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I think Reggie has a need to be understood & doesn’t always know how to get to that point. He gets caught up in toxic thinking that starts from fixating on a goal. He sees the goal and plans out the steps & when you can skip a step it takes him time to adjust, because he’s got an idea of how things are supposed to go locked in. This is probably why he ends up causing accidents. Instead of reacting to reality he reacts to how he thinks reality should be, or the idea of reality he constructed for himself in his head. Part of that is probably just the wiring of his head & can’t be changed without a lot of retraining. Still, he is learning to adapt and actually see things the way they are instead of how he wants. Not everyone gets to that point, so he’s making progress. You can make sure he continues to have his progress presented to you by supporting my work on patreon or whatever. Links on places. Monetize!

Real life talk ahead. Final warning to people who hate hearing about me as an actual human.

I appreciate all the kind words concerning my grandmother. I didn’t respond to most of them, and didn’t make a note about it on Wednesday because I just don’t want to think about it. I need to be functional or I become a burden on others, so I’m making the choice to kick my emotional wellbeing down the road until I can deal with it. Grieving is a luxury I can’t take part in right now. I’m already teetering on the edge of severe depression & I don’t feel like indulging it. Someday I’ll be able to talk about things but I’ll choose the day. That said, thoughts come to me unbidden sometimes & there’s nothing I can do but be sad for a moment. I will miss my grandmother for the remainder of my life, so I have all that time to be sad. Or maybe not very long at all. I don’t know how long I’m going to live after all. In any case I have to be productive to survive. So I will soldier on. Don’t think that I don’t appreciate your support though. Sometimes it feels like the only thing keeping me going.


The boy did it.

I want you to know if nothing else I applaud you for taking a character I would have happily cheered on getting swirlied until his face turned pruny and getting me to happily cheer for him getting laid by a lovely lass.

I would argue here that the *girl* did it and got what she wanted more than anything else. She is the one who made the move, anticipated and/or moved with Reggie’s reactions, removed traumas and uncertainties, and also was respectful of boundaries and gave an out for comfort. This is *all* Alex here, and I applaud her for it.

I hope Reggie realizes that, when her bra is released, he’s gonna get knocked back about five feet.

My thoughts exactly. What is that thing made of, Kevlar?

aproximaely a K cup to my calibrated eye. No kevlar needed but a limited selection but easily obtainable about 50-60 dollars apeiece. Kevlar doesnt get actually used in bras till you start getting into the BIG cups. P and Q cups (Yes they exist and they are spectacular)


My Wife is a DDD or DDDD depending on the band size she gets. She has to special order even THAT low on the cup and band sizes. It seems… I think 46DDD and 42DDDD is the largest I’ve ever seen when I go shopping with her and she goes to the Lady’s Section of walnast and whatnot. Thankfully there are stores in the area that have +Size stuff. :-)

not going to the right shops. Layne bryant carries up to G on the shelf. and Up to J in the catalog. You can go on amazon and goddess bras will sell up to a 56K (and down to a 34J) You can look on a few more specialized sites and fid up to a 34V. (Yes V and yes they are IMPRESSIVE)

Joecrouse You underestimate Alex’s “ladies” I have a freind who is more my sister by choice . Who for many years had the same body type as alex. we are talking L cup at least. and in that size and above it’s specail order and stars at 85$ and up.

You can find up to L on a bunch of sites Ive got a list somewhere. (this is literally my hobby) I had co-workers in my old job that were “entertainers” and girlfriends who outsized the actual alphabet

I’m not as rude to people as Reggie is, but I definitely know what that mindset feels like. It’s a pain to have to work past my own perception all the time.

What’s funny is that, to the extent that I do that, it’s actually an IMPROVEMENT. See, if I don’t plan out things in my head, then I’ll just be stymied, paralyzed with indecision or outright anxiety. I’m always imagining possible problems, possible conversations, even oddly specific or bizarre ones, just so I have some kind of…not a script, but, like, note cards, ready to go. When I get hit with something I 100% did not even imagine would happen, I just go completely blank. So I feel for Reggie but I also imagine it’s not so much a flaw as an imperfect solution to an even worse flaw; severe difficulty operating on the fly.

