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I totally lost track of time. My back has been bothering me as well as my allergies and stuff and it slowed my brain down a bit. I seriously can’t figure out what I did to my back that hurt it so bad. I think I might have even pulled a groin muscle. But I haven’t done anything abnormal in months. Just my regular wandering around apart from moving a microwave many days ago, but that didn’t hurt me at all. It’s annoying. I also keep forgetting to order more cpap supplies. Next time I’m gonna double up so I’ll have a spare when I forget. I didn’t do it last time because I wasn’t sure how much it would cost me. The rules for what I have to pay out of pocket keep changing so I never know from month to month anymore.

The teen messaged me the other day because she’s struggling with adulthood. Honestly I don’t feel like I’m that great a source for advice because my solution to all my problems is complaining with a side order of powering through whatever goes wrong. Maybe some crying. As far as I can tell that’s what at least 75% of all people do…


I get a very chipmunk-esque vibe from Evrina.

I’m glad this is being mentioned because honestly, yeah, he’s good looking and it sucks that that can be a free pass but even Evrina mentioned it’s also his personality, and yeah, sorry, if you’re a nice, likable person a lot of people will want to do stuff with and for you and maybe that’s not a bad thing to learn, you tiny gremlin lady? Especially in a business. As long as he’s not getting ripped off by people I really don’t see what her issue is besides that people find him really likable.

If i am not mistaken, Ervina’s biggest problem in life is, “We dislike in others what we hate about ourselves.” Perhaps she just really hates how alone and alienated she feels, and resents that he makes it look easy. Just as Thomas looks cool and collected on the outside- but inside, he is a roiling mass of insecurity, just so with Ramon, he really projects chill and handsome well, but has his inner demons that he fights everyday.
Jackie’s characters are multilayed and complex. They are turtles, … all the way down.

I speculate one of Ervina’s struggles is Ramon runs his business with the main goal being to make a difference in peoples lives, more than profit.
Doesn’t make sense to her, but it does to him as a Christian: work for today, but live for tomorrow (the whole store treasure in heaven mind set). Ideally there is the balance, good business practices so the place can survive to keep making a difference.

It’s good Ervina, at least up front, doesn’t want a relationship (romantic) with Ramon, because at the moment they have very conflicting foundations.

Send the teen my best wishes, or tell her not to worry, adulthood is a bitch to everyone, and it can always get worse!

99.99% of people completely ignore this advice or worse, so I’m not sure why I keep trying. But I think I hit on something big, and you could probably use it. Health problems mostly have parasites as underlying cause. There are way too many in the US, nobody talks about it. Just look up history of hookworms here as an example.

(Feel free to delete my post on the panel one comment, where I posted by mistake)

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