spot on. And man, is she ever gorgeous and sexy. Reggie doesn’t deserve her. :)

Reggie’s been thinking “normal” relationship things and she’s been warning him that she’s anything but normal. This could go gooood or baaaaad real quick, depending on how he reacts. His mind is spinning and trying to frame his new reality. And, yeah, there are women like Alex out there.

Women who know what they want and are direct about getting it definitely exist. I met a lady at a College Open House. Later that year, during the Freshman Orientation Week, she made it clear that she wanted to go out with me. We lasted about a year, but she definitely wasn’t shy about getting what she wanted.

She wasn’t anything like Alex or Carol physically though. The story was she bought Cabbage Patch dolls for their shoes ;).

I enjoy a wide range of body types and find all of the ladies in the comic attractive on some level. But Alex definitely rose to the top. I really hope Reggie lives up to her standards.

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