The note cards mention reminded me of the bit in the Peter Capaldi Doctor Who where Clara made him note cards of how to respond to people in sensitive situations. :D

But I can get that. I don’t think mine is quite as severe, but I have a tendency to have conversations dozens of time before they actually happen. Sometimes they even never happen, but in case. It has its negative sides when you do get blindsided by something (analysis paralysis, as the saying goes), but the positive side is you’re often one of the most well-researched people on topics you’re actually prepared for.

Before I read your comment below this particular update, I though: Reggie almost looks like he has autism. Now, with the explanation, I am almost certain that is exactly the case and that’s how you’ve written him. Or at “least” wild case of ADHD whithout the hyperactivity.

Before anyone starts SJW’ing (which I don’t expect from this lovely crowd: I do read most of the comments) :
I say this, because I recognize a lot of myself in him: I have a certain thought of how things should go, and have difficulty adapting to the fact it doesn’t go how it should. I’ve got bicycles (and even a car) stolen as a kid/young adult because I didn’t bolt them to a lightpost or something, because “it’s mine, and nobody should touch it”… and still now at 39 I have some issues where I plan to do things, and the weather comes disturbing it, I’m at a loss, because now I have to do two days worth of stuff in ONE day, because I lose so much time coping with it and just turning it around and say: let’s do the inside stuff today and the outside stuff tomorrow.

I’ve had a test done for autism because I really suspected this and my immediate surrounding also did (my parents never bothered: so what if I was autistic, they’ve already learned how to deal with my temper. And they didn’t believe that medicine for AD(H)D would benefit me).
But it boils down to that they suspect I have AD(H)D (I’m also not hyperactive: I’m lazy as F… but can’t concentrate unless I’m gaming or watching a movie) with traits that overlap with autism, but is explained otherwise. Like I don’t need my fixed desk at the office because I otherwise can’t cope (like I said) but they think I need it to learn to get some structure.

Sorry for the ramble. :D

The “H” in ADHD mostly applies to little kids, especially little boys. I don’t bounce off the walls any more, but your phrase of “can’t concentrate unless I’m gaming or watching a movie” is classic ADHD.

I thought that what was going on was Reggie not wanting Alex to think that he is an animal controlled by his base desires. Once Alex assured him that she knows he is not…

Or at the very least, she’s perfectly fine with both of them being controlled by their base desires a little bit. She looks absolutely giddy in the last panel. She’s quite happy to be getting some action too I think, particularly with someone who’s left a great impression on her.

“That said, thoughts come to me unbidden sometimes & there’s nothing I can do but be sad for a moment.”

My condolences.

My grandmother had ‘bad timing’ dying during a busy period. The mind can be a cruel joker. It threw me off for some days. I had to keep going, but I also realized that I felt I owed myself more to honor our relationship and take the time to mourn. But it was not the right time in life.
So I built a ‘memory shrine’ (mine was a private place online and some of it I shared with family) and opened a diary. When something came to my mind I would add it there, so the thought wouldn’t get lost, but not look at the other stuff, I just put it there to arrange later.
Whenever I felt like processing I could ‘go there’, sort stuff, spend some time thinking. It’s still a place that I can go to when I feel like it, but it’s also out of my sight during other times. The death threw me off anyways, of course, but at least it allowed me to quit arguing over priorities and morals and just be there when the time called for it.

Bad timing! Mine died in March 2020. You know what THAT meant. She had a graveside service with immediate family, and that was it.

Fucking Whitmer.

I am very appreciative of Reggie brushing Alex’s hair away and seeing her other eye. Alex has called him “old fashioned” (in a good way) before, and she’s made this offer, and that’s the first thing he does with his hands?

Pretty damn romantic.

Frankly, I think life would be better if such opportunities were presented more often instead of “signals” being sent that often confuse the hell out of their target.

And you will always have our support in one way or another.

Soldiering on is all well and good Jackie, but don’t toss your well-being so far down the road that you lose sight of it. I’ve been on a mild anti-depressant for awhile now. I started taking it when I reached a stage of depression where I was almost constantly angry, over anything. The mildest pain or in convenience would make me into a fire pit of anger. The anti-depressant helps.

I don’t like to rely on drugs for something like this, but whenever I get off it I feel everything coming back to me. Talk to your doctor about it.

Also, Jackie, you are not a burden on people. No matter what that little demon in your head likes to tell you, no matter what obscure memories it drags up at a moment’s notice to make you feel miserable and stupid, you matter. People care about you, family, friends, all of us here! You matter!

1) Is is particularly bad that I heard the title of this update as if George Takei was saying it?

2)Sorry to hear things have been so rough for you, Jackie. Are there any mental health resources you’re able to reach out to to try and better assess your depression? Hope things look up for you soon, friend.

First off, I just want to offer you my sincerest condolences. Losing someone is never easy and everyone grieves at their own pace, so when the time is right, take as much of it as you need.

Anyway, we all pretty much knew that Alex had chosen Reggie a while ago and while I am happy for them (Reggie deserves it considering how much he’s matured), I really am curious to see how John will react. You’ve once said you considered John to be of the most mature of the cast, if not the most mature and he has said he’s accepted the fact that may have lost his chance, but he is still human prone to emotions like everyone else. I don’t see him becoming enraged or spiteful, but I also can’t see him just shrugging it off and moving on. Really, I just hope to see more of John in general as he’s my favorite character.

Reggie just won the life lottery. (If he doesn’t totally screw it up. Which he may cause he’s Reggie.) He has the love of an awesome woman. Alex will bring all the best to his life (If he lets her.) and cause him to bring the best “Reggie” he can be to come out. Because he now has a reason to be a better Reggie. They built a friendship 1st. giving them a foundation. Now they are building something better. Reggie has already shown great improvement in the being a non-dirtbag human area. Because of Alex. He’s more open with others. And Honest with himself. And being “chill” rather than in a state of simmering dissatisfied outrage all the time. Alex gets one of the few things her life lacks. love of a man who needs her. None of us are perfect. We all come with damage or baggage. Or both. My personal point of view is women are taught to nurture from an early age. at least most are. so, when they are picking their “Man” they tend to pick someone more broken or messed up then they are. It’s the only reason I can reconcile to my mind, Great women I have known. Picking total dirtbag user Dick headed men. as their boyfriends or husbands.

Jackie, when anyone we love passes it’s always the worst time. 1st because most of life is shit sandwich with a small side of joy or goodness. And sometimes you don’t get the sides. 2nd it’s the worst time because they are gone. None of us have ever been able to tell the people we love all we want to. My mother got suddenly sick went into the hospital and was gone in less the 18 hrs. I live in GA. they were in Mo. I got the call she was in the hospital and called an airline to get tickets. then got a 2nd call that she was gone. I didn’t get to say I love you that one last time. That’s stayed with me. I most likely always will. But there is zip I can do about. I have to just deal with it. The same thing happened to a very dear friend. I talked to them Tuesday. On Friday morning I get call on her phone from her daughter my friend is gone. She had been fighting cancer for years. But when she talked to me on Tuesday. She had told me her Dr.s told her she was very close to being in remission. That all the latest tests said she was beating it. Friday gone. Another one I will carry forever. But I know these people I loved wouldn’t want me to cry and morn and live in torment forever. Just carry them in my heart. Know how much I cherished them. and know how much left my life when they did. And go on with my life being a better me because I knew them. That my grief made me understand all they gave me while I had them. I am thankful every day for my mother and all she did and taught me. I thank God that met my friend and knew her. I will never stop missing either of them. But I don’t grieve anymore. Because I know they loved me too and gave me all their hearts had, while they could. I am sure your grandmother did the same for you. Because that’s what grandmothers do.

I freaking love how, the more serious she is, the more of her face you see!
Just visiting, chatting in the car, just chin….. Down to business, time to get serious, almost full face!
I think it would take WW12 to see full full front!

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